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  1. Sorry to go off-topic, but I think I've seen him active on Lego Ideas, particularly on some of the product ideas based on Bionicle. As an example, check out the comments on the one named "Mata Nui Rises" (currently getting close to 9000 of the 10,000 votes of supported needed) and you'll see that he's still as persistent as always.
  2. Not bad progress this week. Just one more level left to go to finish Episode VII, then it's on to Episode VIII. Since you mentioned there will be four weeks before you have to take a break from streaming, I think it might be possible to complete the game's Story Mode by that point, considering there are only two more movies left to go. (By the way, I've seen only the first half of Episode VIII and none of Episode IX, so we'll soon reach the point where everything becomes unfamiliar to me.)
  3. Interesting that we got to see a demo of the other Lego game coming out later this year. I recall that a news page on this site just over a week ago had provided a link to a playthrough video of the Bricktales demo, but that video did a lot of skipping around, so at least this stream allowed me to see a complete run through the demo. Either way, I'm still eager to eventually purchase both Lego Brawls and Lego Bricktales once they're available later this year (along with Star Wars Skywalker Saga).
  4. Finally got an opportunity to watch that video today, and just like with yesterday's Twitch Tuesday stream of Lego Brawls, I'm definitely interested in playing Lego Bricktales, now that I have a basic idea of how that game works. With three Lego games coming out this year (Bricktales, Brawls, and the already released Star Wars Skywalker Saga), I'll probably get a chance to purchase them during Steam's annual end of the year sale, then spend next year trying out those games.
  5. That sure was a fun demo to watch. To be honest, I had been reluctant about trying Lego Brawls because I typically avoid multiplayer games, but now that I see how that game works and the kinds of progress that can be made, I'm now more interested in trying it out, and I will definitely purchase it with the other Lego games currently on my Steam wishlist, once they're available (and preferably when they go on sale). In fact, I would actually enjoy seeing more of Lego Brawls on these streams, mostly because it's just so different from most other Lego games we've seen before. Onto other subjects, I think the "data cards" in Star Wars Skywalker Saga are that game's version of red bricks (much there's kyber bricks instead of gold bricks), so I think you'll probably find them from wandering around in the hub areas (in which case, a guide would be helpful if you want to know exactly which world to visit to obtain which particular data card, and most likely you'll have to wait until freeplay mode before you can really go out to find them). And yes, after story mode of Skywalker Saga is finished, I would prefer returning to Pirates of the Caribbean since there's only the five levels of the fourth movie left to fully complete, along with the bonus level and a few achievements. I'll wait until we get back to that game before I share my thoughts on which game to play after Pirates is 100% completed.
  6. Always interesting to see how these Star Wars movies are adapted differently between different Lego games. Not much else to say this week, expect perhaps that while it should be possible to collect all five minikits in some levels in Story Mode (especially vehicle levels like the one most recently completed), I understand how unlikely it is for me to get all of them typed in the chat and for you to read all of them while you're busy actually playing the level, so I decided to prioritize the three challenges instead. I'm sure once you get to these levels again in Freeplay Mode, you'll be checking a guide yourself and I won't have to worry too much about using the chat to help you fully complete everything.
  7. I had been hoping for the stream to end a little before 8:30 for something else I wanted to do, which is why I said I might leave early, but I decided I could put that off for a few more minutes to watch the last level, especially since much of what I could've helped you with was at the beginning of that level. Anyway, it seems you got through two thirds of the entire story in two months, so perhaps you'll have the sequel trilogy completed by late June or early July. I'll certainly be looking forward to that, especially since the last two movies have not been part of any of the previous Lego Star Wars games.
  8. Sometimes, the three challenges are simple enough that I can list them all just before you start the level, but other challenges are so complicated that I don't even bother mentioning them, and some apparently even require using other characters that can only be used in freeplay mode. Anyway, Episode II is completed, and Episode III has now been started with the first level completed. (To be honest, I don't think I ever actually saw all of Episode III, just bits and pieces of it.)
  9. Of those three, I had previously given a vote of support to only one of them (Working Mini Golf Course), so it was pretty easy for me to decide witch one to vote for in that poll. I look forward to seeing which one will win to become an official set.
  10. I just checked the progress and it seems all five winners are already completely sold out. For the record, the winning models were Mountain View Observatory, 1950s Diner, Winter Chalet, Studgate Train Station, and Modular Construction Site. I guess it's good to at least see half of the models that interested me got enough support.
  11. Well, at least things seemed to mostly go a lot smoother this week. Not much else I can say, other than that I now have a better idea of which challenges to suggest as higher priority. Anyway, Episode I is completed, and three more levels left to go to finish Episode II (and from what I've seen in the guide, there apparently won't be much else to do between those upcoming levels to complete that episode, so we'll see if that means another quick finish next week).
  12. Although I won't be making any preorders for any of these (I'm saving my funds for some other official Lego sets that I'd like to get soon), I will say that the ones among these that interest me are Working Waterfall, Space Troopers, Mountain View Observatory, and Modular Construction Site. I certainly look forward to seeing if any of those four will be among the five that'll receive enough support for production.
  13. I guess one notable flaw with this new Lego Star Wars game is that you need to be standing in just the right spot to be able to utilize certain abilities, often with no specific indicators on the ground or otherwise to help out. Well, at least you finally got the achievement for completing all three challenges in a single level. (And I guess I shouldn't bother with checking the guide for every single challenge, if you're going to spend so much time trying to figure out games mechanics that I'm sure had been explained sometime earlier.) Anyway, two more levels left to go to complete Episode I, then it'll be on to Episode II.
  14. And now the original trilogy is fully completed. Interesting to see the abilities of the scavenger class of characters, so that's something to look forward to for the sequel trilogy. For now, it's onto the prequel trilogy. The interesting thing about the guide I found is that progress on it was done in chronological order, so its contents of the prequel trilogy will be more complete than the original trilogy, so hopefully that'll mean you'll soon have a potential opportunity to complete all three challenges in a single level.
  15. Finished with Empire Strikes Back and two levels done with Return of the Jedi, so it may be possible to complete the three remaining levels of that movie within the next stream, next week (especially if there's one vehicle level like with the two previous movies). For all your success with collecting studs, you don't seem to be getting many challenges done at all, and only slightly better at collecting minikits. Hopefully, it won't be much longer before some people start writing guides that I can check out to perhaps help you out a little with that. Personally, I prefer to stick with the intended characters while going through story mode, but you're the one playing this game and not me, so I'll try not to ruin your fun by my silly insistence on waiting until after completing all story levels before checking out any additional stuff.
  16. Interesting to see some other new mechanics in action. There were some things I would've liked to point out, but the two-minute delay I had with the chat made it impractical for me to provide any quick advice. As for those special bricks (I can't remember what it is you're calling them), there's certainly quite a lot of them to find (especially since six for each level would total only 270), but considering the vast amount of upgrades there are to purchase and how progressively more expensive they become, it's no wonder there's over a thousand of those bricks to collect. Not much else for me to mention that I didn't already talk about, so I'll look forward to next week's stream with the last level of Empire Strikes Back and the first level or two of Return of the Jedi.
  17. Okay, so not only do we now have a better idea of how the game is structured, but also Episode IV: A New Hope is already completed. Five levels for each movie, and each level has five minikits and three challenges. While some levels seem to go by rather quickly, others seem to take a little bit longer, though still short enough to get through, I'm guessing, three on average for each stream. At that rate, I'm anticipating it'll be July or August by the time you finish Story Mode for all nine parts of this game (assuming you don't take any weeks off, of course). Nice to see you also unlocked a few more achievements, though I wouldn't be surprised if they were simply the relatively easy ones. Also, it's a good thing I intend to play this game myself sometime later, because I'll learn from these streams when I should be patient so I can listen to the entire dialogue.
  18. I think you accidentally linked to contest #78 instead of #79 (not that it matters much, since the intended topic is somewhat easy to find). Anyway, I voted for entry 4, as it's really the only one I'm familiar with, as far as the theme of this contest goes.
  19. That sure was fun to see. So many new gameplay aspects, and yet there's plenty of familiar things to remind us that it's still a Lego video game. I'm definitely looking forward to when I'll have an opportunity to play this game, myself. For now, I look forward to next week's stream (and since some gamers will inevitably be playing this game for several days in a row, perhaps it won't be long before we start seeing some early guides show up that might help out a bit).
  20. Good progress this week, and an excellent stopping point ahead of switching to the newly released game next week. Also good to see you got the achievement for that high dive from the ship. (What I remember from that specific location when I had played this game is that, in my efforts to obtain the True Pirate rank without using any stud multiplier red bricks, I got to True Pirate on that level when I collected the purple stud at the end of that high walkway, so it was literally the last thing I did before making the final strike against Davey Jones that ended the level). Just five more levels left to go through in freeplay mode, along with the bonus level and whatever few remaining achievements are left. (And hopefully, you won't need too many reminders of how this game works by the time you return to it after several weeks of Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga.) Definitely excited for next week to see what that new Lego game will be like. (Of course, with it being a newly released game, there will be no guides available to help, so I'll be trying to figure things out alongside you as you play, at least for the very first day.)
  21. This sure looks like an interesting new kind of Lego game. The graphics kinda remind me of Lego Builder's Journey, but this time we have actual minifigures. From what I saw in the video, what I find especially neat is how the building feature utilizes somewhat realistic physics, which means these builds can fail if your design is not properly balanced, as if you were actually building with real Lego bricks. I'll definitely be interested in getting this game once it's available, though just like with that other upcoming Lego game, I'll probably wait until sometime later to see if I can buy it on Steam during a sale.
  22. While it's certainly nice to see Bionicle represented in this set, I'm honestly excited by the wide variety of other iconic sets and themes that are also featured in this set, such as a city police station, the original yellow castle, the classic spaceship, a Technic vehicle, a classic train, the original pirate ship, the Adventurers sphinx, a Ninjago dragon, and of course the old wooden duck that started it all. Needless to say, this one is definitely going to be a must have for me.
  23. Some rather good progress this week on Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. Yes, there is that achievement for high-diving into the maelstrom, and from what I've read, it must be specifically from the highest possible place to jump off from, which is basically the very last platform you need to reach in the swordfight against Davy Jones (in other words, it'll have to be done in the same location where you would take out the last heart to end the level, so pretty much just be careful to not get too eager to finish the level so you don't miss that achievement). Also, for that achievement of riding all animals, it seems the giant crabs on the last beach of that first level you played today might not be necessary, so if that's true, then the only animal you have left to ride would be the giant spider on the final level of the fourth movie, and that'll be necessary for collecting a minikit, so at this point, you might be all set for that one. Lastly, I would highly suggest that you go right in the hub area towards the dock past the lighthouse where the minikit ships are located. Not only will riding all of those ships be necessary for another achievement, but also a gold brick will appear after you complete all five minikit ships for each movie (so two should be available by now, and a third will be unlocked if you manage to complete the last two levels of movie three next week), so make sure you don't forget to check that out. As always, I'll be looking forward to see how well you do next week.
  24. I haven't yet been able to watch that video, but from reading the article and seeing the few images along with it, I continue to have high hopes for this game. Even though I probably won't get around to trying this game for a while due to others things I've got going on these days, I am still definitely looking forward to watching the game content on Twitch Tuesday before I eventually have the opportunity to play it myself.
  25. As much I find this new DeLorean Time Machine set to be very interesting, I think I'll pass on it, as there are other new sets this year that I'm even more interested in. Besides, I already own the early Ideas themed set that came out around ten years ago, and since I'm not really much of a Back to the Future enthusiast, that's probably good enough for me.
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