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The Almighty's Toaster


Starscape Stuff

Posted by Toast of Awesomeness , Dec 09 2011 · 333 views
Toast, Space, Starscape, RPG
Well, since people have begged, here's my stuff for Starscape:


Sepiida-Class Fighter
Class Size: Fighter
Class Function And Description: A Sepiida is a one-man fighter that is used in a support role. They are usually carried on Typhoon-class Dreadnoughts, but also on starbases. It is a sleek ship, with the MAC in front of the central cockpit, and two arms extending back, then angling forward from the side with an autocannon on each. A long projection extends back above the engine. Titanium armor. Either Sui'Malo or Bivalvi pilot.
Class Weapons: 1 MAC or plasma missle launcher, two plasma cannons.

Actinaria-Class Starbase
Class Size: Starbase
Class Function And Description: The starbases around Treanu keep it safe from enemy attack, and are full of weapons. They appear as long pillars with three oval-shaped parts around it, making it thicker. These can fold out, becoming a weapons platform, while the pillar forms the NHR.
Class Weapons: One NHR, one carrier bay, One battery of autocannons, one atomic missle launcher, and a particle beam cannon.

Cnidaria-Class Colonizer
Class Size: Colonizer
Class Function And Description: The largest ship is a bit bigger than a Typhoon, containing most of the needed terraforming tools. It has mostly smooth edges, with short, wide rectangular glowing pieces poking out in some places. Four glowing 'wings' extend from the nose, and spin around somewhat slowly. It's surrounded by a large fleet of drone ships used to terraform worlds, these can be stored in the main ship in the event of attack. It is escorted by two small ships, around 3/4 the size of a Storm, for protection.
Class Weapons: the escort ships contain two MACs, an autocannon battery, and one particle beam gun each.

Physalia-Class Dropship
Class Size: Small
Class Function And Description: Long and lean, with a carrier bay for fighters, tanks, infantry, or the occasional battle mechs, a titanium armored ship which is used to either transport fighters or as a dropship. Requires defense of fighters or of a larger ship.
Class Weapons: fighter or dropship bay, point defense lasers, and an autocannon.


Caridea-Class corvette (Bivalvi)
Class Size: Small
Class Function And Description: A Bivalvi ship, about twice the size of the Millenium Falcon from Star Wars. Crew of four, with a squad of five marines, all Bivalvi. Being a Bivalvi ship, it is more blocky and angular than Treanuan ships, which are smoother. Appears rather rectangular, but with a pointed head concealing the Naval Railgun, and curves outward on the two sides.
Class Weapons: 1 Naval Railgun, two MACs and an autocannon

Brachyura-Class Battleship
Class Size: Medium
Class Function And Description: The Bivalvi counterpart to the Teuthis, a long ship that forms the main part of the Bivalvi fleet.

Looks like: http://images.alphac...om/846/8461.jpg from the rear.

Class Weapons: Naval Railgun, Battery of Autocannons, Point-Defense lasers, and a small battery of missiles.

Nephropidae-Class Destroyer
Class Size: Large
Class Function And Description: Gigantic ships, the Bivalvi Destroyers put awe and fear into the hearts of their enemies. They are long, blocky ships, and pack a huge punch on the battlefield.

Looks like: http://www.ravestats...t-phoenix-1.jpg (Ignore the Smaller ships and the frontal weapons array)
Class Weapons: Two batteries of autocannons, atomic missile battery, naval railgun, point defense lasers, Fragarach-Class Fusion Cannon


Scyphozoa-Class Interceptor
Class Size: Small
Class Function And Description: Work in groups of four, called Flights, to support Teuthis and Archaeteuthidae Class Ships

Appear as a long ship tapering down to the ion drive in the rear, while tapering slightly to the cockit. Two arms extend off it and curve forward, around the spherical cockpit. Crew of one Tsui’nau, four Sui’malo, and a squad of five Sui’Malo marines.
Class Weapons: Two autocannons on the arms, one fusion missile launcher on the belly, and a Particle Beam Gun on the nose.

Teuthis-Class Battlecruiser
Class Size: Medium
Class Function And Description: A long ship about half the size of a star destroyer from Star Wars, has a large ion propulsion engine in back. In front it splits into four separate arms around the railgun. Covered in small metal 'bubbles' around it, which hold both boarding pods, and Ka'sharek soldiers. When enemy infantry is detected on the ship, the bubbles open, relasing the Ka'Sharek, who otherwise are in hibernation. Has 10 Maladu warriors, 50 Ka'Sharek, 30 Sui'Malo marines, 20 Sui' Malo crew, and one Tsui'nau who controls the ship.
Class Weapons: One Naval Railgun, autocannon battery, twin fusionmissile launchers.

Architeuthidae-Class Dreadnought
Class Size: Large(Plus 1 for carrier bay)
Class Function And Description: The dreadnought is a fearsome ship, 3 times as large as a Battlecruiser. It is a long ship with the same Ka'sharek soldiers on the outside, as well as boarding pods, though there are more of them. It has a retractable opening in the front for the superweapon, with a Railgun and the carrier bay below that. Like all Treanuan ships, titanium armor. Populated by 30 Maladu warriors, 120 Ka'Sharek, 70 Sui'Malo Marines, 40 Sui'Malo crew, and one Tsui'nau captain.
Class Weapons: One Trident-Class Particle Cannon, one Naval Railgun, autocannon battery, atomic missile battery, point defense lasers, and two fusion missile launchers. Carries ten fighters in the carrier bay.


Naval Heavy Railgun
Weapon Size: large
Mechanics: A very large railgun, this can blow a hole in the side of even a large ship. It's the second most powerful weapon in the Treanuan arsenal.

Particle Beam Gun
Weapon Size: small
Mechanics: a much smaller version of the Trident, has a slow rate of fire, but its able to one-shot most fighter and small ships, and do a good amount of damage to mediums. On a large, it's only really effective two shut down electronics with the EMP it produces.

MAC(Magnetic Acceleration Cannon)
Weapon Size: Small
Mechanics: Basically a small railgun, this uses magentic force to fire a metal projectile at great speeds. Works well against fighters and small ships.

Naval Railgun
Weapon Size: Medium
Mechanics: The older brother of the MAC, this is basically just a larger version. Uses depleted uranium shells for added damage. Great against Medium, with a fairly decent amount if damage on larges.

Atomic Missile Battery
Weapon Size: Medium
Mechanics: Four shots for each launcher, four in a battery. Fires a shell containing a small hydrogen warhead. Excellent against Medium and Small, decent damage against large.

Weapon Size: Small
Mechanics: Basically the chaingun of railguns, fires metal projectiles through magnetism at very high speeds at a machinegun rate of fire. Not as powerful as the MAC, but the speed somewhat makes up for it.

Fragarach-Class Fusion Cannon
Weapon Size: superweapon
Mechanics: Uses atomic fusion to generate a very large amount of energy, which is then blasted out the front of the ship at the target. Because of severe energy drain, each ship can only carry one shot. However, it’s quite impressive, and it has value as a psychological warfare device- A direct hit can destroy any ship, and the resulting shockwave will take more with it.

Trident-Class Particle Cannon
Weapon Size: Superweapon
Mechanics: Fires a stream of ionized and accelerated particles at its target, tearing through even the largest of ships with a direct hit. As an added bonus, the electromagnetic wave generated on contact with target shuts down electrical systems on ships in close proximity. When the retractable front section of a Dreadnought is opened, it's fired, and appears as a spiraling column of blue light.

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