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And Now For Something Completely Different


Do You Know Where Your Towel Is?

Posted by Arpy , Jun 12 2008 · 88 views
Random Bits
I do. It is the slightly damp dark green one hanging up in the bathroom. Clearly, I am a man to be reckoned with.




Posted by Arpy , Jun 12 2008 · 197 views
Random Bits
Why post an entry this late? Because in addition to their nutritional value, blog entries are great for bringing attention to stuff I just noticed while surfing BZP extremely early in the morning, like NNH's Lego comedy, Exo-Farce. With episode names like "The Beginner's Guide To Breaking Elderly Friends and Assorted Freaks out of a Heavily Armed Robot Base" and "Lots of Guns And Explosions",[hikaru] you know it's, like, gonna be, like, totally awesome. [/hikaru] Plus, the personalities NNH has given each of the Exo-Force characters are so at odds with the way they're depicted in the comic that they're simply hilarious. So, yeah, this is about the closest anyone can come to getting a resounding endorsement from me. Go read the fic!




Posted by Arpy , Jun 12 2008 · 120 views
I built some bots, you can click these three words for the topic.

*awkward pause*

My day reminds me of Arthur Dent's transient existence in Mostly Harmless: Since 9:30 this morning I have been/will be riding the bus from place to place, from the dentist to my IT class to the library to some local restaurant where I plan to grab dinner to youth group tonight and finally back home around 9:30 PM.





Posted by Arpy , Jun 12 2008 · 133 views
Random Bits
Time for a list of all the things that make me rather geeky:

I build and play with Lego.
I work with computers.
I am a Trekkie.
I have (at last count) 107 Star Trek books.
I am also fairly obsessed with the old (60s-80s era) Marvel comics.
I drink Mountain Dew when I can get it.
I wave my hand at automatic doors when nobody is looking.
I wore a Starfleet Commander's uniform for two Halloweens in a row.
I am taking an IT Tech class, and am learning binary and hex.
I am in the process of making up an alien alphabet.
I am somewhat obsessed with the number 42.
I have memorized Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and a few of the MPFC eps.
I watch the Discovery and Sci-Fi channels more than any others.
My pet of choice is a hairless rat.

More later when/if I think of them.



Weird Names, Part 2

Posted by Arpy , Jun 12 2008 · 209 views
Random Bits
Okay, multiple-choice quiz this time.

"Cravixtha" is:

{A} The name of one of Jinzo's Bionicle MOCs

{B} A Greek word meaning "to refute" or "to rebut"

{C} a name I made up after two cans of Mountain Dew and too much free Lego time

{D} apparently the name of the daughter of some people who went to the same university as my parents