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A-whoops. ><

Posted by Nikira , Jun 18 2006 · 129 views

Life and Everything In It
I just realized that I had to approve all the comments before they appeared.

Whoopsies. guilty.gif

Saw Cars this afternoon with my dad after church. I officially LOVE that movie now! It was so worth the money and the two hours. laugh.gif Much better than X-Men 3, IMO.

*dies at the hands of X-Men fans*

I wanna go watch it again. Maybe I can call up a few of my friends and see if they wanna go. _icon_joy_.gif


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I saw Cars and X 3. Cars was better. KA-CHOW! Mater was awesome. X 3 wasn't that bad either.
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Lucky! I wanna see Cars soooo bad, but money's tight, so we had to choose: Cars or Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Being the Pirates fanatic that I am, I chose that.

Ah, well. Pirates of the Caribbean owns all. tongue.gif
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Schizo Kaita
Jun 19 2006 04:08 AM
Dead Man's Chest isn't out here yet... Lucky seadogs! pirate.gif
Cars doesn't ring any bells, what's it about?

Oh, and I won't smite you for liking other movies better than X3. Not that I agree, I just haven't seen it yet. laugh.gif
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Dead Man's Chest isn't out here either: Not until July. But there's posters and trailers popping up everywhere.

Cars is a CGI film about a hotshot rookie racecar, Lightning McQueen, who only cares about winning and nothing else. His dream is to win the Piston Cup in the Dinoco 500, and he has to make a trip cross-country to California in order to do so.

On his way there, however, he gets lost and ends up in Radiator Springs, a run-down little town which sits on Route 66, bypassed completly by the nearest Interstate Highway.

After a few accidents and what-not, Lightning makes friends with the dozen or so cars that live in Radiator Springs, and throughout the movie, he finds out that there's more to life than winning.

It's a really good, clean movie. Very funny, too. There's a 1955 Wrecker tow truck named Mater, who's the dim comedian of the entire movie. Buck teeth 'n everything.

I have no idea if it'll be showing in Belgium. Came out in the U.S. about 10 days ago.


X-Men's pretty good. It answers a lot of questions that everyone was asking after the second movie. I just like Cars better. laugh.gif

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Lady Kopaka
Jun 19 2006 01:46 PM
*Sniff* I wish I could go see a movie in the theatures....Almost anything. I rarely get to go, so its a BIG treat for our family.

Hopefully, my group of friends have decided to go see it, maybe if they wait for me to get back home, I can go with them. smile.gif

X-Men is cool, but when my friend told me what happened in the 3rd, I got pretty grumpy and sad.

I hope to see PotC 2!
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I saw X 3 I am looking forward to see cars.

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The Sun Is Shining

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I'm taking a break from the site due to my health, so my blog will not be updated very frequently.
I'm sorry and I hope I can come back soon.

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