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Bloggarak Attack.


Best Physics lesson ever

Posted by Taipu1 , Nov 27 2012 · 451 views

Measuring speed of sound by the doppler effect. The first part involved a stopwatch, a sound recording, and my folding bike.

The second less conventional, and less legal on multiple levels part was using my mates Fiat 500 down the road at the front of the school.

The first run was hilarious, my mate drove down the road at 45mph (30 limit :P), while I stick my head out of the window playing the harmonica (Well, one continuous note). We later did it again, this time with the car horn instead of the harmonica.

The investigation was half successful, the bike got a value for the speed of sound of 386m/s, only 40-50ish out. The car was not as successful, the sound recording didn't work that well, and somehow the pitch of the horn went up once the car had passed, when it should have gone down. It sounded right on the recording, there was just too much interference to find a good value for the frequency.

Brilliant lesson though.


Captain of the Aquila

Posted by Taipu1 , Nov 21 2012 · 572 views

New I shoulda preordered AC3, I was like a day late for getting that DLC. Don't see why you can't just have the outfit anyway, you wear it on the Aquila, why not outside of naval missions?


Assassins Creed 3

Posted by Taipu1 , Nov 11 2012 · 535 views

I have now got it, and it's pretty good. I haven't tried online play yet though. Trying to get to grips with the controls, which seem to be slightly different to AC1 and 2 (I don't have Brotherhood or Revelations). Loving the tree climbing though. Tomahawk has so far not come across as overly awesome, although I haven't used it that much.


Mata Nui Update

Posted by Taipu1 , Nov 07 2012 · 446 views

I've been working on my Toa Mata Nui MOC, made a few minor adjustments to the arms and legs, and completely rebuilt the torso. 01 Kanohi look good as torso pieces, but making them stay in place is a nightmare, I've made them a little more solid than they were, but they still come off more than I'd like. Don't suppose anyones found a good technique for holding '01 masks in place?

I also really wish the Ruru was available in Keetorange.


Another thing done

Posted by Taipu1 , Nov 04 2012 · 656 views

Posted Image

I've got another thing done, and got a MOC up in the BBC forum.

You know I'd look it were I in your position. ;)



Posted by Taipu1 , Nov 03 2012 · 341 views

Slippies are awesome.

Without them my feet would be cold.


I've got something done!

Posted by Taipu1 , Nov 02 2012 · 607 views

Attention Expanded Multiverse Nerds. Here's an Epic.

Enjoy. Now if I can just post that MOC, and that other epic...

November 2012


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