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Syrrinx Tech Box

Posted by Rache , Dec 08 2011 · 291 views

Xom is allergic to blogs starscape
Since Xom (or, if you like, King of Shadows, though that only applies to shadows inside of time, so I'm quite out of his jurisdiction) is deathly allergic to blogs, I'm going to be helpful and post the Syrrinx tech he's provided specs on in this blog entry.

Class Name: Elemental
Class Size: Fighter
Class Function And Description: Space Superiority Fighter, meant to destroy enemy fighters and bombers, and provide close support to Syrrinx Ground Troops. Trans Atmospheric.
Class Weapons: Three Rotary Missile Launchers

Class Name: Changeling
Class Size: Small
Class Function And Description: Stealth Ships. Equipped with a Cloaking Device. Designed for firing on far-away targets in hit-and-run attacks. Its railgun is far better at range than RMLs are due to their higher shell velocity, at the expense of rate of fire. It is also much slower than a Hobgoblin due to a higher mass.
Class Weapons: 1 Railgun, 2 Rotary Missile Launchers, 1 Cloaking Device

Class Name: Hobgoblin
Class Size: Small
Class Weapons: 7 Rotary Missile Launchers

Class Name: Harpy
Class Size: Medium
Class Function And Description: Built on the Faeire chassis as a Battlemech Deployment vehicle. Mechs are shot from the ship through a large cannon on the nose of the ship. Going down in metal-foam lined drop pods with large retro-thrusters, the mechs can land safely using carefully computed trajectories, letting them come down at the same time in precise areas.
Class Weapons: One Dropship Bay, 5 Rotary Missile Launchers

Class Name: Sprite
Class Size: Medium
Class Function And Description: Force Projection; meant to get fighters onto the battlefield and provide a core for their operations.
Class Weapons: One Carrier Bay, 5 Rotary Missile Launchers

Class Name: Faerie
Class Size: Medium
Class Function And Description: Battlecruiser. Designed for hunting other Cruisers. Its heavy weapons load is excellent at hunting cruisers, and Faeries work well with Sprites Capable of damaging Large ships in a one-on-one fight.
Class Weapons: 2 Railguns, 2 Rotary Missile Launchers

Class Name: Kraken
Class Size: Large
Class Function and Description: Carrier. Brings a full wing of fighters to the battle, and is a deadly ship all its own, the Kraken is primarily used for force projection; swarming enemy ships with a horde of fighters.
Class Weapons: 1 Carrier Bay, Four Rotary Missile Launchers, 1 Starcannon, Antiproton Gun

Class Name: Dragon
Class Size: Large
Class Function And Description: Dreadnought. Visually resembling a cinderblock mating with an angry cathedral, the Dragon is designed for bombarding enemy cities, Starbases, and other Battleships, a Dragon will inevitably be the focus of any battle it is present on, for it can turn the tide of entire wars.
Class Weapons: 1 Starcannon, two Railguns, 1 Point-Defense Network, Antiproton Gun

Class Name: Wyvern
Class Size: Large
Class Function and Description: Missile Boat, Fighter/Small ship hunter. Mounts several Rotary Missile Launchers. Built on the hull of a Dragon, but the removal of the Starcannon allows for an oversized engine, allowing the ship to accelerate unreasonably fast; at similar rates to a Small ship, in fact.
Class Weapons: Antiproton Gun, 15 Rotary Missile Launchers

Class Name: Harnos
Class Size: Starbase
Class Function And Description: Repair and heavy fire support of Syrrinx ships in orbital operations; reload and protection for Fighters.
Class Weapons: 16 Rotary Missile Launchers, 1 Point Defense Network

Name: Autocannon
Weapon Size: Small
Mechanics: Similar to a modern tank gun, with an automatic loading system. Fires 30 Shells per minute. Can fire a variety of shells, most commonly used with a penetrating tip.


Name: Rotary Missile Launchers
Weapon Size: Small
Mechanics: Fires a whole lot of tiny, guided, antimatter tipped missiles to overwhelm anti-missile defenses with sheer numbers. 0.1 Kiloton yield.

Name: Railgun
Weapon Size: Medium
Mechanics: Uses magnetic pulses to fling a shell at 3000 m/s with a depleted uranium tip. Kinetic energy immense.

Name: Starcannon
Weapon Size: Large

Mechanics: Uses magnetic pulses to fire what is essentially a thirty gigaton nuclear fusion bomb, fused to go off a moment after impact and designed to take the impact undamaged Capable of destroying large cities and blowing massive holes in enemy formations. Not capable of one-shotting battleships, but it will nicely damage them. Requires a long recharge time for the magnetic coils after firing.

Name: Antiproton Gun
Weapon Size: Superweapon
Mechanics: Fires a constant stream of negatively charged antimatter particles. As these particles travel through space, they spread out due to mutual charges repelling each other. Thus, while a tight beam leaves the barrel, a large cone hits the target. Best used against large clouds of small ships, to that effect.

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