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It It Implied my Mundane Slenderman has a Golden Eye which Bblogs.


And the last mission in 007 Legends is...

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , Sep 17 2012 · 201 views


Is anybody surprised? :P Although I have to say, the trailer looks NOTHING like the movie. I mean, I know the movie is old, but did they have to be so over the top in updating it? Looks cool and all, but still...

The maps look a bit more open though, which is hopefully going to reflect on multiplayer. I love Goldeneye's multiplayer, but I have to admit the maps are a bit cramped. Especually once you find all the secrets in them.

But hey, game still looks pretty good. Thinking about updating my blog title to reflect on the new game. It Is Implied my Mundane Slenderman Has a Legendary Eye which Bblogs, anyone?


In slightly less controversial news

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , Sep 17 2012 · 292 views

Pancakes are yummy~


To put my thoughts simply

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , in philosophy Sep 17 2012 · 401 views

There's a difference between saying "I disagree with you, you're wrong" and "I have a different opinion, but there's nothing wrong with having your own." I disagree with a lot of things, but if the person I disagree with has an opinion which they can defend and justify, I'm willing to listen. It's an unfortunate fact that most Christians fall into the "Ready, Fire, Aim" category of judging homosexuality immediately (by virtue of not realizing that they need to actual interpret what they read in the Bible rather than take everything literally) rather than make an effort to understand why someone is homosexual in the first place. Personally though, I make an effort to understand someone's opinion rather than immediately judge it for being different than mine.

Would anybody like to offer a rebuttal? Because I have nothing to do for the next half hour :P


Black Mesa

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , Sep 15 2012 · 215 views

I'm not terribly familiar with the Half-Life series, can somebody explain to me why this is such a big deal?


Freakin' Finally

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , in monster hunter Sep 13 2012 · 287 views

We are getting a Monster Hunter game on WiiU. In the US.


that felt good



Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , Sep 10 2012 · 293 views

Whee, another fun evening. :)

I got in about 45 minutes late, but I spawned next a pyramid which was helpful. After that I gathered some resources, and had a tense confrontation with Xaerez in a ravine.

I didn't end up killing him, but upon leaving I met up with my comrade Bambi. He then promptly got seperated from me, but I found Xaerez again and has an EVEN MORE tense conflict. He kept tunneling into his base and I kept trying to flush him out. After about ten minutes of that I rushed him.

I then did nothing for a while and fell into lava. >>

GG to everyone! Can't wait for 12.


MI is streaming a thing

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , Sep 09 2012 · 189 views
video games
Go view it on his Twitchtv, NOW.


Moment of Derp With Ddude #2

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , Sep 07 2012 · 198 views

So I get to school, open my locker and my Biology book is missing.

I didn't have any Biology homework that day so I probably wouldn't have taken it home, and I didn't remember taking it home. The last place I remember it being was on a backpack cubby by my locker.

So throughout the whole day, I SCOUR the school for it. Check with every teacher I can, go to the Lost and Found multiple times, move the cubby WITH ABOUT 200 POUNDS OF BACKPACKS IN IT, and don't find it.

I exit the school building dejected (about 15 minutes after I normally do, making my mom worry and extremely crabby at me for whatever reason) and resign myself to spending a ton of money on a new book.

I get home and it's sitting on my dresser.



And Now, a Moment of Derp with Ddude

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , in derp Sep 04 2012 · 278 views
>is participating in practice for school's equivelant of Jeapordy
>Question is "What common ailment of the gall bladder involes the solidification of minerals within it" or something along those lines
>answers "kidney stones"
>bangs head on desk for next 10 minutes


Stop Scaring Me, Japan

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , Sep 03 2012 · 309 views
So earlier today I turned on the news channel and they were talking about Japan and earthquakes.


Then it turned out they were just talking about some conference on earthquake safety between Japan and another country.

But for like 45 seconds, I was really worried. D:

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