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  1. The air of mystery and the environment established around it. It may not be a new trend, but stories can sometimes feel like they want to put everything in front of the viewer right away: they want you to know the lore and the characters and the world and the key plot and THEN you're ready to start enjoying it. Bionicle (thinking specifically of the early years) never felt like it was doing that, never seemed to hold your hand through all the introductory stuff; it just kinda threw you straight into an atmosphere that clearly had a coherent plot and vibe to it, but that you weren't told the specifics of. With that approach, every new discovery felt like a reward that enticed the reader to keep going. It's easy to forget now, when we have an entire decade's worth of content is available, just how little we were given at first and how it stimulated the imagination, making the content we did have feel far greater than the sum of its parts. Picking up comic #1 for the first time, you get... sure, the basics of the story thanks to Matoro and Nuju. But on the whole it's just about Kopaka discovering this new world, and lets you learn about it at his pace; it's enough to whet your appetite without feeling like an infodump. Or - of course - MNOG which puts you in the shoes of an amnesic Takua and is just an absolute treat of a worldbuilding journey, where it doesn't matter that you don't know anything, you pick up the bits and pieces of it along the way to put together the story on your own. Again, enticing you to discover more, feeling like it was rewarding you when you did. The world being composed of so many different but equally compelling environments certainly played a big part in capturing the imagination as well; everything you saw had the sense that it had a story just around the corner, even if you never learned what it was. Likewise, the original Toa's main images showing each of them immersed in their respective elemental environments, really seeming at one with their worlds as they swam or dug or lava surfed or swung through the trees, told you without even needing words that there was a story behind this, something going on beyond just the action figures. I think that, the way all of it immersed you so deeply in the mystery and in the compelling worldbuilding, is to me the defining characteristic of Bionicle; or at least, definitely the thing that drew me in and kept me coming back to it for so long.
  2. Super happy to see Tamaru and Nuparu included; they're both characters who I like a lot The colours on Tamaru look really nice; and I love how spiky you've made the points on Nuparu's mask! I really love the glowing effect you've achieved on his zamor spheres, too ^^ Lessovik looks fantastic; I love how you've stylised him, while keeping him still instantly recognisable. I really like how the shift of colour due to the lighting works on his armour too, especially the lime parts. The painterly look of that Norik is a really neat style; works so well for the character. The study of Matau's wing is really cool. I like your design on him as a whole, too; especially the styling of his mask and chestplate. The red lighting shining on his green armour is a really effective touch as well!
  3. Oh, these are neat! You've got a very cool style here; these all look fantastic, but a few that specifically stand out to me: - Absolutely love the inclusion of Flare Slizer, and your take on his design is really cool. Slizers is such an underrated theme, so I'm happy to see it get a bit of appreciation! - Really like the texture you've got on Kongu's mask there; and the expression / tilt of the head make him feel very alive. - Avak with the glowing eyes there looks superbly menacing! Also he's my favourite of the Piraka, so the fact that he was your subject for that picture makes me happy ^^ - Really like the addition of orange to your design of Nuparu Mahri; it's a part of his colour palette that I've long thought his Toa forms lacked, and you pull it off really well on him! - That Krika is terrifying, but in the best way; I love the insect-like eyes you gave him, as well as the way you've done his fangs, and the colours there work really well. - Love the colouring and flame effects on that one of Raanu! - Really like your takes on Ahkmou and Kapura! The perspective on Ahkmou is really neat, and I love how you give a sense of expression to his mask there; and I like the style you've given Kapura, and the colour scheme - particularly the way the yellow highlights like his eyes stand out against the predominant red. Those specific thoughts said though, these all look fantastic; great work!
  4. IC: Jeizmel, Tajun Streets As Vraek had noticed, evening was rapidly drawing in; and down here below surface level the shadows were already long. Getting work would have to wait until the next day; for now, Jeiz figured her more pressing concern had to be finding a room at an inn. From there, maybe she could talk to the owner in the morning, see if they were hiring any extra hands during the tournament season; and so with that thought in mind, Jeizmel glanced around for the nearest signs pointing in the direction of the Arena. She pointedly ignored the various rustles and sounds of the oncoming Tajun night, the subtle hints in the shadows that pointed towards petty crimes being planned to carry out once the cover of darkness fell. Wasn't her business, not here so far from her treasured home of Iconox... still, Jeiz fingered her new bracelet, wondering if even here she couldn't do something. Waiting tables in some bar might pay her way through life, but wouldn't be satisfying; maybe Tajun had some kind of law enforcement that she could hook up with, do a bit of good for her living even in this cesspool of a town. A thought for the morning. She scampered through the last fading slivers of daylight. The Arena Hotel was probably way out of her budget, if they even had free rooms this close to the tournament which she doubted; but surely there were other less-prestigious places to stay around, too. Just had to find one. ooc: Jeizmel is open to interaction!
  5. Because I'm curious; and because, while I've been aware of these ever since I first read the comics online and realised they weren't completely the same as the ones I received in person, I've never seen anyone else discussing it. Some BIONICLE comics, back in the day, were released differently based on region. I know this is true for a fact for at least some parts of the UK - I'll detail the changes I'm aware of further down the post - but I'm wondering if anyone else experienced this too. I'm not only referring to cases where sometimes two issues were compiled into a single double-length comic - although that did happen a couple of times for us in 2003 as well - but cases where content was cut, added, or changed within the comics themselves or in the format of their distribution in their original run. I assume that other countries got relevant language translated versions, but beyond that... were they otherwise the same as the US comics? Or did they have unexpected variations too? To document my own experiences, from the UK: Comic #1 was mostly the same; however my copy of it lacked one single text box that, to the best of my knowledge, has been in all subsequent reprints (at least, it was in the Saga of Takanuva graphic novel, Papercutz graphic novel, and the copy used in the Biological Chronicle compilation) - the "my new friend tries to flee. but a coating of ice beneath his feet will bring him sliding back to me" text box. Comics #2 and #3 were amalgamated into a single slightly-longer-than-average issue. Four pages from comic #2 - the Turaga telling the legend, and the three pages from Gali finding the Miru to Lewa being knocked out of the sky - were stuck onto the beginning of comic #3, which had a later couple of pages - Tahu's encounter with the Nui-Rama in the battle - cut to make room for them. The comic #2 pages have the narration changed to be Makuta speaking, to match the rest of comic #3, and Lewa gets a couple of extra thought bubbles right before the Nui-Rama attacks him, where he anticipates telling his villagers about how he found his latest mask. In a couple of instances in comic #3, too, Makuta's narration has his word choice changed; in the UK version he says that the Toa will "be destroyed" and "perish" rather than the online (and presumably US) version's "be defeated" (p2) and "fall" (p4). As a result of this amalgamation, comic #4 (the first Bohrok issue) was numbered as #3 in the UK. Comic #6 was skipped over entirely, while very short excerpts from comics #5, #7, #8 and #9 were printed directly into different issues of Lego World Club magazine rather than being separate books distributed alongside it. On at least two occasions, speech bubbles were rearranged as well, sometimes understandably - adding the final "now and forever more we are... Toa Nuva!" to the page that first revealed their new forms, as it was the last page shown in that issue - and sometimes less so, changing which Toa said which line in their print of the full-page panel of comic #8 p5 (Tahu repeating his last sentence from the previous page, Lewa's speech bubble being given to Gali, and Gali's to Kopaka; the latter two also added the names of the Toa they were addressing as well). By comic #10 we had returned to full separate comics, and the numbering corresponded with the US issues again. #10 and #11 were printed together in a single double-length book rather than being individual releases, and the same was later true for comics #13 and #14; whereas #12 got what appears to be a single release same as the US. From 2004 on, comic distribution became sporadic at best; I don't know if that was the case for everyone in the UK or just that Lego was varying up who they sent comics to or not, but personally I only received comics #16, #19, #22 and #24 of the Metru Nui arc. Those are the only ones I see on the UK eBay site too, and Bricklink also doesn't list UK variants for any Metru Nui comics outside of three of those, so it seems like they may be the only ones that were distributed over here. Ignition #1 was distributed as normal, but the UK version had three pages less: the Thok and Reidak scene was cut, although the rest remained unchanged. While I continued receiving Lego Magazine for a while after that I never saw another Bionicle comic arrive with it here in the UK. Again, don't know if that was just me or if they stopped sending them out over here full stop. I mostly just thought this was worth documenting for reference, since I've seen no other online source - not even BS01 - that mentions that differences like these exist. But I also became curious if it was only the UK that got changes like this made, or if any other countries' distribution of the comics had their own variations like this too. Feel free to share any such differences that you know of!
  6. If Lego made Bionicle minifigures like that, I'd definitely be after buying some! Honestly I think it's pretty cool to see some of Lego's non-minifigure characters as minifigs ^^ Emily in particular takes the transition really well here (as, of course, does Tahu!), but they're all very clever designs. I like the style you've used for them, especially the way their outfits are actual clothes over the minifigure frame, rather than just the prints they are in real life, it's a really nice touch
  7. Now that you mention it, I guess I have, although I didn't realise it was such a widespread thing. I'd second T.B.O.C about it not being limited to Bionicle though, at least for me; as far as dreams go, it's not uncommon for me over the past several years to have dreams of finding something relating to one of my interests or another - as often as not something that has never actually been made - and intending to buy it... only to always, without fail, wake up before I can make the purchase! I think the first time I recall it happening, some years ago now, I'd found a market stall selling nothing but a whole bunch of unopened first-wave Phantom Menace Lego sets for what must have been a very low price and I was set on buying myself the Gungan Sub. The first time such a dream involved Bionicle, to my memory, wasn't actually sets but was a couple of new comics that featured the classic Toa and the Bohrok-Kal ending up in the world of G2 and the Toa fighting their updated selves; it stood out to me enough that I described it in a status update on my profile at the time. But yeah, every now and then, it'll be Bionicle sets. I don't recall any specific experiences beyond that, other than that they've all been different; but there are a few frequent commonalities: Often taking place in a decent sized dedicated toy shop, like the Entertainer in one of the nearby towns where back in the day I bought a few sets after they'd otherwise retired on different occasions IRL. Not always, though; once or twice it's been unrelated shops that had no business stocking toys at all but still had a whole aisle full of Bionicle! Reasons for being there are generally unstated and I'm just there for no discenrable reason, but sometimes I'm either lost, taking a shortcut through the shop or, on one occasion, was just trying to avoid some chaos going on in the street outside. Nearly always rereleases of old sets in new packaging, usually still canisters but with very different graphics. Or at least, in the dream I register them as rereleases of familiar designs, even if hindsight after I've woken up tells me that I'd never seen those models before! Sometimes the graphics are more reminiscent of G2 style box-art, even though I never bought any of those myself; I saw them on shelves IRL a few times but was in my dark age and otherwise missed the reboot entirly. The amount varies but often there's, like, a couple of shelves full of several different ones and I'm invariably indecisive over which one(s) to actually buy. (That part's definitely very true to my childhood experience...!) They usually feel like they relate back to 2003 in some way... which makes sense because while I'd liked Bionicle a lot in 2001 and still followed it in 2002, '03 was the year I went full-on as a fan and that possibly left the biggest impact on me due to being the first movie year (and also the first year that we, in the UK, got all the comics). Bohrok-Kal, or variants of them, are definitely some of the most common sets to reappear. One time I think there were some new Matoran in the same vein as the 2003 Matoran. When I do recognise the sets, even in the dream I'll often tell myself that I don't need to buy any of them because I already have the original versions (although in reality I've sold many of the original versions so that doesn't actually apply). I always invariably end up making the decision to buy one / some anyway, but never quite getting past trying to decide which before I wake up. These don't always hold true; one that I vaguely remember saw me find a whole box of loose parts including many classic 2001 Kanohi (possibly in colours they didn't get produced in IRL) in the stockroom of a charity shop; but though I grabbed the whole box, I - as always - woke up before I could pay for them. (Which makes me wonder: has anyone actually been able to buy the sets when they find them in a dream, or do everyone else's end before they can do that too?) More recently, though, my Bionicle-based dreams haven't been around this context at all. Another common dream format for me is finding myself playing / actually in a random video game, - most commonly Star Wars Droidworks, which I played a ton as a kid, or Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast, but it can vary - and over the past maybe year or so I can recall at least two of those that were Bionicle-themed. One was a platformer loosely based around the style and context of Mask of Light, but a much, much more polished game than Bionicle: The Game was... I remember finding myself stuck on a level where I was playing MoL-style Tahu Nuva and he had been trapped down in the lava caves and was trying to get back up to Ta-Koro before it was attacked; another was kinda MNOG-2ey, involving running all over the island of Mata Nui, but it had 3D graphics, had more standard action game controls than MNOG's point and click, and I could switch between control of a variety of different Matoran all over the island, and they had various different tasks to undertake that kind of all related to one another. It may have been related to the previous dream game, in fact, because I'm sure I remember talking to MOL-style Jaller who may have been about to set out looking for Tahu who was missing? Hm.
  8. IC: Jeizmel, arriving in Tajun Her eyes widened every so slightly. First-name basis with the honoured Glatorian? Jeiz supposed that after journeying together to reach this place it made sense; but it still felt uncomfortable to her. So few in high positions in Iconox were worthy of her respect these days that she wanted to make sure to show it to one of the only ones who was. But respect was better expressed by honouring her wishes than continuing to address her with titles, wasn't it...? "As you ask... Vraek." It felt as foreign on her tongue as she had expected to not at least preface the warrior's name with a title, like she'd said something incredibly disrespectful. Still, she had asked, so Jeizmel tried hard not to let her discomfort show. At least the Glatorian's following words gave her a distraction from that feeling. "Of course I..." She hesitated, the instinctive response faltering on her tongue. Given her reputation back home, she felt like Vraek was entirely right to ask. "Yeah, I will. I know I'm a loud-mouth back in Iconox, but that's because I care about our tribe so much. Anywhere else, though, I've got no reason to go looking for trouble." Famous last words, perhaps. But she did mean them in the moment; even if her principles may couple with her recklessness to demand otherwise of her in the future. She smiled, genuinely, at the warrior. "Maybe I'll see you again before the tournament is over. Thank you for everything." @Toru Nui
  9. Two days until my 20th BZPversary! Next annual spinny mask, here I come! xD

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      Happy anniversary Eve Eve! :spinsmile:

  10. It's interesting to note that, according to original intention, a parsec not being the correct unit of measurement was the point. The published movie script suggests that Han is just making stuff up to wow what he sees as two ignorant locals, so he doesn't care if it's accurate as long as it sounds impressive (which would make his insistence in TFA on the twelve parsecs thing funny if this was the case: "these may be made-up facts, but they're MY made-up facts and dang it you're going to get them right!"). The script even says something like "Ben reacts to Han's attempt to impress them with obvious misinformation" in its directions. This intention, however, wasn't well understood from the final movie. So we have works in both continuities (Rebel Dawn, third novel of A. C. Crispin's Han Solo trilogy; and the movie Solo) making a point of explaining and justifying how that could actually work: in the explanation that I remember better (the novel one), the Kessel Run goes through the middle of an improbable cluster of black holes, and Han sheered dangerously close to them on one run and in taking that risk managed to achieve it in a shorter distance because of how the black holes warped the space around them.
  11. On a personal level, I feel like that actually plays a part in why I'm being slow to adapt to the change; because as a kid, acting on the assumption that the Komau-wearing Matoran from that animation wasn't anyone significant because he didn't have a MNOG 2 match (that we knew of), in my own stories I established that guy as the face of my own Matoran character. As a result, I'm having trouble adjusting from thinking of him as such now that he has a real canon identity 🤣 That's very much just a thing that's personal to me though, of course!
  12. On the poll I started a couple days ago, after voting in it myself it says that "results will be displayed once this poll will be closed". When I edit the poll, I see that there's a checkbox option to automatically close the poll on a date that it then lets me specify: and I assume this means that, if set, when the closing date and time pass then the results would at that time become visible? I'd test that theory, but I'm not sure what would be a reasonable length of time to leave the poll open for. I suppose it's likely another product of when the forum software was updated a little while ago?
  13. So I was browsing Matoran on BS01 yesterday, and something just caught my attention. Apparently, it has been revealed recently that in MNOG 2, Ta-Matoran Nuri and Po-Matoran Kivi, who both wore Kaukau masks in the game as it was released in 2003, were actually planned to wear Komau masks instead: they only turned out the way they did due to a misspelling in the code. BS01 has embraced this fact and changed both Matoran's bios to say they canonically wore Komaus during their time on Mata Nui, however I'm not sure if I would share their stance. While I can kinda understand the initial intention behind making Hahli the only Kaukau wearer in the game for uniqueness' sake as the protagonist - and while I will grant that I don't remember any MNOG 1 Matoran wearing Kaukaus either - the fact remains that canon has recorded these two Matoran as wearing Kaukaus for two decades before this was revealed. Regardless of the initial intention, since it was never corrected in-game, I think it could alternately be considered that the canon that we got may take precedence over an intention that ultimately wasn't reflected in the product. But at this point it's really just a matter of personal preference, so I'm curious: What do you all think? Do you prefer these two Matoran as wearing Kaukau masks, as we've seen them for a long time? Or do you take Templar's initial intention as canon and like them better as Komau-wearers? No judgement either way, of course! I'm just still processing this fact so I wondered how other people felt about it too ^^
  14. Oh wow, I love the drawing style! It captures a sense of atmosphere for the scene very nicely. Definitely curious to see where this is going if you do continue it ^^
  15. Do we know when the demo is going to be coming? Steam's had it listed as 'coming soon' for a while now but I've not really been keeping up on if there's been any recent news.
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