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Belated Pokelog: Mixed Bag Edition

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Random, Pokemon Jun 24 2012 · 364 views

Hey, folks. Since I hadn't gotten around to cleaning the basement today, I thought I would just pop in and give you guys the entry that I been meaning to write since last Sunday, which was my Pokelog for that weekend.

Oh, and before you post at me yelling clean the basement, I am going to get to doing that tomorrow. I probably won't be doing the PC disconnecting part of it this weekend though since it would just make a bigger mess to deal with and I am not on vacation until another week from today, so I don't have a lot time to fool around with my stuff.

What I probably will be doing today is fixing up my book shelf by the staircase, so it can finally be used for what I brought for months ago (It supposed be my school textbook, BIONICLE book collection, and DVD bookcase, but right now it holding a bunch of random stuff.). With that say, I am probably not going to be showing you guys anything of it because there will be a bit of mess lying about, especially around the computer and weight bench.

Oh, and speaking of my computer, while it is working pretty well right now, I would appreciate it if anyone of you tech experts could maybe suggest some new computers that I could check out. Wait...I probably should clarified that I am asking about retail desktop computers, not the ones you build yourself (Which personally I don't find too appealing because I have no idea how to do it and I don't think there are any insurance to cover yourself, if the computer ends up not functioning at all.).

lol I just remember this is Pokelog. Sorry about that, guys. Speaking about this Pokelog itself, I do have tell you guys that since it been so long since I play the game, I am just going to be hitting the highlights of the gameplay that weekend and doing a Pro and Con list on the game itself.

Highlights of the Gameplay last weekend:
- I beat the Eighth Gym Leader > I can't say I can recall how difficult it was, but I pretty sure I did not get defeat by him. I think I was under-level though, when I beat him.
- After training up my Pokemon team to level 50, I challenged the Elite Four and got owned twice.
- During my third try, I was able to beat the Elite Four mostly due to using items since I was pretty under-leveled.
- As I walked up to challenge the champion, I find N is there and he has already beaten the champion. Which I must say I really like how they tie in the "evil" team story this time around into the journey to Elite Four because it kind of gave our character much better source of motive for wanting to challenge them, beside wanting to be the best.

I absolute loved descending through N's Castle and animation of it appearing was pretty cool. I also greatly appreciated that N does play fair and allows us to ready ourselves for battle. Heck, he even has a member that sends us back to the surface, if we so to desire to buy items or train our Pokemon up some. And even though N is my enemy, I really felt for the dude because his intentions were noble and good.

But anyway, I get to top of castle to meet with N and I see pretty awesome cut-scene in which Reshiram appears. N tells to me challenge it to prove I am the other hero, so I do. And after the third try, I catch it successfully (Accidentally kill it during the first two tries.). It was in an Ultra Ball, by the way. Yeah, I know it was kind of lame way of doing it, but I did not have the patience to try the normal Pokeball route. Plus, I notice during my first try at it that he will actually confuse himself after awhile and ends up accidentally killing himself as a result.

So with legendary Pokemon in tow, we challenge N and ultimately end up victorious. It does not end there though. Ghetsis arrives on scene and reveals to all his true colors, so now we have to challenge him to battle to protect the world from his evil plan. Once more, we succeed and Ghetsis is taken away by Champion and Cheren. And well, obviously after that was the credits.

And starting the game up again after that, we find out our work is not done. The Seven Sages of Team Plasma are still at large and Looker, our favorite International Police Officer, has decided to in list our help in finding them. Of course, being the hero and all we were inclined to say yes. :P It also rather hilarious that he was one that gives us the fish rod (Which since we know surf is kind of useless.) and he does not even have good reason for doing it. lol

After that, we leave our home only to be ambush by our two friends, Cheren and Bianca. They mention to me some of post game stuff such as the Black City that is open to us. The biggest news of all though is the fact that Ghetsis escaped them, which no doubt will play a factor in Black & White 2 (lol Who am I kidding? It is pretty much confirm that he will be in the next game, which I got to say I am kind of happy about as I like to explore more about his connection with N and in general, the Shadow Triad. Heck, I loved it if N returns as well.).

So after I heard all this, I went off to travel to the Black City and much to my disappointment, the Black City was completely empty due to the fact that I took my time playing this game too much. :( As such, I ended up saving the game and calling it a night last Sunday.

lol And now I want start playing it again. Argh...Time stopping powers would be great right now. But anyway, here is list of Pros and Cons of Pokemon Black. Don't be surprised, if it is mostly positive because I personally do think that it is one of best Pokemon title out at this point (No doubt Pokemon Black 2 will surpass it or at least I hope it will.).

Pros of Pokemon Black:
- THE STORY > I got say the story for this game has got to be most interesting part about it and I really love how they tie in with your goal of battling Elite Four. Not that, but characters like N and Alder had good enough depth to them and I really like that.
- Gym Design > Like they been in Generation Four, the gym design was really neat in this game, especially like the eighth gym design with the dragon heads.
- Less HM use > I got say that was rather nice as you did not have carry HM Slave much with you to use moves like cut or strength. It was kind of odd though not having strength puzzles to do in Pokemon game. Surf and Fly though are still pretty useful moves to have on your team obviously.
- No limits on TM use > That was pretty awesome change because I tend to avoid using TM a lot due to the limit in the previous games.
- Environments > They really went all out on the environments in this game, especially with the bridges. And this was all done on a DS graphic system! I can't wait to see what they cook up with 3DS because I have no doubts that it will be amazing.
- Difficult > I got to say that this game felt to me like it was a lot more difficult to play than the previous titles and I actually rather like it because it helps me forge a more level balance team of six Pokemon.
- Some neat Pokemon design > While I admit there are some bad ones in this generation such as Trubbish (I have warmed up to Trubbish though considering we did have Grimer in Generation 1 and all.), I really like a lot of Dragon type Pokemon from this generation (Axew Family, Druuddigon, Zekrom, Reshiram, and Deino Family [I really want to get a Deino.]). Starter Pokemon are pretty cool, I love the Blitzle Family, the trio of Elemental Monkeys are cool as well (I really want to get all of them.), I like the Sandile family, and fossil Pokemon from this generation are pretty cool looking (I especially like Tirtouga.). Oh, and I really need to find a Bisharp at some point because I really like his design.
- Itemfinder > I really like the improvement they made on it. That and I like that we can assign more than one item to the Y button.
- Post-Game Content > I really like that they gave us this mission to track down the Seven Sages. That and they left us plenty of places to explore.

Cons of Pokemon Black:
- No Walking Pokemon > :( I got to say that was a big disappoint for me after playing Pokemon Heartgold. At the same time though, I do like that it was not include because I think it would of conflict with N's goal in the game because if the Pokemon are allow to travel with you outside the Pokeball, it would probably be kind hard to argue we are forcing them to be with us as they could easily run away (Hm...You know they should put that mechanic in the game for those that cruel to their Pokemon. Actually no, probably would annoyed people. It would be interesting to see though.).
- Xtransceiver is useless > It really is and personally I would like it better if it act like the Pokegear phone and allows you to add trainers to call for rematches. I also not sure why people would use it to communicate online with (I am especially against it using my 3DS's camera if I were to use it since I never been big fan of showing my face to people.). Although I kind appreciate that it does has this ability as a lot of cool things in this game tend to be local based (lol Of course, it makes sense that it is not local based considering the person will be sitting close enough to hear you.).
- You can't play Entralink online > Again, as nice as local based stuff are, it is not very useful for someone like me (In their early 20s) with not many Pokemon fans to hang out with locally (Although technically I did notice there was some people playing latest Pokemon games on their 3DS at my college due to Miis they send me, but I think trying to track them down is weird and stalkish. There is also a Video Game and Anime club at my school, but they met on the days that I did not have class and was at work. :( ) I would of like it better if there was online mode for it.
- Pokeballs don't have their own bag in the Item menu > That is rather annoying to me, especially considering you get a lot of items in this game.
- Running Shoes lost its touch screen button and return to B button > Again, another thing that kind of annoyed me since I like that feature in Pokemon Heartgold.
- Some of Pokemon design weren't the best > As many people have said, not all Pokemon designs in this game were the best we seen. The Trubbish Family and Woobat Family are ones that I really don't like.
- Level Grinding can be difficult > This game seems to make level grinding without trainers rather difficult. Admittedly it might of always been like that. It has been awhile since I pick up Pokemon Heartgold.
- No VS Seeker > Again, that's another thing that I found annoying because it would of been useful for training, especially post-game as it help with making more ideal online teams.
- Black City Inhabitants are depend on how fast you beat the game > This annoying because it makes the place pretty much useless for me.

And that's my pros and cons list. lol And apparently I have an equal amount of Pros and Cons for this game. I think the Pros outweigh the cons though. *shrugs*

But anyway, I actually was going to talk about Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Demo here as well. However I think I have kept you guys long enough with this. Well, I guess I could say it here really quickly. I really liked the demo and I can't wait for the actual game to come out. The flowmotion stuff in the demo were quite fun. I do wish they could of demonstrate the Drop Gauge in it though. That and it would of been nice to see what playing as Riku is like.

Alright, that's all for today's entry. I am sorry if I kept you guys too long. I hope though that the entry was to your liking. Thanks for taking the time to read this all. See ya, BZPers.


Oh, and I was going to do a "Who's that Pokemon" part of this entry. But considering how long this entry is, I decided not to. I am sorry if any of you guys were looking forward to it. EDITED: Oh, and I just want to mention here that I just brought the Legend of Korra off Itunes, so I finally be able to catch up on the series. :) No spoilers, please.

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"I'm a heartbreaker...My name...Charles."

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Ballom Nom Nom
Jun 24 2012 12:47 AM
It's too bad that you aren't fond of Trubbish. Personally, I find it and Garbodor absolutely hilarious in design.

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Jedi Master J.
Jun 24 2012 01:11 AM
lol I don't really hate Trubbish as much as I just do not like implied message that America (Or rather New York, which Unova is at least based on.) would have animated trash creatures.

Again though, like I said, I did kind of warm to its design since Grimer from Generation 1 is animated chemical waste, so it is not that out there; nor is it a take that at America as I thought at first.

Really it is rather hard for me to outright hate a Pokemon to be honest. Especially considering that much like people, you shouldn't just judge them by their appearances. I have never been big poison type user, so Trubbish has yet to be useful for me.

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"I'm a heartbreaker...My name...Charles."
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