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Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Video Games, Real Life, Random, LEGO Mar 23 2013 · 128 views

Hey, folks. I thought I would pop in today to share some thoughts that have been on my mind lately. No doubt this will be a very boring for you folks to read. But hey, this is a blog, so I might as used it for its designed purpose. :P
Alright, so to begin, I guess I can mention that I got LEGO City: Undercover recently for the Wii U. And what do I think of it? I honestly loved it. The humor is great. The story & the voice acting involved is pretty good. Really everything about it seems good to me.
Well, then again, there is one thing that I don't like and that is load times (They are pretty bad. Luckily they don't happen too often.). Although I think Wii U itself is more at fault than game itself. *shrugs* Hm...I also don't like that I don't have means to save on my own really since it kind of annoying having to depend on the game to autosave things.
As for work related stuff, things have been pretty good. I am still quite busy with quotes, which is kind of good (Since quotes means we could be getting orders for those parts, if our prices are viewed as fair enough to the buyers. And that's obviously a good thing because orders are the life force of the company.). Although I definitely can't say I am fan of working with quotes since they kind of trapped me at my desk for hours on end and there generally pretty dull since most of time, I don't get to model anything in SolidWorks. That and front office has a habit of doing things with quotes without telling Engineering department first.
But hey, they got to get done and I honestly trust myself to get it done correctly more so than some of my co-workers since I never cut corners in anything that I work on. And beside, my boss is trying to gradually get me out of working on quotes since he does feel my efforts would be better serve releasing books, especially considering we got a lot of jobs now coming in.
Although it would help if my friend would come to Engineering department more often since I am supposed to be training him to take the reigns for model based definition quotes. But unfortunately he still has a lot of scanning to do in the Inspection department, it seems. *shrugs* But yeah, that sums up work in a nut shell.
*yawn* Well, it is kind of late here, so I guess I can call this an entry and posted it. I mean yeah, I didn't really ramble a whole lot here, but honestly I am pretty sure you folks have better things to do with your time than read an entry from loser known as JMJ here. So yeah, thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you all have a good day. Night, BZPers.
- JMJ 2013

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My Bio

Name: Jedi Master J. (JMJ or J)
First name: John
Age: 23 (April 20th)
Gender: Male (Cis - He/Him/His pronouns)
Orientation: Heterosexual
Ethnicity: Mixed (Irish, German, ect.)
Nationality: American
Location: Southeastern PA, USA
Occupation: Engineering Assistant at a small machine shop
Education: Public School / Community College (Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology)
Language(s): English
Religion: Raised Roman Catholic, but agnostic by choice
Political Party: Democrat (Liberal)

Random Facts About Myself
Height: 5'7"
Shoe Size: 10W
I.Q.: 100
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Blue
Favorite Color: Red
Hand used when writing: Right

Interests: LEGO, Bionicle, Star Wars, Legend of Zelda Games, Nintendo games, and Harry Potter (Check Interest list in my Profile for more information.)
Fan of BIONICLE since: The beginning, but I wasn't that interest in it until the late 2003
Hobbies: Drawing, reading, writing, collecting BIONICLE/LEGO sets, playing Video Games and riding my bike.

Family member(s) on Bzpower: Azul

I hope you enjoy my Blog. Thank you for visiting, please come again.

-JMJ 2015

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