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  1. Bionicle Heroes modding is near and dear to my heart
  2. Bionicle Heroes: Myths of Voya Nui 2.1 Release! Hey everyone! 2.0's release was about 6 weeks ago and despite being such a landmark release, there's always more to do - especially with the release of another awesome character mod! MOVN has come a long way but this release proves the bar can always be raised - so let's get into it! You can download the mod over on ModDB here. Visuals Today's visual improvements are mostly consistency based, but a new workaround was also found for higher-quality icons which may lead to further improvements in future! -Updated Rahkshi unlock enemy icons: In the last update, MOVN updated the Rahkshi to be more accurate. Unlock archive Rahkshi have their own images, so those needed to be updated as well. -Updated Rahkshi splash screens: Ditto as above, but the splash screens required quite a few more photoshops to get right. -Updated Rahkshi HUD icons: The boss HUD icons were the last ones that needed doing and these were also the easiest. Across these three, the Rahkshi are now totally consistent. -Fixed black space on Level 1 Jaller's weapon: Continuing to wrap up some small things here and there, some black space on Jaller's Level 1 weapon was revised to make the improvements consistent with other weapons. -Updated all modified weapon models so far with low-res equivalents: Although Heroes isn't super intensive as a game and in 2022 it's unlikely anyone's playing this in low-res, this change is actually for two purposes. Firstly, some people actually prefer the style of the originals, so this will facilitate those people; and secondly, some platforms only use low res equivalents. I'm currently considering the future of a lot of mods being going cross-platform to facilitate individuals who play via emulator, so these changes are a bit of future-proofing -Updated Toa HUD icons with less-compressed variants for slight improvements: Although upscaling the actual HUD icons creates issues with how they appear in-game, it's also possible to re-save the icons without compression which results in improvements over the previously lossy formatting. The Toa icons are the first of these to be done as the original-resolution save icons make it easier to downscale and save without compression. Other Toa icons like gold-mode and changetoa were also done. Other HUD concepts can be done, but will need to be repaired by hand. Examples: Misc The misc section is a great way to talk about stuff I don't know where to put elsewhere, so a good spread of three different but interesting changes this time. -Changed mask references on death to use the canonical Kanohi names and type: On death, it usually just says "mask of fire lost" if Jaller's character is lost; however, these messages have now been edited to give the correct Kanohi name (and the next character compatibility patch added has this functionality built in). I'm not sure what road to take for compatibility patches for characters that don't have mask names specifically (e.g. Voriki), but when I think of one, those will be updated as well. -Added compatibility for Classic Tahu: Excitingly, another character mod has released since MOVN 2.0, that being Classic Tahu, and so in an effort to keep up compatibility for other mods on the market, MOVN 2.1 is also launching with another addon that patches in Classic Tahu. Credit to Miss_Plagued for the original mod, which can be found here. -New .exe included that removes bloom: A user requested a version of MOVN that removes bloom, similar to other mods currently available. Whilst I believe MOVN shouldn't default to remove a core graphical feature as it's intended to preserve the atmosphere of the original game whilst providing many overall improvements, I have also included a separate .exe with 2.1 that disables bloom. Running this exe instead will make the game appear darker. Examples: Conclusion And that's all for this newest update! My attention now turns to updating Double Vision to 1.2, as some critical issues were found in 1.1 (which is why that download and article were both archived), and some other improvements will be made with 1.2 as well as updating it to the latest version of MOVN. To see more progress on modding, check out the modding Discord here. Thanks and see you soon!
  3. I'll pass along the feedback to Miss_Plagued. The idea was born of the hype surrounding Bionicle's tiny but appreciated return. I acknowledge if you're one of the people who would've liked an actual set instead of the mini meme figure this might not be your cup of tea, but there's more to enjoy with the mod beyond the looks if the gameplay changes also seem interesting to you
  4. Tahu, Toa of Fire, Lives Again - Bionicle Heroes: Classic Tahu Releases In 2010, Bionicle's initial run was cancelled, drawing dark clouds across the childhoods of many. In 2015, it returned, but was canned once more in 2016 after a disappointing return. For years, Bionicle has had little representation from Lego and kept alive by the fans alone. In 2022, that changed - for in celebration of 90 years of Lego sets, Lego made reference to Bionicle with a miniature Tahu figure. Spurring on a massive movement in the Bionicle community, you can now play as this Classic Tahu in Bionicle Heroes! Masterminded by Miss_Plagued, who created the models and most of the retextures in the mod, and using tools created by Hexadecimal Mantis, I assisted with implementation and weapon functionality as well as miscellaneous textures like HUD icons - resulting in the second comprehensive character mod for Bionicle Heroes! If you'd like to stay up to date on new mods and learn how to do it yourself, check out the modding Discord here: https://discord.gg/GdwkjfeqNT You can download Classic Tahu here. Now - let's turn up the heat! Gameplay -Tahu has three levels of weapon - each is a long-range flamethrower that shoots a beam of fire (and is still able to destroy Matoro constractions with a scope-in too) -Tahu is not slow unlike Matoro, and has the same movement speed as Kongu (15 units) Examples: Visuals -Matoro has been replaced with Classic Tahu as he appeared in the 90th anniversary set! -Tahu has three different weapon models for each level, adapted from the Jaller level 1 sword -Tahu's scope-in is modified to be fire and magma themed -HUD icons have been replaced across the board replacing Matoro with Tahu Examples: Classic Tahu mask Classic Tahu HUD and shop icons Level 1 Render Level 1 in-game Level 2 render Level 2 in-game Level 3 render Level 3 in-game Misc -EXE icon has been changed to Classic Tahu -Splash screen updated with credits -New logo on the main menu screen -References to Matoro have been changed to Tahu Conclusion Thanks for checking out the mod! Playing into the community hype surrounding Bionicle's (sort of) return, this mod was a real joy to help make and we're excited to unveil it. It's also another big step for the Heroes modding community! Want to be a part of it? Join the modding Discord here to check out our resources, get support, and learn more about modding: https://discord.gg/GdwkjfeqNT
  5. Bionicle Heroes: Double Vision 1.1 Release! Hey everyone! Today's update is quite small but fixes a very significant softlock issue that was discovered, with a handful of other changes and goodies too. Let's crack on as it should be short and sweet! You can download it here from ModDB. Gameplay -Fixed an issue that prevented advancing when fighting certain bosses - Some bosses which had cutscenes removed for tonal reasons were not properly advancing. Whilst transitions are still a bit janky, extensive testing was undertake (thanks Vanadium_Gadget!) to determine the cause and this has now been patched. Misc -Updated credits for someone who helped troubleshoot - Vanadium_Gadget helped determine the level.cfg entries in various boss levels that were responsible for certain boss phases not advancing correctly. Thanks to this discovery, this issue is now resolved. -Updated to MOVN 2.0 where relevant - Not too long after DV 1.0 came MOVN 2.0. DV being built upon MOVN is deliberate as it carries over much of the canonicity and gameplay changes fans would care about in any mod. Some highlights include Rahkshi recolours; unlock char revisions; and removal of all recoil from Hewkii. Examples: Conclusion Unfortunately, quite a bit more was planned for this update - including changes to the Vezon mask to be Kraahkan-adjacent, more DS-accurate weapon sounds, and more. However, changing NPC faces currently leads to disastrous results, so fixing the major issue and putting in MOVN 2.0 compatibility is about the best to be managed right now. These two issues are high on my list to eventually work out for Double Vision. In the mean time, enjoy this small update and keep your eyes peeled for more Bionicle mods on ModDB and on the community Discord: https://discord.gg/GdwkjfeqNT
  6. There's now a Bionicle Heroes modding community adding new characters and gameplay - as well as many different visual takes - to the game! Given the game's abandonware, these mods are all hosted either standalone or with a handy modder resource linked. You can get started on ModDB here to see the major mods and their respective pages, though some smaller additions are also visible in the Addons tab too, and the Modder Edition - which is used both for installing smaller mods more easily and for learning how to mod yourself - is available in the Files section. More mods are in production from the community and plenty more is on its way! If you want to keep an eye on the modding community and even learn how to mod yourself, you can join our Discord here.
  7. Bionicle Heroes: Myths of Voya Nui 2.0 Landmark Release! Hey there folks! Today's an exciting day as MOVN ascends a version number with the landmark release of Myths of Voya Nui: 2.0! The reason for the version change is that MOVN now features vertex editing for the first time ever, as well as numerous other improvements made across the board and the embracing fully of the modding community that has emerged since the mod first launched several years ago. Compatibility patches, Vezon somewhat resembling more his set form, and revised Rahkshi are all highlights of this update. Let's get into it! Visuals Some major visual improvements have taken place, with Vezon in particular in the spotlight but Rahkshi also getting lots of love this update. -Vezon player model is more set accurate - Vezon's enemy model is perfectly fine, but Vezon's player model, as a by product of the one-size-fits-all template body system, got the short end of the stick. In MOVN, this stick has been lengthened (somewhat) with vertex editing! Featuring retextured body parts too, Vezon now has his shoulder armour and a hacked-together cape made out of a heavily-modified Piraka spine. A little janky, it's better than his bare-back from the base game and a step further towards restoring his fearsome look! -Vezon weapon model consistency - To go with Vezon's body changes, a slight colour change making the central "piece" of player-Vezon's spear has been made dark brown for consistency with the set spear -More Level 3 Toa weapon consistency - More changes were made to level 3 Toa weapons to make them set-consistent. Jaller's central laser is now green, and Nuparu's silver accents have been made darker to match the set piece a bit better -Piraka splash screens have been made consistent with revised worldmodels - A background change mostly, the Piraka worldmodels have been changed since Version 1.0 of MOVN, but the Piraka splash screens themselves did not reflect these changes. Just the weapons were rendered out again and photoshopped into the splash to patch this up -Rahkshi colours made more set accurate - Rahkshi were, like the Vahki, host to a huge range of weird changes and additions that make them considerably different from their set counterparts. From colour consistency to piece colouration, many changes have been made to make the Rahkshi more correct than before -Nidhiki's head model textures made consistent - Another small change for consistency's sake, Nidhiki's head was changed many updates ago to have the correct colours, but the actual head that drops when you kill Nidhiki did not receive this change. This is now fixed! Examples: Vezon model with new shoulder pads and cape! Guurahk - darker blue, and changes to arms, elbows, and knees, which all other Rahkshi copy Panrahk Turahk Avak splash screen Hakann splash screen Reidak splash screen Vezon player weapon Jaller player weapon Nuparu player weapon Gameplay MOVN's gameplay has received many big and small tweaks, and only two changes have happened this time: -Hewkii level 1, 2, and 3 recoil removed - Many expressed annoyance that Hewkii's recoil has been left untouched and I agreed that it was one of the few things negatively affecting Hewkii's versatility. Even after damage and projectile speed buffs, both Nuparu and Matoro routinely outpace Hewkii and so the removal of recoil, finally, seems to give him the boost to be used concurrently with other Toa -Piraka turn speed made consistent with Toa - The Piraka turn speed was previously set to a lower value than the Toa (but only one or two of the Piraka, as the rest were correct). This is now fixed for parity Sound Not often does MOVN receive sound changes, but there's one really cool bug fix this time: -Kongu Level 2 and 3 firing sounds fixed - I recently discovered a bug in the base game that meant the Level 1 and 2 Kongu weapons used the Level 1 SFX, and the Level 3 weapon used the Level 2 SFX, meaning the Level 3 SFX went unused. This has now been fixed so every level of Kongu's weapon has the correct sound effect Misc There's one small and one awesome misc change here: -Unlockchars made consistent with levels - Previously, the Vahki, Bohrok, and Visorak silver canister unlocks were haphazardly attached to the levels. Now, enemy types are better aligned with their region - for example, the green Visorak, Vahki, and Bohrok are unlocked via the Jungle levels, the blue enemy types via the water levels, and etc. -Compatibility patches for other character mods released - to recognise the modest but very alive Heroes modding community now surrounding the game and to provide an example for future patches, compatibility patches have been released for MOVN for the four currently available character replacement mods - Irnakk, Makuta, Silver Toa, and Voriki. More patches will be released in the future as more characters are released, independent of major MOVN updates - this is only the start! Please note these patches don't work with each other, just MOVN 2.0 itself. Examples: Irnakk in MOVN Makuta in MOVN Silver Toa in MOVN Voriki in MOVN Closing Thanks everyone for checking out this landmark update for MOVN! 2.0 marks an exciting new leap for the mod and whilst we've reached another somewhat impasse, there's other ideas worth pursuing for a future release once the possibilities stack up. Don't forget to check out the modding Discord here to stay up-to-date on the modding scene and all that entails! Get in touch on Discord at Kralich/David#0901 if you'd like to learn more. In the mean time, remember - Unity, Duty, Destiny!
  8. Kralich was the name of my first "main" MOC back when I regularly used Instagram for MOCing almost ten years ago. It stuck and I use it on all media these days!
  9. Great cause, I picked up a few and may pick up more further on in the raffle. Good luck to all!
  10. Sorry for the late response, but yes, it's possible (I think, anyway) to stop Vezon replacing the Piraka, though it's not possible to have the Piraka and Vezon at once. A mod could also be made to fix progression (so you can still 100% the game) by making Vezon constractions usable by ordinary Piraka. It wouldn't be too tough, as all the changes necessary are in text files - maybe if you'd like to see it, you could join our modding Discord and I could help you understand how it could be done, make the mod yourself? Our modding scene is primarily PC-based where the file formats for models/textures are in HGPs and NUPs. There's one or two others in the Discord with a bit of console-modding experience and I believe they've taken a look at ghgs but it's not my expertise.
  11. Takanuva would be cool at some point too - Hewkii's head seems about the closest in general shape to an Avohkii and the best chance to make a Takanuva I reckon! As for the modding community, it's thrilling to see a lot of hard work paying off. Some of the mods are standalone (i.e. don't require the base game to run) and the ones that do will work with the version on BMP, and we also have builds specifically built for modding over on our Discord!
  12. The Real 7th Toa Returns - Bionicle Heroes: Voriki Mode Releases Hey all - I know I made another thread just last week about a Bionicle Heroes mod, but given the scale and technical achievement I couldn't help but mention this one too. I helped with this one as opposed to creating the entire thing - Hexadecimal Mantis is the man behind what made this mod possible, and model editing in general is an undiscovered country for the game that will allow more comprehensive character replacements like this one. Someone suggested turning Hahli into a sort of pseudo-Toa Mata Nui, making Mahri variants of existing Toa, and more changes that all sound really exciting. The rest of the article is from ModDB (as I did with Double Vision) but given the proximity of these two posts I felt another preamble was warranted. Thank you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twenty years ago, rumours began to circulate of a 7th Toa - one who used the element of lightning and carried the rare colour of royal purple. This legend was disproven by the existence of Takanuva - but now, the rumours are made true once again as Voriki finds his way to Voya Nui to defeat the evil Piraka! This mod pioneers Vertex Editing, a new method of modding Heroes that allows for model manipulation. Whilst it's not yet possible to import completely custom models, vertex editing allows modders to inject plenty of personality into their projects provided you're willing to go through the steps necessary. Whilst Double Vision was the first released mod with vertex editing implemented, Voriki was the first model created this way and all of this would not be possible without Hexadecimal Mantis, who created the scripts and also created Voriki in Heroes himself. I then lent a hand with content like HUD icons and weapon models to learn vertex editing in greater depth, and the result is a comprehensive character replacement mod for Heroes - and the first of many possibilities for what can be done with this methodology! Don't forget to join the modding Discord here to check out our resources, get support, and learn more about modding: https://discord.gg/GdwkjfeqNT Without further ado - here's what you're getting into with Voriki Mode! Graphical -Jaller Level 1-3 (now Voriki Level 1-3) has been replaced by a "lightning" railgun attack similar to Kongu from Double Vision Examples: Visuals -Replaced all Jaller-related HUD icons with Voriki-like icons -Replaced the Jaller-related splashscreen with the classic Voriki fake -Jaller's mask has been vertex edited into a "star" shape and coloured purple, transforming him into Voriki -Jaller's Level 1, 2, and 3 weapons have all been vertex edited to fit Voriki better, with a "railgun" aesthetic -Jaller's body texture has been recoloured to be similar to Voriki's Mata-body incarnation Examples: Level 1 - Nikila's Bolt Caster - Noesis Render Level 1 - Nikila's Bolt Caster - In-Game Level 2 - Chiara's Lightning Spike - Noesis Render Level 2 - Chiara's Lightning Spike - In-Game Level 3 - Voriki's Thunder Blade - Noesis Render Level 3 - Voriki's Thunder Blade - In-Game Misc -Replaced Jaller EXE icon with Voriki -Replaced all textual references to Jaller to Voriki, and all references to Toa of Fire/Mask of Fire to Lightning -Replaced all references to Toa of Fire weaponry to other canonical Toa of Lightning for Level 1 and 2, and Voriki for Level 3 -New menu logo -New credits splash screen Examples: Conclusion Thanks for checking out the mod! Whilst on the surface this is a light-hearted project with a lot of meme potential, it's also an incredible step forwards for Bionicle Heroes modding on the whole and a demonstration of the power of our community already. Want to be a part of it? Join the modding Discord here to check out our resources, get support, and learn more about modding: https://discord.gg/GdwkjfeqNT
  13. Bionicle Heroes: Double Vision 1.0 Release! Hey there everyone! About four months ago now I released MOVN 1.4, and since then I've not provided any updates regarding my Heroes modding efforts elsewhere other than the Bionicle Heroes modding Discord (which you should totally join here). However, for a few months before MOVN 1.4 and since then, I've been working on something huge - a total conversion (or as close to it as we can currently get) for Bionicle Heroes to be more like the DS release, named Double Vision. This features whole new gameplay, lots of revised visuals (both at a technical and graphical level), new sound design sourced directly from the DS release, and, most exciting of all perhaps, a total soundtrack rework thanks to Ian Stocker, the original composer on the DS release of Bionicle Heroes, who provided original-quality mixes of the entire DS soundtrack. Sound good? Read on, or check out the trailer below: Graphical -Bloom removed - Thanks to an EXE patch by Hexadecimal Mantis (long will we be praising his name in this modding community), the overblown bloom has been removed, darkening the tone of the entire game -Changed HUD to resemble DS graphics - such as Toa icons, the map, and overall HUD elements. Piraka icons are like those from the 810 Day edition with consistency with Toa icons. Vezon now has a Makuta-inspired icon! -Changed most constraction elements across all maps to be varying shades between black, white, and silver for parity with DS version - a simple but effective change that again dispels much of the garish colour scheme of many of the game's levels -Nuparu level 1, 2, and 3 weapon colours are now yellow and black to match DS -Technic pieces have had colours changed for parity with DS edition - Denominations now go Silver, Red, and Gold -Hub set to permanent night - Intended as both a fix to how difficult it was to mix different tracks for day and night cycles, whilst also providing a darker tone right out the gate -Modified all loading screens to match DS style of loading screen - splashes generally created from in-game shots, with a few DS splashes AI-upscaled for generic transitions between regions Examples: SFX -Technic piece SFX modified to use DS SFX -Constraction complete SFX matches DS -Changed Kongu weapon SFX to match DS (unfortunately the others had technical issues trying to change) -Changed menu SFX to match DS Examples of the above can be heard in the release trailer! Music -All music is replaced by original quality DS counterparts with many tracks having custom mixing for combat/out of combat, with the Piraka also having a combined boss track mixed up between prototype tracks, and Vezon/Makuta having his own boss track with special help from Ian Stocker Examples of the above can be heard in the release trailer! Gameplay -Upon starting a new game, the first level in all elemental zones (except for Makuta's Lair) is open, like the DS -Jaller Level 1-3 - still has a rapid fire attack, but attack gets gradually more dangerous as he levels up -Hahli Level 1-3 - same attack as MOVN -Nuparu Level 1-3 - now has a gradually intensifying shotgun blast attack with short range but high impact -Hewkii Level 1-3 - now gains an additional rocket per attack per level that has reduced damage per rocket but increased overall damage -Matoro Level 1-3 - slightly faster firing speed, damage tweaked to compensate -Kongu Level 1-3 - a true chain lightning attack was not possible, but now has a railgun attack that deals high single-target damage at mid range with moderate AOE -"Seventh Toa Edition" - replaces Jaller Level 1-3 with a colour scheme inspired by the 7th DS Toa, making his weapon a Zamor launcher that grows increasingly powerful inspired by the silver Toa from the DS. Check out the addon page here for more! -All Piraka are same as MOVN, with the exception of Vezon -Makuta lives, as he did in the DS release! Vezon has been retextured and his model vertex-edited to appear like he couldn't resist putting Teridax's Kraahkan on his head as well as the Ignika, and Makuta now controls him whilst battling constantly against Vezon's psychopathic tendencies. Examples can be seen in the trailer above, as well as below: Misc -Removal of most goof-off cutscenes between Piraka and the player, with a few necessary for scripting remade for consistency with soundtrack and tone -Built upon MOVN 1.4, so includes all non-specific changes to graphics, gameplay, and so on -Changed all references of Vezon to refer to Makuta instead (apart from the enemy model, which is retextured but not remodelled due to limitations right now) -Modified credits - special thanks to Ian Stocker, Hexadecimal Mantis, and Sam Warren for their help in making this happen! -New menu logo and menu elements -New icon for the mod's exe Examples: Conclusion That's all for now everyone! Thanks for checking it out and the Heroes modding scene continues to grow with new mods in development all the time! The best place to keep an eye on it is over on the Discord: https://discord.gg/GdwkjfeqNT Meanwhile, I'm now going to be looking at MOVN 1.5 as well as making plans for compatibility patches for various other mods around the community now. Thanks again and remember - Unity, Duty, Destiny!
  14. Hey all! Last year and then quite early this year I released the first mod on the internet for Bionicle Heroes, called Myths of Voya Nui - overhauling gameplay, textures with canon consistency in mind, and a number of other changes intended to make a "definitive edition" of the game. Recently I got back into modding Heroes after having a few more ideas to pursue and released a 1.3 version last month, with the 1.4 version releasing this month! With 1.4 released I've hit a plateau in what is technically possible at this time within the scope of Myths of Voya Nui, but am now setting my sites on another mod aimed at making the game more like the DS version regarding sounds, gameplay, and tonal style. The mod can be downloaded from ModDB here with no other installation required - it runs completely standalone right out the box. I'll provide the changelog with some pictures for 1.4 here as well, and feel free to ask me any questions you have about Heroes modding! We've also got a Discord for co-ordinating modding efforts that you can find here. Without further ado, the changelog! Since I haven't posted on here since releasing the 1.2 version, I'll include the changelogs for both Version 1.3 and 1.4. If you'd like to skip the changelogs and go right to downloading the most recent release, 1.4, from ModDB, click the link here! The Changing Mask of Destiny Firstly, a quick note on how MOVN will work going forwards - given the mod's intent to be a "definitive edition" with many improvements and fixes across a variety of fields, I've decided to change MOVN into being a sort of "generational project". Because we learn more about Bionicle Heroes modding every week and enhance the scope of a Heroes mod on the regular, I've decided to always leave the door open for MOVN to get further improvements, fixes, and adjustments down the line. Hopefully this will mean many more updates for MOVN going forwards! Also, I've never explicitly mentioned it here, but MOVN is open for use for any other Heroes modder to use as a foundation! If you're a prospective Heroes modder who wants to get onboard with the game, contact me at Kralich/David#0901 or join the official Bionicle Heroes modding Discord here. Fixes One major bug existed still in MOVN and that was a bug regarding Vezok's boss level, which is now fixed. -Fixed vezok crash bug (thanks KRcanondorf) - the new development between MOVN 1.2 and 1.3 is that the game becomes vastly more unstable if the CFGC file is not the same size as the base-game CFGC. I modified many entries and as a result MOVN's 1.2 CFGC was not the same size. Thanks to KRcanondorf, this is now fixed! Visuals As with all previous releases for MOVN, changes involved modifications within Bionicle Heroes' style but also canon consistency changes. -Kongu colours adjusted for canon consistency - Kongu's 3D model has incorrectly coloured arms and legs, with arm and leg pads the wrong colour too, as well as an incorrect chest piece marbling. Kongu now has dark silver arm and leg pads, green arms and legs, and a marbled green and dark silver chest piece -Toa face colours/HUD icons - Hahli, Nuparu, Hewkii, Jaller, Matoro, Kongu - changed for canon consistency - All Toa icons had some small level of inconsistency with set variants. The main change was the addition of the white "teeth" that exists in 5 out of the 6 Toa in their set variants due to the under-mask skull piece. Kongu received the dark green organic elements instead where his mouth should be, and Hewkii received a HUD mask colour change to be consistent, though the 3D model was already mostly correct -Toa shop icons made consistent with other changes - This change is pretty simple - the shop in the hub area has a different set of texture data for the shop icons. These were corrected to be consistent with the other HUD changes -Mask swap icon made consistent with other changes - The mask swap icon, used when walking up to a constraction that given Toa is not suitable for, has also been changed for consistency -Hahli 3rd level weapon black space - Hahli's 3rd level weapon has black space at the back of the weapon model, just like some of the other level 3 Toa weapons. This was not caught in 1.2 of MOVN, but has now been rectified in 1.3 -Kuurahk Kraata now canon accurate - A breakthrough in how levels handle texture data for different objects revealed the reason why Kuurahk's Kraata was not correctly coloured by the same method used to fix the other five Rahkshi. This is now fixed and all six Rahkshi now have canon-correct Kraata colours Examples: Kongu armor/limb recolours Toa HUD Icons Updated Hahli mask texture Updated Hewkii mask texture Updated Jaller mask texture Updated Kongu mask texture Updated Matoro mask texture Updated Nuparu mask texture Toa shop icons Updated Toa mask switch icon Hahli level 3 weapon retexture Canon-correct Kurahk Kraata Gameplay For the most part, MOVN's gameplay was already tried and tested and is widely regarded as a significant upgrade over the original game. However, one element still needed a bit of tweaking. -Rebalanced Reidak attack - Reidak was sort of the least useful Piraka since his new fragmentation grenade attack regularly bounced off of enemies harmless and did no damage. However, the grenade is now much heavier which means it bounces less, and the shockwave range and damage has been increased to make it more effective even if it does bounce off of a group of enemies. Audio One big and awesome audio change happened with MOVN 1.3! -New main menu music (thanks Petya Krasavin) - In celebration of Bionicle Heroes' 15th anniversary, Petya Krasavin remastered and recomposed the title music for Bionicle Heroes. I contacted him regarding the track and he was very interested - so interested he made an impeccable looped version so it works perfectly in-game! It is now implemented and can be heard on the main menu as well as in the bonus levels Here's the non-looping version of the remaster from his YouTube channel: Misc The last change is an update to the credits. -Updated credits - Petrya Krasavin has been added to the opening credits as thanks for his work on the new main menu track! Examples: Visuals More changes with canon in mind (one big one in particular!) have taken place, plus a few other mixes of both canon colouration and consistency with prior releases. -Made Ignika silver - Whilst at the time the canon for the Ignika was not super solidified, we find out later that the Ignika's colouration changes depending on the state of Mata Nui at the time. Given this new canon, I have adjusted the Ignika that comes out of Vezon at the end of his boss fight to be silver for storyline consistency -Made Ignika unlock images consistent - The boss level is not the only place the Ignika appears, and so the other unlock images were adjusted to make sure all the bases are covered -FIxed black space on the Nuparu Level 2 weapon - As with other weapons, black space here was replaced with a gradient (red in this case) that helps the visual consistency of the model a bit better -Fixed black space on Nuparu Level 1 weapon - Nuparu's level 1 weapon also received a red gradient, but the half-sphere on the palm was also retextured because the previous texture was stretched and low quality by comparison to the rest of the model -Fixed black space on Matoro Level 1 weapon - Matoro's level 1 weapon was the last weapon to fix, and had the space filled with a white and blue gradient that fits in quite well through using existing elements on the texture -Made Hahli's level 3 weapon accents dark silver - Hahli's actual laser sword in real life is dark silver. Whilst the Toa weapons aren't generally coloured directly in accordance with the sets (they have elemental colouring, like the Piraka), I decided to make the lighter silver accents dark so that the elements that were more like the sets would be more accurate -Made Jaller's level 3 weapon accents golden - Ditto with Hahli - the silver accents on Jaller's level 3 weapon were made pearl gold, and of the two are probably more noticeable as an addition Examples: Silver Ignika Silver Ignika unlock images Nuparu level 2 weapon Nuparu level 1 weapon Matoro level 1 weapon Hahli level 3 weapon Jaller level 3 weapon Gameplay MOVN's gameplay is reasonably tight at this stage, but one big exception was brought to my attention, and some investigation revealed better fine-tuning was possible. -Hewkii level 1, 2, and 3 buffed - When designing the initial sandbox for MOVN, the Toa were each designed to be as powerful as Kongu, who had a real tendency in the base game to outshine the others. Hewkii's only buff, unlike Nuparu, was the movement speed and FOV increase that all Toa received, mainly because the power of his projectile was theoretically good enough as it was. However, in actuality, Hewkii's rocket travelled so slowly with so much spread and could be fired so slowly that he loses a lot of actual combat use in MOVN, being used solely for constraction. Now, in 1.4, his rocket speeds have all been buffed by almost 100% and his firing speed increased by 0.5 seconds. The end result is Hewkii is about to hold his own a lot better and has more versatility across the game. Examples: Misc The last change is an icon update. -Changed mod icon - Whilst a prior release saw the icon changed to the Ignika, this version saw the icon adjusted to silver to be consistent with the other changes in this update Examples: Thanks everyone for reading this update! Whilst I've hit a bit of a plateau with MOVN as it currently stands, further development in the field of Heroes modding will open up the door for more updates in the future. As well, I have plans for another Heroes mod that will take things in a different direction, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Don't forget to join the official Bionicle Heroes modding Discord to see updates from around the community, or learn how to work the magic yourself! Get in touch on Discord at Kralich/David#0901 if you'd like to learn more. In the mean time, remember - Unity, Duty, Destiny!
  15. Hi, name a more iconic duo - me and looking to buy a Pearl Gold Kraahkan! Seriously, I've been looking for one of these things for years, and I missed one on Bricklink this month for 70 quid by a hair! I'm open to offering more than that to just finally get this rare piece in my collection. Please DM me or message in this thread anywhere/anyone I might also be able to look to grab one. I've attached pictures here of what I'm looking for. Thank you!
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