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The Piraka Blog


"MOC Boot Camp"

Posted by P~M , Apr 13 2015 · 1,363 views
moc, boot camp, bionicle, bbc and 1 more...
I just had the silly idea of some sort of "MOC Boot Camp" where a bunch of talented (and well-known) builders get together and come up with a sort of training program for prospective MOCers, or just anyone who wants to get better at Bionicle building. It could be in the format of a video series, or a picture-and-text post, or whatever, really.

Bloggers, what do you think? Has anything like this been done before? Does anyone want to participate?


Orange (and accompanying MOC)

Posted by P~M , Sep 20 2014 · 304 views

So I'm a POBZPC now. That's pretty cool!

Anywho, I've been working on this fellow on and off for a month or two, and I thought his color scheme kinda matched the occasion. What do you all think?



Posted by P~M , Jul 27 2014 · 235 views

Explaining to my mom why Bionicle coming back is so exciting:

"So in order to understand that, you have to know that Bionicle's storyline is a bit crazy. For instance..."

(I proceed to give an account of all ten years of the main storyline, which takes about half an hour and probably bores her to death)

"...But I digress."



Posted by P~M , Jul 23 2014 · 324 views

Hi guys!

I started a subreddit for all your LEGO creations right over at /r/mocs. Feel free to post them over there and have others vote on them!
If there's anything not allowed about this, admins, please let me know and I'll remove it.



I should get a cat

Posted by P~M , Jan 03 2014 · 339 views
should, get, cat
My old cat disappeared on us back in the spring or so and now that I've moved to a new place I figure a cat would be nice. And who knows, maybe he/she would distract me from wasting all my time on the Internet.


Vote! Again!

Posted by P~M , Dec 27 2013 · 265 views

Final polls are up!
If you want to vote for my entry, it's #6 right here.
You can find the other polls here and here.



Posted by P~M , Dec 26 2013 · 210 views

I bought this game last night and I started playing it today, and so far it seems pretty fun.
I started a discussion topic in COT here if anyone wants to talk about it. There are links to the website and the Steam page in the topic.
Would anyone be interested in a Starbound server for BZPers?



Posted by P~M , Dec 24 2013 · 244 views
bzpower, q&a, contest, number and 1 more...
Vote in the BZPower Q&A Contest #@: 'The Only Stupid Questions...' today!
I'm Entry #6 here, in case you want to vote for me. The other voting topics are all pinned in the Q&A forum.


Nyek Nyek

Posted by P~M , Dec 11 2013 · 382 views
listening, to, classical, music and 1 more...
I feel like one of those serial killers in the movies that listens to Haydn while they dissect their victims.
Except instead of dissecting humans I'm drinking chocolate milk and fooling around on the Internet.
Man, Spotify is great.
. .


This whole SteamGifts.org thing

Posted by P~M , Dec 09 2013 · 478 views

...seems pretty fishy, but I thought I'd give it a go to see what was what.
Those of you who have gotten some result out of this: thoughts? viruses? gift cards?
So yeah, definitely a scam, so don't bother with it. Doesn't seem to be a virus, but I wouldn't risk it. Who knows, maybe there really is a gift card at the end of the tunnel, but I'm not risking my sanity for $10.
. .

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