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Posted by Disky , Oct 15 2011 · 158 views

I'm so tiiiiired from NY Comic Con/Anime Fest ;_;

I'm so tired I'm not even going to tell you guys any stories.

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Was it fun? =D
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Of course it was~
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That's what I thought. =P What'd you get to see in general? Like, did you get to see all the booths and such? Just curious, as I have no clue what Comic Con's set up like, or so. >>;
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Well, there was too much to recount to you. But I probably didn't visit the things you would be most interested in. =P
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Oh, more than likely not. =P Did you notice any of the booths like the Capcom one? Mostly I'd just wanna make sure no-one was waving torches and pitchforks at them to give actual fans a bad name, but given that security would've handled them that way... =P

Did you see any cosplayers with any Fullbringer costumes? Just curious on that. =)
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No Fullbringers.

There was a Marvel vs Capcom booth I think?
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Aw. D= Dang, well, dub's not near that in anime or manga, so I shouldn't be too surprised, but still disappointing. =P

Likely was; I'm not sure. Not too interested in Capcom news, for once, though. =P
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Nah we folk keep up with Japan. A lot of people I know don't watch the dub.

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Hmm. Well that's intriguing then, that there weren't any Fullbringers. Ah well. =P

Let's just say that Capcom and I stopped seeing eye to eye this summer. =P
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How scary. =P
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The backlash Capcom caused was kinda scary. And they did it all right before SDCC. xD
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Oct 17 2011 11:52 PM
You went!?!? Lucky and awesome!
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I am sad that I did not see you this time. :(

On Sunday, there was a protest at the Capcom booth regarding Megaman Legends 3. I was annoyed because we couldn't get past.
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Kohaku: Ooh. Any more details? Or was it that marching thing that I heard about?
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;_; I was hoping to conveniently bump into you, bro.

A protest?
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Disky: Megaman fans are much upset at Capcom... During the downtime, they canceled Legends 3. Major backlash. =P Especially since they canceled pretty much every new game this year. =P
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I couldn't get through while they were doing it... all I know is it was the group from 100,000 Strong for Megaman Legends.

Last year you did conveniently bump into us, this year we were all in crazy costumes.

Also, how have I not given this to you already.

Posted Image
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Alright, sounds like what I've heard about then. Sounds... intriguing. =P
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aah thank you for the approval
Good ol' fans and their protests.

Maybe I should have worn my Torchic hat, no matter how bad it would have looked with my cosplay.
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That would always make you identifiable.

Of course I could always wear a skirt. :P
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