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Starscape Profile/tech Box

Posted by Rache , Nov 20 2011 · 229 views

'Ello. This is where I'll be dumping all of my stuff for the COTRPG Starscape, which presently promises to bloom into a massive war with everyone annihilating everybody.

In the interim, I'll kick things off with the information this entry is for.

Main Species Profile
Species Name: Diemawr
-Physical: The Diemawr are a physically powerful race, and their somewhat brutish appearance can be off-putting to some. Despite this, they are a very dexterous race, with their hands bearing four fingers and two thumbs each. The Diemawr are, like many sapient races, bipedal, with the opposable toes on their five-toed feet giving away their arboreal ancestry. Their tails, at five feet in length, are fully prehensile, with tiny barb-like scales along their length to aid in gripping. The head of a Diemawr is somewhat frightening to those who are not accustomed to the sight - so much so that Diemawr warriors often elect to not wear helmets in ground combat, to aid in psychological warfare. The head is very boxy in shape, with a broad, squarish snout. The nostrils are bony and rather large, with the nose connecting directly to a fleshy air-sac above the snout. Behind the air-sac is a bony plate that covers the top of the cranium, with two blunt horns protruding near the back of the plate. The large eyes of the Diemawr are located just at the front of the cranium, with cat-like pupils. Behind the plate, an array of protofeather-like quills jut out from the head, and the grooming of these quills is a matter of great pride for Diemawr. The torso of the Diemawr is rather broad and stocky, with strong, thick bones and heavy musculature. Overall, a Diemawr is only four feet tall at the most, which puts these clever reptiles just a little below the average height for spacefaring species.
-Psychological: Many a careless sociologist has dismissed the Diemawr as a simple, brutish "warrior race", when, in fact, their culture is much more interesting than that. The Diemawr place great emphasis on personal pride and accomplishments, and are taught from an early age that the success of an individual helps push the species as a whole forward, while a careless or lazy member of the race drags them all down. As a result, any Diemawr that does not wish to be made a pariah strives to achieve as much as possible in their chosen field, which leads to fierce competition for work in all fields - the sciences, the arts, politics, even service jobs see heated competition between potential workers. As a result, any accomplishment made by another race can be expected to be seen as a direct challenge to the Diemawr, and will certainly be met with an attempt at something bigger and better.
-Government: The Diemawr are led by a Lord President and a 150-member Conclave. Members of the Conclave are elected directly by the people every five years, while a new Lord President is elected upon the death of the reigning Lord President. The Lord President handles external policy, appointing military leaders and deciding on both diplomacy and warfare. The Conclave gives their advice to the Lord President on these matters, but their real responsibility is internal affairs. Political parties are absent, with all candidates standing alone and on their own personal qualifications. All politicians are career politicians, and study history, philosophy, and military tactics for years before they run for major office. Local conclaves exist for any community large enough to be named, and, as would be expected, these conclaves only decide on local matters too small for the Conclave to preside over.
History: The Diemawr started civilization as a tribal race that had just decided to give life outside of the trees a try. By lucky coincidence, they evolved on a planet with a single large continent, limiting the possibilities for internecine warfare. Less then 5,000 years into their history, the Diemawr had unified into a single federated system, roughly identical to the one still in use today. While large-scale disputes continued to occur - any species without them is most likely extinct - the Diemawr used the two-thousand year period between unification and the present day to refine the artistic and scientific aspects of their culture. By the time a manned probe had visited the very bottom of their homeworld's great global ocean, they knew there was only one place left to go - space.
Homeworld Name: Diemwnt-Cwn The name is the same as the name given to the vast forest that served as the original home for the Diemawr, in the language that became the dominant business/diplomatic tongue for the Diemawr. Any resemblance between this language and Welsh is purely spot-on, these are seriously Welsh-speaking aliens, and any resemblance between this planet's name and the name of a David Bowie album (in Welsh) is purely awesome.
Homeworld Location: Sector 2, System 12. If it's not too much bother, I'd like take the 2 colonial systems option, and snag 11 and 13 as a result.

Ship Classes

Class Name: Brawd-dur
Class Size: Medium
Class Function And Description: The Brawd-dur is specialised for the task of eliminating large targets that would present too great a threat to other units. Because of its singular weapon system, the Brawd-dur has to carry extra armor, and, to make it somewhat defensible on its own, reinforced turret-rotation equipment to provide the ship with a 32,400-degree firing arc. (360 lateral, 90 vertical)
Class Weapons: Solet heavy armor (2), Reinforced Turret (1), Dur-Llaw Duw (1)

Starbase Classes

Class Name: Carreg-dur
Class Size: Starbase
Class Function And Description: Robust orbital-defense station, meant to hold off an invasion with minimal support from mobile forces. The Carreg-dur is an automated military satellite locked in geostationary orbit. It receives its orders from command-stations located on the planet below, and each Carreg-dur starbase serves both to detect an approaching threat and as the most reliable means of dealing with it.
Class Weapons: Solet heavy armor (3), Dant-a-Grafanc (5), Gwaed-a-Dur (1), Fighter Bay (1)

Weaponry and Equipment

Bah, I'll get to this bit later.

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