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    Ohhhhh, oops, was guessing Independence day. 🙈 Not much else here except likely watching the next-door business's field fireworks while my mom and I take a brief build break?
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    Glad to hear things are going wellchill for you! I did double take trying to remember what holiday you implied, haha. Thanks for reminding, must definitely use this as an excuse for a petite parasol party. Do you have any Fourth plans?
  3. A Curious Collection of Child-Created Plushies (A photo backlog blog with redundant writing style. Compiled during the precious few minutes of freetime in the car. Editing sponsored by poor quality control and insomnia.) Once upon a world ago, when I first began teaching myself to sew and draft patterns for plush toys, my mom mentioned I should take a photo with myself and all these curious critters I’d dreamed (dragged?) into existence. At the time I said I couldn’t because they were yet-to-be-given gifts and a group gathering would risk ruining the surprise. There are individual photos stashed away on some forgotten/lost USBs somewhere. Many of these plush people were deployed to grandmothers, distant family others, but most rest with parents and brother. Clusters stand guard about the house, but they’re preponderantly a trunk troop these days. Today they’ve assembled for photo play. I used to feel guilty over giving these because they were all only plushies-and I had no knowledge of how to sew/make anything else for gifts, this was all I knew to do to show my love for my people. How gracious were the recipients-nobody ever laughed. I used to be so terribly afraid I’d not have time to make gifts when grown, as I was incredibly slow, and for some reason would always attempt to make 3 plush toys each for both my parents and brother every Christmas. I usually started pouring over them as soon as the year began and it was entertainment grand in the midst of flipped sleep. To this day I’ve never followed a store-bought/premade pattern, didn’t think to look up real methods/books for sewing, and some of these funny friends are a testimony of how much that would have improved the quality therein, instead of merely human patience. Felt sheets, as one may observe, falls victim to fuzzing quite frightfully with wear. Prior to all this: *why …do we still… have this 😆* ...I gave my dad... a trash bag...? And so it begins with pre-sewing machine makes: the Towel Totoro with painted details (made a V2 towel totoro and gave away later, but lost photos) Senior the Owl (Señor was what I meant, made for my bro’s birthday. ), Valentine dino for bro, Giant Microbes E.coli plush attempt for my bro’s Christmas gift. Hamel the Camel- also pre-sewing machine. From one cured ham sack (body) One soccer sock (head/neck), two glove fingertips (ears),four small sock legs and startling sharpie button eyes. Drink can, black ballet tights, two packing peanut plush. And George the Towel Bear, first thing done by machine. Gave him to my dad. Little early-makes ornaments and stocking stuffers for family. Mother owl + candy cane stocking stuffer for brother. Trio of Snow, from so long ago! One of my first sewing machine projects and 3D plush drafts. I remember taking forever hand sewing the limbs and head on. For my dad’s Christmas gift. Elephant plush and Felt camel. Camel’s blanket woven on my mini-loom. Felt dolly stocking stuffer and tee shirt Pusheen, one the first couple plushies sewn by machine. A heavy kitty, filled with fabric scraps. Gray pup and Snaily. Snaily was a first-machine-year project for my mom’s Christmas. Sewn during summer sick-insomnia nights. Christmas chameleon for my bro and deer for a parent, cannot remember which one. 😆 Fleece dolphin, very early attempt. Sebastian the Seahorse for Sam, my bro + a stubby rendition of Mr. Narwhal from Elf for my dad. Easter Eggbunnies + Father’s Day dog made from pants. Three-toed sloth + mousey for somebody in my family. Sherpa Panda for my mom’s winter gift. Bro’s penguin and goldfish. Made the functional fishing pole from a chopstick, metallic tape, a bobbin, pony bead and paperclip a couple years ago for fun, and these two became a crew. Stocking stuffers for my family because youngling me saw skinny stockings as sad. And felt was the only material I really had. Peachy the Pear and Peary the Peach- the main characters of my “Fruity Friends”-A drawing of a googly-eyed fruit basket gang. I think these were for my dad? Made Bob the Banana for him a couple years prior to this, but he was lost along the way. RIP Bob. And a first-year-machine-sewn kawaii cone for my mom. I used to be afraid to tie the hand sewing thread knots myself, and I remember covering the plush up and asking my mom to tie off the visible bit. On her own gifts. “Uglydolls”, the happy little weirdos. Some were designed to look sort of identical to the actual “Uglydolls” brand, some are custom. (Just learned that there is an Uglydolls movie now that I have not seen, so I feel odd about posting these having no idea what’s it’s about 🙈) 1: Uglywalrus- Custom critter for walrus-fan bro. 2:Uglydolls “Groody” for bro 3: Uglydolls “Uglyworm” for bro 4: Uglydolls “Wage” (custom color) for my dad 5: Uglydolls Icebat (made from my old fleece sweatshirt) that I kept. Bionicle icebats? 6: Custom WinterUgly for my mom. More custom Uglydolls for my bro. Giant (Scoliosis?) Ugly with Velcro pearsnack, and Pixel the Xbox gamer. My bro and I were once obsessed with Giant microbes plushies, prompting me to donate this Plasma to him. Made from my old unsightly dress. And some SCARY first attempt microbes plushies I made for him years before. The sock Fat Cell and the glove Amoeba, complete with hot glued, cabinet-door stopper eyes. Minion plush for bro’s birthday. Made on knitting looms with sewn on felt eyes, details and extremities. Platypus plushie for my dad. Made with knitting needles and a loose loom for the main body. Plus a pompom body + felt foot and bill baby duck. A happy ragdolly for my mom’s birthday (?). Designed to resemble her favorite childhood doll who once survived a sharpie to the face. Mom’s Matryoshka Nesting doll pillow + test subject curtain rag doll I never finished. Coral-inspired Martian doll for my mom. And “The Beautiful Pear Bird”-for my brother, designed from his iconic Pear Bird artwork. Sphere Squiddies! I stalked Etsy plushies late at night during a severely-sick-insomnia-summer and tried to copy some Octopi. I couldn’t fit eight legs on mine! First lopsidey mustache one bestowed upon bro, last two done later for my mom. Corduroy Croc. Inspired by this Land Of Nod (questionable name..?) toy magazine that came to our house once with the most magical plush toys in it. Tried to copy the critter using my dad’s old pants. For my bro. Bulldog for my dad. Has a red collar I forgot to slide on. Jenny giraffe for my mom. Teacup Piggy for Mother’s Day gift. Spike our Puggy and Penny, my mom’s favorite former pet in plush form (except the dress!). Both for her. Snoopy for my dad, weighted with beads. Blanket stitch goat and painted fabric dog made for doll photo shoots + mini ornament of “scrappy do” -my bro’s childhood Meerkat toy. Flower with a plastic straw sewn in stem for stability, plush from printed fabric, and blanket stitched doll things (sandwiches, campfires and bears, oh my!) Little seed bead clawed skunk and a bun for parents. Canvas dogs for Dad. Painted bulldog +beady toes Brother’s blue lobster Koala-for a parent, which one is not apparent, though. Bobbeh- the friendly, enthusiastically southern catfish character concoction of my bro and I. Made for his birthday one year, RIP to the matching Bobbeh card. Krunchy Kronch Donut Dudes! When my bro was in college, he took a game design class and his group created Krunchy Kronch-a 2D game of these ferocious donuts rolling through a city, avoiding obstacles in a Mario World fashion. Recreated the characters in felt for his birthday. Hand painted acrylic and ribbon tags. Made the box from poster board. HUNGRY A faux suede turtle plush drafted for my dad one Father’s Day or birthday. Bead toes. The shell is removable and handsewn faux leather. I had no idea one should punch holes in leather prior to sewing and destroyed my digits forcing an ordinary sewing needle through it. This was one of the hardest plush toys I remember doing. John Carter Woola drafted for my dad. Tiny teeth. Bro’s BB8 + baby robot stocking stuffer. These robros have made an appearance here prior, though. Drafting a Dalek was a daring endeavor. Painted eye stock thing, I believe I stabilized the arms and such with a plastic coffee stir/straw. First time using screw-on plush eyes, for the body's bubbly bits. Despite the household ban on Pokémon games, my bro fancied Pikachu so I drafted this one. From a tee shirt and felt. Wheatley from Portal 2, a plush drafted in the first summer of “real sewing” with a machine. I studied photos from Google all through the very bad sicknights and this was the result. He is a bit of a flatter sphere shape than intended. His frontal handle things are stabilized with disposable plastic straws. I’ll never forget my bro’s happy face when he saw its lopsided body. Still, I’d rather run than stay when giving a gift to someone. So frightening to just sit there. Felt Kokeshi Momiji doll for my mom. Baymax for my brother with an acrylic painted tag. And a quick little Portal 2 dude whose quality I wasn't even proud of at the time. Felt Bionicle Jala/Jaller/I still am confused.. made for my bro for Christmas years ago. Stiff felt, non-stiff felt I made firm with glue, sharpie stains, but he didn’t complain ($40 for a McDonald’s toy was an unfathomable fortune…you can buy so many bananas for that...). And 4ft( ? memory gone at this point ish Adi adipose who appeared here not too long ago! His limbs are bafflingly long compared to those in the TV show. Croissant crab crew for my dad. And more recent plush designs. A henna based on our dozen hug-hungry Golden Comets. From scraps. Nursery scrap dolls for our old church and elephant baby toys for some church babies. Toady! A turtle. A recreation of my favorite lost plushie from years ago (LPS Turtle). A fan of bonnets indeed. Every green creature is a good creature. *one eternity later* The swarm… Scares me to think of how big it would be including the ones dumped on other relatives 🙈 “Mom remember how you said [insert direct exact quote about group plush photo] years and years ago? I finally did it, thanks for the idea!” Her: “Haha, what?” **tucks them back into a trunk..* *...okay.. some didn’t fit. How foreign life is from when these shots were snapped four months ago, that day after it began to undeniably unfold. Strange how snapshots hide that you're shaking. How sweet is truth after a life of forced faking. We had to just go. Why won’t the wounded let the tears show? Maybe one day it will be safe to let some stories go. Fright and flight, for we embark upon a new, happy, free life! For I’ve never been so grateful for a sink with running water (instead of a garden hose), a real mattress with sheets (and not a tiny shared air bed), a kitchen, rooms with walls and doors, that hairbrush I thought was lost in the shuffle, not accidentally losing a finger today, shop-vacs, surviving it all over the past four weeks with Covid, and mainly, for the safe and selfless people in this world. Here’s to anyone who is struggling or uprooted in any area.. or every. You are not alone. Peace and joy to you all. And thanks to all here who make BZP feel like a home. Off to roam! PS:
  4. Now deeply pondering if you've been gradually increasing the zoom in each picture, or if it is an abrupt enlargement. Also: Glasses!
  5. I beckon an army of rollerskating Matoran to encircle you in hypnotic fashion, which induces a thick trance that causes you to hand over the mask upon request. My mask.
  6. Wishing you a happy birthday! 🥳

    1. Akaku: Master of Flight

      Akaku: Master of Flight

      Thank you!! I appreciate it :D 

  7. Crying at all is not allowed

    Not in my castle on a cloud


  8. I release trained Baby Yoda to storm you with hugs, swipe the mask from your fists, and replace it with a baked cinnamon twist. My mask.
  9. 12 hours on flowers! The promised eternal imposters. Pattern made from tracing the real flower shape. Cut from two layers of cotton, prior fused with spray adhesive and ironed together. Assembled with Tex 70 upholstery thread, just a few stitches, one bead and leaving long strings. Growing….Overflowing Tacky glue, Mildly dilute. Thread tails taped to hangers to try. Tied some to a twine vine. And made a branch from a rejected electronic scalp massager (?…There are mysterious things in this house that I am not responsible for…) some leftover wing wire and paper tape. Cut 3/4” tan cotton strips, soaked them in diluted tacky glue and swirled to secure. Glued on the remaining yellow bells once firm. Finished the twine vine and branch blossoms off with a bit of acrylic base greenery. They’re weirdly plastic-like stiff. Throwback to when wet watercolor paper was the only thing I thought of growing flowers from. ♩ There's a house we can build Every room inside is filled With things from far away ♫ *got too flower flinging happy and why did I not move the jar ~2" to the left to cover the outlet.* In between the cheerful chaos of my bro flying home, buying a car, flying back to the cold climate he dubbed “So much suffering” for a couple days, returning here again by plane and yesterday cruising to the coast for the adventure of new employment, Twas time for our mom’s birthday enjoyment. Imagine living to be half a century! I used to want to be just a Jedi but now I hope to be a fraction as good as she..in addition to that. I owe her everything. For she’s kind enough to tolerate fittings, wears, and lets me cut her hair ( thanks to Free Salon Education on YT…..am I allowed to admit this now since it’s the post-Plague era? Still weird? ). Birthday + Mother’s Day makes. Chestnut knit cardigan made from a jersey sheet and finished with petite pleats. 10hrs. *should have ironed it but photographed in the “wad & hide it, she’s coming!” mode* Leather drawstring pants, 7hrs. Pinned on dress form because, little does the lifeless model know... she has absolutely no legs. Circular cut flounces and rolled edge hems. Aqua top -4.5Hrs. Navy one-4.5hrs plus probably x3 extra because it had to be redone. The fabric lacked stretch so the fit was funny. I pattern drafted off of a lycra reference garment, and, it being 3 am, in that thick state of painkiller proof exhaustion so lacking logic, I blindly cut out the thick textile and realized the tragedy too late. I cut out the side panels and live-human-fit Princess seam replacement panels on each side while apologizing profusely for the flop. Added two flounces on each shoulder, elastic waist gather at the back, and detailed with multicolor boho-style thread “quilting” lines along the edges and ruffles-to hide the alterations. Fits now (too big on this dress form), but cannot say I’m guiltless over what the poor garment has been though. French seams on all. ^ The low energy butterfly attempt. Unfortunately confusion proved contagious amongst the creations. “Cakes have such a terrible habit of turning out bad just when you especially want them to be good” - Anne Shirley I have an explanation for its aesthetic. Not a good one, but a long one. 🦋 The birthday and bro week: 1: We had no idea he would be back so soon, so I flew into frenzied cooking, confection and bread baking mode. 2:Our neighbor passed away, and a lightbulb moment of “I’ll bake 7 batches of cookies out of sheer ignorance of what else to do” flickered on. Then there was one other little thing, a drawing. Fast/rough 4x6, done in a two-day frenzy from a photo found via The Power of Googling Names to slip to them at one of the sad events. 3: I decided to make a double-batch/four layer/6.25” tall (when bald/without toppings) tuxedo chocolate cream cake since my bro was present…but without consideration of the 6.5” tall cake holder height. 4: Aforementioned cookies used a profuse amount of powdered sugar, so barely enough was left for the buttermint dough butterfly. 5: I figured out how to maneuver the wheelchair about the kitchen so I can take over the dishwashing and less grieve my mom! And any new unskilled work to crash between is craved for. Thankfully the stationary nature of cooking has steadily remained doable from a tall ordinary chair. A half-hour here, an hour there, If I rest, I writhe, to be busy is to thrive!..? 6: As result of 1-5, I got terribly, flare-ably tired. and thus, the cake decor did visually suffer. Sorry, Mom. Even though she didn’t mind 😭 Good gift packaging is an art foreign to me, but perhaps it’s never too late to fumble about with fluff and feathers. (Any tips are appreciated from those who do such things better!) I never know how much content to carve into a blog entry, so I suppose I’ll lock the newers in a Doc, for the next chime of the clock? PS: Here is some no context yard nature. BEHOLD [x6 speed] ... the clouds swirls are real but the colors are embellished. Okay, goodbye now!
  10. Hi, I've no business being here, having never done/no idea how to do digital art and being terrified of contests, but saw that there was only one entry last year, and it looked a little lonely. So here's a possible entry friend Tahu? Made by combining edited-pose tiny Tahu onto an image of a Technic 9x9 saw blade and using that as a trace-base. Used shape/line and brush tools in Pixlr E with a shaky hand and computer mouse. Unsure if the sword-hand design is instruction accurate, found conflicting designs and ref. image had this one. EDIT: Redesign #7, changed the hand bit, hopefully the right part now (?) & added other details, hope that was okay, done now. 🙈 I'm so sorry if it's unusable/not fit for entry, had no idea how to do this or what program to use. Background white color is "#FFFFFF", the black is #000000. Tried to enable PNG transparency. Thanks for hosting either way, twas a much appreciated amusement to obsess over! Team Tahu 2022 (low res one) https://flic.kr/p/2nih2Co Not sure how big a medium image is... Original unresized version if needed: https://flic.kr/p/2nih2BS
  11. They added emojis to the emoticons??? Yay!


    Thanks whoever did this! 

    🤭 👾🦕🍄

  12. Ah, I forgot about that one! I've taken a fancy to this placid one, don't quite know where to apply it though, haha. I miss the :hide: one, the little blue one squished under a wooden chair. Wonder where it's scurried off to.
  13. Hi, I do not know what's considered good pricing, but BrickLink is a popular place for buying Bionicle. They seem to have a lot of Toa Vakama sets available. https://www.bricklink.com
  14. For today is one to celebrate, for it's greatly talented artist, @Taka Nuvia's birth date! A little spider sketch for you, for tisn't worthy, but a token of appreciation for your years of kindness to all onsite. https://flic.kr/p/2ne1Nmo
  15. I don't think we interacted before now(?), but so glad to see another blogger! Oh goodness, 2016-17? I'm still careerless and ..a uh...a disabled/sickly daughter concocting creations. My life became less weird in light of COVID total isolation, haha. My mom inherited a rundown animal hoarder house and I excitedly overworked in an unspoken effort to repay my parents for past medical bills. Unfortunately I further damaged my health, but would do it over again. Mess from 28 dogs, 4 horses, 4 acres, 3 floors and the Rat Resistance would have been an overwhelming predicament for 2 people. Finished reading what I count the most valuable piece of writing on earth. Medical mishaps are normal now. Thankful for financial aid & everyday I wake up still alive. I've had the pleasure of watching my (once very ASD) bro finish college, intern a lot, grow independent & move 13 carhours north for a job. He's coming home this week, after two years of that career, to buy his first car + soon move 13 carhours south (from our home) for a new job. So yes, Tragedjoy, I guess? Mightily thankful to be here and even for the trials. <3 How fascinating to see an entry like this, always love to hear how BZPers turn out. Game dev/making music sounds awesome, congrats & hope you prosper in it!
  16. Happy birthday and thanks!


  17. Welcome back! Good luck on your story, and your Matoran man posted in Artwork is wonderful, how rare it is to see topics there these days!
  18. ..Goose! It's @Goose's birthday, may it be marvelous! A small goose drawn in your honor: https://flic.kr/p/2ne27zV
  19. Social butterfly? Not I. Awkward moth? A cut from my same cloth! Costumes, and could not for the life of me concoct a clever cinematic story, much less meet a human to model. Made do, a messy music mashup of perturbing posing, 83 minutes of recording, swapping, screenshotting, and chopping into a 52 second video, then shrinking back to the studio. My mom: “It’s too fast, my eyes!” *Contemplates incinerating more seconds off*. What's all this? It started with a sweatergift from my mom, the greatest gift ever given unto me for a birthday. Dreaming I ate three giant, gorgeous donuts and rode a bike was a close second. [Reality: 18 months of what would starve any creature with a metabolism, but instead currently uncontrollably gaining weight + an arthritic ambulatory wheelchair user. ] I will gladly goof over donut dreams. And If you dress as a donut, do not doubt, I will support the decision. ♫ They can say, they can say it all sounds crazy They can say, they can say we've lost our minds I don't care, I don't care if they call us crazy Runaway to a world that we design Every night I lie in bed The brightest colours fill my head A million dreams are keeping me awake ♫ Back to the sweaterstory! "What colors would you like? " Me: *grabs 11 skeins from glorious grandmayarn box* Her: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/childs-knit-crew-neck-pullover Pattern used, combining sizes to accommodate my disproportionately long yet useful arms, designed crop length. Tis her first sweater, and it does contain tears. Even made The Child a matching one! At some point, it struck me that one does indeed need mothwings to wear with confetti sweaters, a set of two would be even better. Rummaged just enough of the right colors from the preexisting hoard, wire was the only thing left to be acquired. My moth model: Baking wing beginnings 88hrs for big wings, 25 for the minis. Gingham reinforced cotton strips, sewn at center. Machine basted once ironed in half as a tube, then hand basted with Tex 70 slick thread for neat gathers. I initially sewed my casing tragically slim and completely removed and resewed each piece after sandwiching and spacing. Turned right side out & pressed. Used grandmabasement ribbons for the wing venation. Initially planned to paint them, but this seemed less of a mess. Tracing wheel and vanishing marker for seam guides. RIP ribbon rations, so not accurate. Spontaneously strewn stripe seams, sort of "quilted" on. Since the ribbon ran dry, tacked in soft yellow yarn down each side of the Child's wingset, then machine "quilted" it. Eyespots from ribbons, brown cotton, lace and leftover leather seed scales from my pinecone quiver. Handsewn onto each side with blanket stitches, waxed embroidery floss and beads. Wing edge endpoint trimmed with 3/4" sherpa strips cut and stretched on the bias, machine sewn. Multisize bubble beads, each tied on with tan Tex 70 thread, sewing through both sides simultaneously. RIP fingertips. Wire time! Was a tad wide for the casing, crammed in over a few hours.Wrapped the exposed wirewads in 1" strips of PUL fabric and brown knit, anchoring each layer with Fabri-Tac. Tied slender strips of sherpa around the side wire areas, used 1/2 elastic for straps. Extra sherpa tassels to shield the adjustable elastic connectors (AKA safety pins.. *fancy*) Video for a feel of structure. Almost forgotten antennae! 2 hrs here. From felt leaf placemats and elastic enveloped in knit tubes. Baby's Mothstume, 9.5 hrs. Fully lined, white opaque lace overlaid with the mesh floral. Four little leg faux sleeves, lined tubes filled with fabric scraps. Handsewn goldthread sherpa neckline trimmed with knit strips. A newold backdrop holder has made things easier, a reject from a closing store. I was running string between closet doors before this, haha. Guest starring a fine friend whose origin was in a GIF, one here. Brother, browsing blogs: "Look at this thing!” *Points to the rainbow assembly of grinning gallopers in GIF bliss* Young mush, literally screaming: "IT'S A HORRIBLE RAINBOW CREEP MONSTER!!!" *lifelong bond* Sewing, a sock, paint and felt: *???* Wired up a rainb(orr)ow of circle circular knitting needles (stolen from mom) +secured some skein skypillows. Foamy 'flies still not shy. My mom found a clearanced skirt which bore uncanny resemblance to a confetti sweater. Her: “Does it actually match?" Me :"Probably not, nope! " *new favorite outfit* Cloudy with a chance of …falling dolls.? B u b b l e s Do you ever just look at chewing gum and think "an admirable anchor for props!" ? Hope not... *guilt* No human size mothstume, white one from years ago shall do. Leather quiver and headband from an eternity ago, last spring. For it feels wasteful, tools that sit idle. Hope one day an able bodied soul will use the archery thing. Sunrise, 8 am, impending equinox, ~45 degrees, barefoot, duckdock. Dear neighbors, my sanity isn’t wholly lost, please don’t call the cops! "Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again." ~C.S. Lewis .:Medical mystery mishaps:. Wheelchair waltzing at 3 am is surprisingly wonderful while wondering if bones are internally shattering. It’s been ten years, two severe with searching, blame, and begging. I research restlessly and print papers to pass to them. Wield the med message system as I find myself so often mute, memorize my own medical notes now. I’ve learned some will lie if you allow it. A recent appointment ignited a new interest in my case. Primary care explained that the specialists were stumped and medically at a dead end. I debated, I begged. Everyone cried. Got referrals. Success stings sometimes. That diagnostic procedure/surgery I had in February (SB enteroscopy) is getting repeated in a couple months by my own GI doctor. Because the surgeon imaging reports disagreed, they were out of ideas, and I sent Labcorp guides about what to do when Celiac blood work and biopsies conflict. They actually read it, which I never expected! The January surgeon saw intestinal damage, bleeding + an ulcer but duodenal biopsies were unremarkable. This February one missed the ulcer/lesion, saw no villous damage or the bleeding, and did not take the ordered repeat biopsies.Tattooed my GI tract.That was a bewildering car ride discovery from the photo pamphlet while coming out of anesthesia. I have a TATTOO? Took me over twice as long as expected to wake up from it, nearly wasn’t released due to low blood pressure. The next one will be the 5th diagnostic procedure/surgery in under a year. Endless ultrasounds, ER visits of which I’ve lost count, 3 edible nuclear stuff scans, 3 CTs, 1 PET scan. Bouncing between endocrinology, gastroenterology, neurology, rheumatology, It's dizzying. Consistently “strong positive tTG iga” discovered one year ago this week + other bad bloodwork + systemic wreck + unlikely Celiac genetic test with double negative biopsies = uncharted territory + no one knows if Alpha Gal allergy medically effects people after remission, it’s been exactly 7 years since I was bitten. THE HOSPITAL SOCK HERD IS HEIGHTENING. I learned that GI and Rheumatology are actively arguing about which specialist should see me. Outpatient orphan? GI swears it’s autoimmune, Rheumatology thinks it’s intestinal. Meanwhile they keep running Multiple Myeloma tests without telling me, I don’t know why I find this secrecy funny. I suppose I’ve no healthy fear at this point. Doctors at this hospital are so baffled that they’re sending me to their rival university’s GI hospital people and are pushing genetic referrals, but…For the first time a treatment's being tried!. I’d put aside hoping as a form of coping. And my, how exciting life is when one doesn’t expect a thing! It fits the theme of weirdness, wings, and bugs, for I am now on Malaria drugs (Hydroxychloroquine). “It's not what the world holds for you, it's what you bring to it.” ~ L.M. Montgomery Grand wishes, goodbye, must fly!
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