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  1. IC: Akie - Onu-Koro Restaurant Her head tilted a little, processing his initial words. He'd just had a hunch... well, then. Honestly, even if he'd said otherwise and she had been completely blatantly obvious, Akie wouldn't have been too surprised. Embarrassed, sure, if it had really looked like she was fumbling her way around like a total stranger, but not at all surprised since that was, in all honesty, exactly what she was doing. It seemed to take a few moments for her following question to receive an answer. Akie watched her companion closely, not quite sure if he was pondering her question, or was simply spacing out. Not quite bold enough to ask, she fidgeted ever so slightly with her scarf, just a couple of fingers playing lightly over the place where it settled at her throat. Whichever it had been, he was apparently back a moment later, so she decided not to comment, and instead addressed his response. "Oh, well, I sort of..." It wasn't that she didn't remember anything as in anything... or at least, Akie didn't think it quite was. While she was certainly having trouble placing details of, for example, where she'd grown up as a Matoran, who she'd known, how she'd become a Toa... she was, at least, quite certain that those things had happened - and not only because she could deduce them based on her current state. No, there was definitely a certainty there in her mind... just... no specifics. Except for a flash of more-recent-than-she-cared-to-admit memory of a Skakdi pirate flag rippling in the ocean breeze... a memory that she still couldn't place a context for, but then nonetheless sent a coil of dread winding through her guts. WELL whatever it was, it couldn't have been important, right?! Deliberately not dwelling, she struck up a chipper, carefree tone. "It's a bit weird, isn't it? But I don't feel like I'm missing a whole lot. No... no point living in the past after all!" That didn't sound forced. She hoped. Even so, she dialled back down to a more normal level of casualness. "I still seem to have my learned skills and knowledge; just not my personal history. I guess I'll see if I get used to it or not. As for Mata Nui..." Well, that gave her a little pause. Akie believed in the Great Spirit on a distant level, of course, but that didn't leave her entirely sure whether her companion was being quite literal or not. Maybe the sentiment of him guiding them all here was just metaphorical; if it wasn't, then she wasn't quite sure how to feel about it. "Nice name for an island, anyway. I guess if there's some purpose behind me being here, that'll only become clear in time. Best thing I can do is just roll with it for now, right?" @oncertainty
  2. Not all of them. I sold a lot of my collection while I was at university, several years ago now, because I wasn't using them and wanted to free up space in my room. While there are a few that I do wish, in hindsight, I hadn't been quite so hasty to get rid of, for the most part I don't regret it; I'd rather them having gone to people who enjoyed them rather than just sitting around in a box never getting looked at like most of them would have if I'd kept them. Even then, though, I still kept my old favourites: the classic Toa, the Mask of Light protagonist sets, several Matoran, Muaka & Kane-Ra, and a couple of others - and I'm happy with my decision to do so. They were a big part of my childhood, and I'd feel like I was losing a little something of myself it I let go of those last few. I don't do much with them, but I have some of them on display, and the rest stored away for days when I feel particularly nostalgic. For context, I'm 30, as well. I don't think that you need to feel embarrassed or ashamed for keeping them around, if that's what you want to do; if you still enjoy them, even if that is just on a nostalgic level, then you're not 'too old' for them, in my book. That said, I'm pretty sure you could get something for your sets on eBay if you do decide to go that route. Bionicle stuff seems to command high prices there these days, even when used... certainly higher than they were when I sold mine back then!
  3. I can hardly believe what I've just learned. We've probably all heard of Alastair Swinnerton as one of the co-creators of Bionicle, of course.

    ...it turns out he was ALSO one of the writers on my favourite TV show from when I was a little kid: the 1996 reboot of the British series The Wombles.

    That two of my most key childhood interests had a creator in common is honestly blowing my mind right now.


    ...I just was rewatching one of the old episodes out of nostalgia, just because, when I saw "Written by Alastair Swinnerton" in the opening credits. And I stopped and went "I know that name, why do I know that name?" I had to look it up, but now that I know...

    WOW. That was a connection I never would have made on my own xD

  4. IC: Akie - Arriving in Onu-Koro "Oh... well, that's okay, then." Her smile, even behind her mask, made the young Toa's relief quite obvious, despite her attempt to play it off casually. She might well have fumbled the first impression embarrassingly, but with no harm done greater than a temporary misunderstanding easily cleared up... well, frankly, it could have gone a lot worse. That he seemed friendlier than the initial scowl he'd been wearing would have suggested was certainly helping to put her more at ease, too. As he spoke, she thought to ask about the (presumably poor) reception he'd alluded to having; but at the same time, the way he hurried on the conversation was enough to suggest to Akie that he didn't want to talk about it. Or at least, not to a complete stranger... which was absolutely valid. She was, after all, a newcomer not only to the city but to the island as a whole; so even if he had elaborated, she most likely would have had no frame of reference on which to base anything he said. Speaking of... "Oh, ah, it's that obvious?" She chuckled lightly, making clear that she wasn't bothered by the observation. Surprised? Sure... but if his words were any indication, her situation was a fairly common one. Whatever this island was, it was clearly some kind of hub for those lost at sea; so it was probably more than just random chance that had beached her on these shores. "That's right, yeah. I washed up here... maybe a week ago?" She scratched her head slightly. Her sense of time was still a bit messed up after whatever she'd been through, so she may have been a few days off, one way or the other. She couldn't really have said. "So, yeah, this is probably going to sound the dumbest of dumb questions, but... could you tell me what island this is?" And then, because her curiosity couldn't resist asking: "And, ah... does this happen often here...?" @oncertainty ooc: Sorry for the delayed reply! I'm a bit of a slow writer generally, and I've had a lot of things on my mind distracting me recently ^^;
  5. This is definitely a question that I've seen asked (and answered) before, but it was a long time ago and I don't remember the source for it... maybe one of the old Greg Discussion topics? I do remember that the gist of the given answer, though, was that Dume's chamber contained a mirror; so when Makuta-disguised-as-Dume entered, it reflected back at him his 'true' form, and he had a conversation with himself to practice keeping in-character as Dume.
  6. Oh wow, these are impressive! Really amazing work!
  7. IC: Akie - Arriving in Onu-Koro Oh... oh dear, whoops. Looked like she'd done a little too good a job of pretending that she belonged here. Beneath her mask, Akie flushed, her cheeks colouring red. Still, he had invited her to sit, so she abruptly did so - albeit with a distinctly embarrassed air. "No... no, we haven't met. I've actually only just arrived in town. It's been a bit lonely travelling, so I was looking for company, but I... I really don't know anyone here. And I guess I just saw you sitting alone, and figured maybe you'd like some company too..." Her fingers played over the silken fabric of her purple scarf, aware that she was being weird. She'd been trying to appear like she fit in and belonged, had clearly immediately screwed that up by getting too friendly with a stranger; and her babbling was absolutely not helping matters. She wasn't usually such an awkward girl; but the fact of the matter was, having had no company since arriving on the island had been driving her a little bit crazy, and she had leapt at the chance to remedy that. "I'm Akie-- Toa Akie, I mean." Even if she didn't remember much of anything about her past, she certainly remembered that she was not yet used to the title of 'hero'; it sat uncomfortably upon her shoulders. "I'm sorry. I do hope I'm not being weird." @oncertainty
  8. IC: Akie - Arriving in Onu-Koro Well, here she was. Wherever the heck here was. She'd been walking for several days, by this point, and Akie still felt like she was none the wiser as to where she'd ended up. She'd simply washed up in a tiny boat on a deserted patch of beach, with no clear memory of what had happened and, moreover, no clue where she was. She'd never seen the shores of this island before, she could confidently say that much; but she hadn't been able to see any other island or boat on the horizon from which she might have come. It was weird... and the young Toa had quickly decided better than to dwell on it. Whatever may have happened... Well, it was in the past. It... probably? ...didn't matter that much. So she'd picked herself up, dusted herself down, and started walking across an ever-varied landscape. Before long, she'd found a tunnel leading down into the ground; something that, under normal circumstances, she'd avoid on the grounds of feeling like she was intruding where she shouldn't. But circumstances were anything but normal, and this tunnel had been well signposted with the name "Onu-Koro"... which made it clear, at least to her, that there was some kind of important town / city / other settlement on the other end of the tunnel; and that, therefore, bore investigating if she wanted to encounter, you know, people on this island. Would they be Matoran? Who knew at this point. But right now, Akie was just, well... lonely. Lonely and lost. She'd take any companionship, no matter what form it took. In due course, the passage she'd been doggedly following had opened out into a cavernous underground city. Lightstones illuminated highways through what looked to her like some kind of intricate maze of buildings; and the Toa followed one of them, mouth agape behind her Huna. It was, she felt though couldn't remember for sure, so much vaster than any town she'd seen before. She'd kind of expected her passage to emerge on the other side of the mountain before she found a settlement of any kind, not to discover a thriving city beneath the very earth. ...Oh, right. Onu-Koro; roughly meaning 'Earth City'. That name... made sense, if you took it literally enough. There were many beings on the road, Matoran and others, and Akie hesitated to disturb someone who was clearly very focused on their own business. Instead, as she dodged through the crowd with natural grace, she cast around for someone who looked less busy; and her gaze landed on the green-armoured Matoran sitting outside what looked like some kind of restaurant. He, certainly, didn't seem busy... and while his scowl didn't make him look exactly welcoming, she'd already committed to her course of action. "Hey, hey." Waving a black-armoured hand idly, trying to look as though she belonged here just as much as anyone else, the girl Toa approached his table. She probably didn't want to come off as a complete stranger, she figured. Being clueless wasn't exactly a crime, but would still likely do her no favours. Best to just... pretend like she was up to speed on where she was and what was happening, and figure out the details based on context as she went. That would be fine, surely. "Not waiting for someone, are you? I was just kinda looking for someone to enjoy this glorious Onu-Koro weather with--" WHAT WEATHER, WE'RE IN A CAVE??? "But I'd hate to butt in if you were expecting someone else." OOC: Approaching Gonrae (@oncertainty) for interaction, if that's okay? ^^
  9. I'd got a bit bored of the Lego video game style recently, in all truth. That said: getting several of them super-cheap, including the two that I have the most interest in trying out (Incredibles and Marvel 2)... AND the money going to such a good cause as this into the bargain? Count me in! ^^ Thanks, again, for sharing offers like this!
  10. Name: Akie Species: Toa of Gravity Gender: F Description: Slender of build, but fairly short by Toa standards; Akie still stands taller than a Matoran, but only comes to a little above the shoulder of your average Toa. Much of her armour is black, with sleek silver highlights; it's only her lower layer of armour, around her joints and such, that shows off the distinctive purple of her element's colour scheme. She wears a scarf, also in purple, wound tightly around her neck; and her mask is a silver-streaked black Great Huna. Powers: The ability to manipulate gravity; of particular note, Akie can reorient a subject's gravity, "causing [them] to fall up, sideways, and the ever popular - if mundane - down", as well as increasing their gravity to make them too heavy to walk, or negating it to make them float away. In addition, her mask allows her to vanish from normal sight - although she still casts a shadow, and can still be seen by those looking with enhanced vision powers. Weapons: Several throwing daggers. She's a pretty good shot with these; aided, of course, by the fact that she can manipulate their gravity to adjust their trajectories in mid-flight. Technological items: None. Personality and traits: A good hearted girl, but easily convinced into things that aren't in her best interests. This isn't to say that Akie is naive, because she isn't; but standing up to others, outside of battle, is not a particular strength of hers, so her better judgement can be easily overridden by someone persuasive. Light-hearted, just kinda chill and laid-back... it may seem a little strange, therefore, that Akie was blessed with Toa powers at all, given that she doesn't seem like the wisest or most responsible person to hand them to. Still, when battle does call her, Akie sheds her laid-back attitude, becoming someone who seems less a single warrior and more a force of nature for a cause that she truly believes in. Weakness(es): Easily persuadable, not the most strong-willed in an argument. Often too casual with her powers, liable to unintentionally get herself into trouble. Reluctance to face her past. Becomes weary after using her powers overmuch. Alignment: TBD History: Akie has to admit, she isn't really sure where she came from. She had a life before, out there somewhere, she's sure of it; but all she remembers is washing ashore on the beach of Mata Nui in a row-boat with no recollection of what she was doing there, or where she had come from. She has the vague impression that something bad had happened in her past, maybe even something involving skakdi pirates, but this so far is just a lurking shadow... and it's partially in an attempt to quash this shadow that Akie has embraced her current carefree nature. Nothing in her past can harm her if she just continues to ignore it, right? Since arriving on Mata Nui, she hasn't done much besides wander a little. She goes wherever the wind takes her for now, with no specific destination in mind. Maybe somewhere, she might find a purpose to pursue... but she isn't holding her breath for this.
  11. @BULiK Oh cool; that's really helpful, thanks! I'll see about getting her app up in the next few days ^^
  12. Thanks, thanks both! I've kinda been shaping up the beginnings of a Toa profile as my potential start point over the last few days (the idea of beginning with a Dashi is very cool, but I think I'd rather start with a species that I'm familiar with until I'm a bit more sure of myself) but I'm not altogether sure what I can put for her backstory? I've read that the MU beyond Mata Nui doesn't exist in this universe, so are all Toa natives of Mata Nui in this context? Thanks, again!
  13. Hiiiii... any advice for a newcomer tentatively looking to jump in here? ^^ I've played in other RPs here on BZP, so I know how they work in general, and I think I've read most of the important information pages; but the sheer amount of backstory here makes it kind of intimidating for me to approach. Still, I've kinda been having the itch to do Bionicle things again lately, so I guess I just wondered whether it would be easy to just jump in somewhere and learn the rest of the details as I go? Thanks ^^
  14. I like your thinking; definitely agree that while Bara Magna was an interesting concept, the way we were thrust into it was pretty alienating at the time. Another possible route I can see could have been to have just a few familiar characters possibly escaping the GSR to follow Mata Nui into space; the story could have followed them as they landed on Bara Magna and searched for what had become of him - that way, we would have been discovering this new world and society at the same pace as these familiar faces, and so letting us get invested in it more easily because of its direct impact on characters who we know. The culture-clash between the MU inhabitants and the Bara Magnans could have been interesting to see, too. I find it notable, after all, that every other time that Bionicle had switched protagonists - 2004 and 2006 - the switch was still to characters who we knew from the theme's early days, so we weren't being asked to accept someone completely new taking over. As good a move as this was, I suspect that it made it all the more jarring to be thrown into 2009 where we knew literally no-one; even the 'familiar' character of Mata Nui had only been a name before that point, not someone we'd met, so it felt like we were being asked to just start over from scratch. I feel like discovering Bara Magna first through the eyes of a very small group of known characters, even if nothing else changed beyond that, could also have been a better way to ease into the new world ^^
  15. My gf and I are currently playing through one of her favourite games, Tales of the Abyss, together! She's been wanting to introduce me to it for a while, but for various reasons (including it not having been released in my region), we couldn't do that until we were together again and could play it on her console. Much like the other entries in the Tales Of Series that she's recommended me to play (Berseria and Arise), it's a fun time and a very immersive story, and sharing it with her in real-time just makes it even better The graphics are a little dated (though it IS 15-plus-years-old by this point!) and some of the NPCs behaviours are a little derpy; but the story and the characters are very good, and I'm certainly hooked! ^^
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