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  1. Man this may be the most staked 810 day we've had yet. Yesterday, 8/10 was so awesome! 8/11 is going great so far too!
  2. I mean you could even say it was the G1 mask retroactively giving him the visions from some time in the future after it was made.
  3. I so badly want that frisbee. Really curious about that mask too. After the selection of the winner can we all see what the mask looks like?
  4. Yeah I never followed HF. Really when Bionicle canceled I stopped following LEGO entirely. Even left the Bionicle Community. I was in high school and I think it was my junior and senior year my sister bought me Breeze and Breeze 2.0 and that was my first introduction to CCBS as well. I actually enjoyed the sets and I think it wasn't for another year or two later that I really started redigging up Bionicle lore just before Gen 2 started. I used to have a BZP account waaaaay back in the day (probably 15 years ago or so), but idk the email or user and it was around that time 5y ago that I created this acc.
  5. Wow it's been 20 years. It's funny, I started talking to 3 guys at work about Bionicle and they remember the old days with the toys and now they're doing all sorts of lore research and we've really been having some deep conversations now. Two of us have the UDD logo as bumper stickers on our cars. It amazes me how large Bionicle was with millennial boys and how it has almost entirely vanished from their minds today until you bring it up. However, and I assume this applies to every member still on BZ Power, Bionicle will remain in our hearts until the day we die and that's something special.
  6. Very well spoken. I can also relate to you in your experience with Bionicle's values and what it instilled in us. I too am a Christian and found a lot of value in the lessons taught as in Bionicle and corelating it with my spiritual walk. I think one thing that makes Bionicle so unique is it's adherence to values and principles. Something that I find lacking in almost all forms of media today and certainly in modern children shows. It also deals with a lot of mature elements such as loss, sacrifice, suffering, hard work ethics, and responsibility. These are elements that Bionicle really conveys well to such a young audience. I think it goes to show you that children can certainly grasp such concepts and it's important to teach them early.
  7. Pohatu Mata was my first set. I remember my parents getting me him sometime in 2001 around September. It was from then I was hooked and used all of my allowance to buy every set I could.
  8. Yo Ghiddy where are you man?

    1. Erasmus Graves

      Erasmus Graves

      He's gone, man. :(

    2. Clyce


      RIP Ghiddy. Wonder where he's at now.

  9. Yeah I haven't seen any either. I have looked, but since there haven't been any Mahri game released and there's no rogue Lego worker who's sent out the 3d models for the toys (which is illegal), I doubt we'll find any unless it's hand modeled.
  10. Recently, @Vahkiti on Twitter posted the 3d models for Bionicle: Legend of Mata Nui. I decided to take the liberty to convert those to .stl files and post them on Thingiverse for ya. I uploaded all six toa (4 without masks), all the in game kanohi, the Toa Kaita, The Chronicler, tohunga without mask, all the ingame rahi, and the elemental bosses in the game (which are... very interesting looking). Additionally, I did the same for the Bionicle: The Game models and a life size fan Bionicle mask/armor cosplay by PunkDrunk-182. I'm particularly excited about the Rahi's because there's a number that I've never heard of and some unnamed rahi. You can see the models here: https://www.thingiverse.com/Clyce/designs I recommend adding custom supports and 10-20% infill. Let me know if you have any problems printing any of them. I've printed Gali and tahu this far without problems. Enjoy'!
  11. The memes just keep getting danker and danker. This topic needs to always be.
  12. Gentlemen, you must never be afraid to dream bigger. How about... The Element of Surprise! AHAH! Didn't expect that did you?
  13. I couldn't of said it better myself. Greg F has been a one of a kind author and I really appreciate how much he's put into the community as well as the universe. Hail Denmark!
  14. Bricks amino is a nother good app that has a good bionicle community presence.
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