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  1. A little progress done this week. At least you were able to confirm for this game that you don't need to actually complete the levels for the minikits you had collected to still count, so that should save some time over the next few streams. Good to see you got all the minikits in the first level and the level specific achievements in the first two levels, though unfortunate to get all but one minikit in the second level. (I did say I remember restarting some levels several times when I played this game, and now that it's starting to come back to me, I think this was one of those levels specifically because of that particular minikit. Since I can't really remember how exactly I eventually got it, I'm afraid I can't be of any further help on that.) Anyway, I've been saying for quite a few months now that the next packs you should open for Lego Dimensions are Emmet and Unikitty. Not only will they provide new abilities to use, but also the red brick to be found in the Lego Movie world is the minikit detector, which I'm sure you'll find useful. However, there's a bit of a process to actually finding that particular red brick, so you may want to search for a guide somewhere to help you out with it. Regardless, I'm definitely looking forward to next week's Lego Dimensions stream.
  2. Hey, I actually got featured in the front page news! And right before my birthday, too! I honestly wasn't sure where it would be possible to watch episodes of this series aside from simply watching them when they show on the channel, so I decided to bring attention around here to this particular episode and kind of hoped anyone who was interested might be fortunate enough to find an alternative way to watch it. Either way, I eagerly look forward to hearing what others think of this episode.
  3. Alright, you managed to fully complete everything in the hub area, and will be able to start the next stream going right into freeplay mode on the levels. As for the remaining achievements, obviously there's a bunch for doing certain things in each specific level. Some are definitely more difficult than others, and I'll be sure to inform you when you're going for one that I remember struggling with when I played this game, as well as possibly offer some advice that might make them a little easier. Aside from those achievements and the standard ones for game completion, there's also one that requires some characters you've yet to unlock (I'll let you know when you've got them and what to do with them), and finally there's the one for using all of Jack Jack's powers (remember, there's a lot of them to go through, and some can only be used in certain places, so make sure you can find a complete list from a guide somewhere to help you keep track).
  4. Or... you could just simply play the whole game all over again. It's actually not that difficult to complete this game, and with a total time for completion at less than 30 hours, it's very quick and short compared to most of the Lego games that have come out since this one did. I remember being so obsessed with this game that I actually fully completed it several times over within the period of a couple years, so unless you can't spare more than an hour or two a day, I don't see any reason why simply completing the game all over again wouldn't be a realistic option (unless if you're someone who's highly impatient and would be perfectly okay with using cheats to claim game progress). Also, I remember when the first computer I played this game on was lost, and I was completely okay with replaying it a few more times on a new computer that I got not long after (and even that computer has since been lost as well, leaving me with no current saved progress, but if I ever do decide to install the game on my current computer, I'll be absolutely okay with playing through the whole thing all over again). So, really, as far as I'm concerned, it's simply a matter of how patient you're willing to be to say that you have a saved file of a 100% completed game. Besides, I honestly don't see much appeal to wandering around in a fully completed game. I mean, once you've already done everything there is to accomplish, what else is there for you to really do?
  5. I decided to get myself a bunch of books that were available, and amazingly, the total for that purchase was just barely over the $250 needed for that Tribute to Lego House set, which I found interesting enough that I'm satisfied with my decision (I'm not so interested in the winter elves set for spending over $170, so I'll probably just give it to someone in my family). After quite a few missed opportunities over the last couple years, I'm really glad this one managed to go quite well for me, and that I still have a few options available for possibly the next gift with purchase set that I might be interested in.
  6. Finally back to Lego Incredibles, and some rather good progress getting more bricks and completing challenges. And with apparently two or three districts left to go through, there's a good chance you might have the entire hub area cleared out by the end of the month. While you're getting through many of the challenges quite well, keep in mind that those indicator icons don't show up for any fires or trapped civilians, so you'll really need to keep an eye out for them (and not just pass them by and assume you'll somehow remember where to find them later). I also don't understand why you seem so quick to give up on some of the flying races. You'll have to complete them eventually, so why not just keep trying while you're familiar with the course? I just feel like you would waste more time by coming back to them later and having to relearn the course. Anyway, another thing to keep in mind is the achievement for using all of Jack Jack's powers, so be sure to check for any guides to help you with a list to keep track of which ones you've done and have yet to try. As always, I look forward to the next stream.
  7. I watch a lot of shows on the History Channel, and one of them that's currently ongoing is the second season of "The Toys That Built America". The most recent new episode featured Lego (albeit for only the second half of that episode, while the first half focused on Erector Set). While it mentioned a few things I'm sure a lot of us are familiar with (such as where the name Lego came from), there were two things portrayed that I found rather interesting. First, the original Lego bricks (which were hollow without any clutch power) initially sold well, but soon resulted in product returns due to how easily models would fall apart, and that Godtfred supposedly came up with the solution of adding hollow tubes inside the bricks when he accidentally stuck a pencil's eraser between the studs of a brick. And second, after the company successfully expanded across Europe, initial efforts to enter the US market went poorly due to a disastrous partnership with Samsonite, a luggage company with the logistics to cover all of America, but knew very little about how to properly sell a product like Lego. Did anyone else here get a chance to see that episode? If so, what did you think of it?
  8. Sounds good to me. And it looks like you're already planning to cover almost everything I had considered as possibilities. Does that also include characters from the game Lego City Undercover? I'm asking because it's one of my favorite Lego video games.
  9. This is quite an interesting project, seeing how one would interpret humanized versions of characters we've seen only as Lego minifigures. I'm unable to see this list of yours for your possible future works, but does it include characters from all of the Lego movies (not just the original Lego Movie, but also Lego Batman Movie, Lego Ninjago Movie, and Lego Movie 2)? If so, I would definitely like to see what you could come up with for many of those characters.
  10. They signify how many years you've been active on this forum. Once you've been here for one year, you'll automatically get the Vahi. When you've been here for two years, that'll automatically be replaced with the Mask of Light, and so on for every annual anniversary of when you joined. Since your profile indicates you joined on October 17, you'll have to wait after that day next year before you'll see your first spinning mask.
  11. Good to see you were able to get nearly everything in three districts (missing only the gold brick in the floating container and the long flying race), so perhaps it won't take too long to complete everything in the hub area. And pretty spectacular to get that achievement for stopping 50 ambient crimes right at the last second of the stream. And seeing how many studs you were able to collect in just this stream alone, I would not be surprised if you get the achievement for one billion studs in the next stream. Though the question mark indicators do point you to most of the challenges, the ones they don't show up for are the ambient crimes (both of those two challenges are already complete), putting out fires (I think you have to do that four more times to complete) and rescuing trapped civilians (I think you have to do that only one more time), so just remember to keep an eye out for any fires or trapped civilians, since the indicators won't help you with those particular challenges. While I'm disappointed to again miss a chance to see the Lego Movie world in Lego Dimensions, I'm actually a little grateful that there will be no streams for the next two weeks, since I anticipate I'll possibly be a little busy with something else. In any case, I'll look forward to the next stream.
  12. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I had honestly lost track of any recent updates on the Bricks N' Bricks podcast, and while I remember the episode about Lego Digital Designer from several months ago, I was not aware of two other episodes that came out rather recently, one based around the 90th anniversary of Lego and one that apparently goes on a tour through Billund. Each of these three episodes are about an hour long, so I'll share my comments later, once I've taken the time to listen to them.
  13. Early start, late finish, just enough time to complete those last three crime waves, followed by collecting all of the red bricks. (Though, as I tried to point out at the end of the stream, there's one more Pixar Build left, which was unlocked only by completing all the others. You'll find it in the Financial District, and I think you might be surprised by which Pixar character that final Pixar build will unlock.) As I had mentioned earlier, the achievement for "freeing a villain from jail" is essentially replaying any one of the ten crime waves you had already done, so that should help you decide when would be a good time to go for that achievement. In addition to collecting Gold Bricks and Incredi-bricks, there's also various challenges to do throughout the hub area, which completing them will unlock some characters. The ones that must be done ten times are scattered throughout the entire city, while the ones that must be done five times are covered in only a single district, so each district will have their own challenge (and if I remember correctly, I'm sure you may have already completed one or two of them). I has considered suggesting you search for a guide to figure out where to find them all, but it seems the "Pickup Detector" red brick helps out with that with the question mark icons, so that should make the challenges a little easier to complete than I had anticipated. Even so, always be sure to keep an eye out for the ambient crimes so you can also get the achievement for doing 50 of those. Also, I was a little busy typing in the chat about some of these things, so I didn't quite catch any specifics you mentioned about which weeks you won't be streaming. Do you mind repeating that here so I can be accurately aware of that? EDIT: Now that I think about it, one achievement that could be a little tricky is the one for using all of Jack-Jack's abilities. While many of them can be used anywhere at any time, many others can only be used in certain special places, so you may want to consider looking up a guide for that particular achievement to help you track your progress on it.
  14. Two more crime waves completed, only three more left to go. Also good to see you got the two achievements for using the character customizer. And as I tried to mention at the very end of the stream, the two other red bricks are back at the Waterfront district where the first crime wave had been done (one of those two red bricks is unlocked by the same Pixar build that unlocks Dory). However, I would recommend holding off on those two until after you get the other three, because the red brick available after completing the final crime wave is x10 studs, which I'm sure you'll want most of all. Oh! I forgot to mention this during the stream, but the game Lego Bricktales officially releases tomorrow, so I'm not sure if you're interested in immediately going into that game next week or if you would rather keep going with Lego Incredibles, but either way, the full game of Lego Bricktales will be available for purchase starting tomorrow.
  15. For the second year in a row, I got a little too impatient to really take advantage of this, but at least this time it was for only one set rather than a bunch of them. Specifically, I had been waiting all summer for the "90 Years of Play" Classic set (yes, the one with that google-eyed brick-built Tahu mini model) to eventually come back into stock so I could actually place an order for it, and when it finally did last week, I immediately went for it. While I definitely missed the better opportunity to get that particular set during this week's double VIP points offer, I do have some other sets I've been interested in, so I'll probably consider getting those other things this week.
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