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The Beach; Poems

Posted by Velox , Jun 12 2008 · 735 views


I went to the beach today, it was fun. Oh, for any who are wondering, I live about fifteen minutes from the beach, so I didn't have to drive anywhere biggrin.gif

Yeah, it was fun. I love going to the beach and watching the waves. Which, happened to give me inspiration for two poems and a half tongue.gif I actually wrote some of this a few weeks ago, when I went to the beach at night [even awesomer!] but I sort of added more when I went today. Also, I plan on writing a love Short Story about Kopaka and Gali, so that's why it's always snow.

The Ocean, at night

As the waves,
flow so smooth.
Like the snow,
On a calm winter day.

As the waves,
Crash against the bay.
Like Symbols,
Crash through the air.

As the lights,
Reflect in the water.
So as you,
Reflect in the lake.

As the fish,
Swim through the ocean.
So do we,
Walk on the earth.

As the moon,
Shines so bright,
On the waves,
Even on, the darkest night.

And here's another one, that is basically the same as the one before, but much better. I'm probably going to change it a little, especially add some at the end. In fact, this one will probably be the short story, tied in with a poem; rather than the other one.

The Ocean, at night

The peaceful air,
The calm night,
Like the stars
In, heaven above.

The waves flow,
So smooth and calm,
They glisten,
In the evening moon.

The snow flutters,
So graceful and peaceful,
It sparkles,
In the ever bright sun.

The waves crash,
So violent and fierce,
They ebb,
Against the cold, hard sand.

The snow blizzards,
So cold and sharp,
It blows,
Against the freezing wind.

The waves roll,
So strong and quick
They lap,
Against your feet.

The snow falls,
So pure and white,
It pierces my cheeks
Against the brisk air.

And, here's part of one, which I haven't finished. It's just sort of random. Oh, and if it's too 'religious' please tell me now, before I post it in COT.

The air, the mist
what hath God brought into our midst.

The rain, the waves
they both are part of the ocean's ways.

Yeah, I like them =P I'd say the last one will probably the the best, then the second, then the first. I really like the last stanza of the second one though happy.gif

Oh, expect a not-so-good MOC from me in the next few days. I won't post it here or in BBC. It's for Argy's contest, so I'll just put it here. I guess I might put it here, if I want to. The upper arms and lower legs or other people's designs. I just don't really like it too much. I might change it though, if I find stuff to do with it tongue.gif

So yeah, enjoy the poems! Any comments are appreciated!

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Also, I plan on writing a love Short Story about Kopaka and Gali,

Tahu's gonna be mad. No wonder he and Kopaka don't get along.

Also, here's a special approval I made just for your blog:
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nice.... approval.... =P
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QUOTE(.:Toa Velox:. @ Jun 13 2008, 11:15 PM)

nice.... approval.... =P

It's true!
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QUOTE(Arenethas @ Jun 17 2008, 07:38 AM)
QUOTE(.:Toa Velox:. @ Jun 13 2008, 11:15 PM)

nice.... approval.... =P

It's true!

GAH! Get away feline! tongue.gif

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