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  1. Lego was just featured in a new episode of another series on the History Channel. This time, it's a new show called "History's Greatest of All Time" (hosted by Peyton Manning) which counts down the top ten greatest in various things, with the just premiered Episode 7 focusing on toys. As I'm sure you might expect, Lego made the list, so for those of you who have not yet seen the episode, I'll post the entire top ten list under a spoiler tag.
  2. I just cast my votes, and if the current results hold out, I'll honestly be quite surprised by the final winner. As for the categories for possible future brackets, while I'm okay with doing all of them, I gave my votes to the ones that I find more interesting.
  3. I already tried my best to explain in the chat all the audio issues, so I won't bother repeating any of that here. Speaking of the chat, I just realized that none of the chat text showed up on the video screen like you had in previous streams, so I'm not sure if that's another setting you also need to adjust. In any case, I knew you would need some feedback for any potential issues, so I'm glad I decided to watch the stream and help you out as best as I could. Technical issues aside, good to see you you were able to not only complete one more level, but also get that achievement that I had struggled so much with back when I first played that game. I had no idea that the secret was to simply remain perfectly motionless, and in hindsight, that could've saved me from having quite a frustrating day. Speaking of frustration, hopefully it won't take too much more effort for you to get that one minikit that you've struggled with so far, because as I said after the last stream, getting that last minikit in that level will unlock Bob Parr and allow you to get the achievement for having him attack Gilbert Huph. Here's hoping for fewer issues on the next stream.
  4. Only three votes to make and I happen to have a little extra time available today, so I decided to get my votes in right now. Seeing the options available, I can't help but think how amusing it would be if the winners of this round turned out to be Tahu Mata, Jaller Mahri, and Lhikan. Talk about a firefight in the final.
  5. Well, over a month has passed by now. Any updates yet on when it might be possible to resume any of your Twitch streams?
  6. Another Lego Movie character! And one of my favorites too. I always enjoy seeing your attention to detail with these. In this case, there's the air tanks connected around his neck, the worn out space logo on his chest, the distinctive cracked chin strap on his helmet, and some background references to his appearances in both the first and second Lego Movies. This is a really good one, and I look forward to seeing what you'll make next.
  7. Just entered my votes for this round. I saw the results so far are virtually unchanged from the midway review that was posted a few days ago, and also that for the bonus round of best Tahu, every option has gotten votes (though some have definitely gotten much more than others).
  8. I still haven't yet gotten around to casting my votes yet. Hopefully, I'll find some time for it at some point later this week. Anyway, interesting to see the results, thus far.
  9. Well, now that I know what the next GWP set is (an off-road ambulance for the City theme, available for spending $100 on anything), I now don't regret my most recent purchase quite as much, because I'm not interested in obtaining that one at all. There will be plenty more opportunities to get double VIP points, and I've already got just about everything I was interested in, at least among the things that are currently available. Let's just say I've got quite a few sets on my wishlist that won't be available until next month, so I'll have plenty to choose from if another GWP set later this year catches my interest.
  10. Double VIP points being offered this coming weekend? I just made another purchase just yesterday. I thought I was done looking like a fool over these things, but nope... What made me so impatient yesterday? Well, first of all, no, I was not attempting to get a third Tahu & Takua set. Two reasons, actually. First, there were a few things I wanted to get ahead of last Christmas, but couldn't get them because they were already out of stock at the time, and when I recently noticed they were back in stock, I didn't want to miss out on those things again. And second reason, among the VIP rewards, one that just became available this month is a special set that can only be obtained by spending some VIP points (specifically, World of Wonders for 2700 points). I found that set interesting as it's been a while since I got any Architecture sets that I liked, but since I could not find anything specifying how long that set would be available for, I ultimately decided the sooner the better. And so, I redeemed the points to get that set (don't worry, I've still got plenty more points in my account), and since I needed to buy something else to get that special set included, I decided to go for all of those other things I couldn't get earlier but were available now. And since the order just started shipping today, it's too late to cancel it, so it looks like I'll just have to accept that I once again got just a little too impatient...
  11. From what I'm getting with the last two posts, it seems that when Bionicle was cancelled, it left a void in terms of an interesting storyline across multiple forms of media, a void that was quickly filled by the the next new theme with a strong story, which just so happened to be Ninjago. I think a key indicator for what made Bionicle and Ninjago so huge comes down to how their main storyline was first presented. For Bionicle in 2001, it was an interactive online game. For Ninjago in 2011, it was the TV series. Kind of makes you wonder how much more staying power Bionicle could've had if it had been given a TV series from the very first year. Also, once that void was filled by that one big theme, it became very difficult for another new theme to become just as big or even come close to it. I remember later themes like Legends of Chima and Nexo Knights were attempts to replicate the success of Ninjago, but both of them were cancelled after just two or three years. I'm willing to bet that if either of those two themes had been introduced when Ninjago was, it's possible they could've been more successful. Let's also not forget, Ninjago was originally intended to last for only two years, but was quickly revived and continued due to popular demand. In my opinion, it was simply a matter of excellent timing that made Ninjago so much bigger than other original themes that came out later.
  12. Not a bad effort, but I wouldn't quite call it accurate due to the symbols not aligned correctly. Specifically, the parts that are shown here in blue should line up between adjacent sides (at least, that's what I recall should be a correct depiction of the Nuva Cube). From what I can see at this angle, the Lewa Nuva symbol should be rotated 180 so that it aligns with the Tahu Nuva symbol, and then the Gali Nuva symbol should be rotated 90 so that it aligns with the Lewa Nuva symbol. Not sure about the other symbols since I can't see them, but maybe you might be able to figure them out from there.
  13. Not seeing any news stating there's a Twitch Tuesday stream this week, so I assume it really is on indefinite hiatus. Hopefully, it won't be too long before we hear any news about when it might be back.
  14. Interesting list. Of these sets, the ones I already own are City's Lunar Space Station (along with the other three sets in that space series) and Classic's 90 Years of Play and Space Mission (along with a bunch of older Classic sets). I've already mentioned my plan to buy the Build Together set from the Classic theme, and I recently got interested in a couple other City sets not listed here, and if I throw in a few baseplates from the Classic theme to get over that $100 threshold for both options, I could possibly get two of the Bionicle Tahu & Takua sets. However, I'm beginning to think that might not be possible, because I recently noticed one of the conditions of the currently active gift-with-purchase set (which just so happens to be ending today) is a strict limit of only one per household. If that restriction applies to this Bionicle set, then I assume that would mean if I attempted to make a second purchase over $100, I might not qualify for the Bionicle set again. I guess I'll have to wait until Friday to see the official conditions before I decide whether or not to go through with that second $100 purchase.
  15. As I had once mentioned over on the discord channel, I was holding off on buying the $100 Classic set "Build Together" specifically for the opportunity to get this special Bionicle set, so I'm all set for that. I would also like to mention that after having a rather fun experience a few weeks ago with the "Mars Spacecraft Exploration Missions" set from the City theme, I'm starting to consider getting the other two "missions" City sets (due to the unique system of building that actually encourages you to come up with your own creations at various points in the build process). That would be a total of $80, so if I include some baseplates from the Classic theme, that could also get me over $100. If I decide to go through with these purchases (and make sure they're made in separate orders), I could potentially find myself with two of these Tahu & Takua Bionicle sets.
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