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  1. Tuesdays seem more tiring than Mondays in my opinion.
  2. Slap my hand if double posting isn't allowed in this topic, but I want to make sure this gets seen. Can somebody give me the low down, quick and dirty, spit-shine version of what's the current happenings in the game, as well as suggestions for jumping in?
  3. We don't need that if we can just keep people posting, at random times, what the current year is.
  4. This site is wildly in-between overly informing folks of what's going on and under informing folks. Makes it spicy.
  5. I might, I might. Does depend, I am deploying in less than a month and I'm unsure of the internet connection where I'll be going. If it works out well, I may hop in.
  6. Anybody else notice how laggy the site is lately?
  7. I'm rarely on this site and have rarely posted about anything in any format because the honest truth is I've been on this site before under a different username, a different account. That account was bullied off the site. I was much younger then. I was ignorant of things and was just looking to have a good time with friends I made. Older members, adults, on this site came after me when I was 14 years old and bullied me off the site. That's the BZPower I remember and know. I made a new account later in life, this one, and hoped I could talk about my passion of Bionicle again without carrying the social stigma that was made against me. It, frankly, hasn't worked well. I see many of the same folks that hurt me dearly still posting and being active. BZPower, to be honest, lost its way. It stopped being about Bionicle a long time ago and became a clique. The forum was ran(both on staff and off staff) by a group of people that used the forum to flex their internet power points on others. Many things I posted, shared, wrote, whatever...were criticized and ignored for not being one of them. And that's a hard thing to take when all you want is to have fun on a website dedicated to a toy. There is not a single friend I made on BZPower that I still know today because of the environment created here. My friend, S, has become consumed by this site and I can't bear to talk to her ever again because of the venom built up in her over all this. It's too much. It's all too much for a toy. It was just supposed to be a toy fan site. That's all I wanted. I got a lot of other things instead. I'll probably still be around, here and there. I've said my piece. I'm done holding the sky up.
  8. I'm glad to see the site is back up. I'll be waiting for the new Arc to kick off to launch new character(s) into the game. Edit: I noticed it came up over a month ago; ah, guess I shouldn't have written it off.
  9. I left for about a year cause nothing was happening, came back, and still nothing is happening. Unfortunately, BZPower is one of the few decent sites out there that offers a solid text based RPG without any gimmicky dice systems or moderated interactions. I would love to get back into it but I don't want to put any effort into creating a character for it to sit in limbo for another year. EDIT: I totally understand that the staff have their own lives and things they need to do. But the waiting time seems highly excessive.
  10. Wasn't entirely sure how up to date things were. Thanks Nato.
  11. I was mainly looking for any main events I should be aware or IC knowledge I would need.
  12. FallenAtlas


    Sometimes you gotta dig up the dead things in your past.
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