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Pokemon Omega Ruby - Day 10

Posted by Ektris , in Video Games Dec 02 2014 · 390 views

Pokemon Omega Ruby Ruby
I beat the game! :D

The Elite Four was awesome. The scenery, that is. Really do love the changes they made there.

The Elite Four themselves were just boring. So boring. I beat them all with absolute ease and the incredible repetition amongst their teams sucked (all but one were different from the originals anyways, so why couldn't they have been changed bore?) as it just made them even more of a cakewalk.

Steven though... Oh man, Steven was tough. My first real challenging opponent in the game and it was totally worth it. I used multiple revives and narrowly beat him with just Sigurd left. And it was only his Mega Metagross that swept me! That thing truly packed a punch. But it made the victory (and I only challenged them once) that much sweeter.

Even the credits wowed me. All of those events with your Pokémon used at the time highlighted was an incredible touch and really helped personalize this as your journey. The ending fight with May I should have expected after what was done with AZ in XY, but after the harrowing fight I had just experienced, how I breezed past her was a little underwhelming.

Finally there was that tease for Episode Delta, which I'll be starting sometime soon. I'll resume the blogging whenever that is. But all the tease left me feeling was an even stronger disdain for Norman as a character, as it kind of just reinforced him being a pretty deadbeat husband and father, which was an agenda I felt throughout it really. The actual start of it after restarting was... interesting. At least the black haired girl we inexplicably saw highlighted during the cutscene after beating/catching the mascot Legendary will seemingly matter now. It was still kind of out of place before, though, since we hadn't met her yet.

My final team was:

Glalie, Lv. 60
Hashirama, Sceptile Lv. 57
Sigurd, Flygon Lv. 57
Altair, Swellow Lv. 56
Abyss, Sharpedo Lv. 54
Latios, Lv. 54


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Blessed Blade
Dec 03 2014 12:02 AM
The girl appeared a few times, actually, if you pay attention. =P

Also, i made this argument earlier, but, Norman's kinda stuck between balancing his new job, since obviously he's new to being a Gym Leader in Hoenn if they only just moved there, and being a good husband and father.

You don't get to see the actual faces of the characters, but I could feel that if Norman could've had things differently, he would've. But there's a very likely reason for Norman not being able to stay home and go to the show, but I can't say anything else yet.
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I do not profess to being particularly observant. :P
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Electric Turahk
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