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The Serpent's Lair


Who Would Win?

Posted by Serpent of Fire , Mar 16 2012 · 124 views

Who would win in a fight? Chewbacca from Star wars, or Urdnot Wrex from Mass Effect?


For The Lawls! (Internet Edition) (Formerly Known As Internet Junk Of The Week)

Posted by Serpent of Fire , Mar 11 2012 · 130 views

This blog entry marks the return of an old feature in this blog, only things are going to be a bit different this time. Since it will be more of a "whenever i feel like it" feature than a weekly one, Internet Junk of the Week will now be known as:

FOR the LAWLS (Internet Edition)

So now, here is the pic, which makes less sense than this one*:

Posted Image

*On second thought, I don't think its possible to make less sense than that...**

**On third thought, they both are pretty nuts.


Warning: Mass Effect 3 Spoilers Inside!

Posted by Serpent of Fire , Mar 08 2012 · 167 views

You get to punch the reporter again! its so awesome!


You Must Choose...

Posted by Serpent of Fire , Feb 24 2012 · 211 views

You can only choose one of the following (You'll understand why the choices are spoilered when you get to the end):





New Spiderman Trailer

Posted by Serpent of Fire , Feb 21 2012 · 152 views

On the Apple Trailers website. I was pretty skeptical about a Spiderman reboot, but this one looks like it has potential.


I Have Internet Again!

Posted by Serpent of Fire , Feb 14 2012 · 150 views

Ok, so I'm about a week late with this one. Between work and settling in to the new plave, things have been a bit busy.

I now leave you with this picture of a cat i found on google*:

Posted Image

*When I say google I mean Bing


And The Room Is Nearly As Hollow As The Day It All Began...

Posted by Serpent of Fire , Jan 27 2012 · 145 views

Haven't got around to posting about this here, but seeing as 70% of my things are now packed in cardboard boxes, I think its time. Come Monday, I'll be moving out of my parents house for the first time ever into an apartment in the next town over. Needless to say, aside from my phone, I won't have much access to the internet for an unknown amount of time. So consider this one of my last few blog posts.

In other news, some Canadian Teens launched a Lego Minifig into space with their cell phone recording the entire thing. The footage is pretty awesome.
I'm also starting to notice some of the new Hero Factory sets start to pop up in non-Toys R Us stores so keep an eye out.

I'm trying to think of what else to type...

Lets see...


Ice Cubes! I got a http://shop.lego.com...ube-Tray-852771 using my Lego VIP money I had. The Iced Minifigs are the size of their plastic counterparts, so they melt faster than standard ice cubes. Still fun though.

Not much left to say here, so I'm going adventuring in Skyrim while trying to keep any pointy arrow shaped objects well away from my knee.


You Will All Bow Before Me.

Posted by Serpent of Fire , Jan 24 2012 · 174 views

I just killed a Giant in Skyrim at level 21. Sure, I was running away like a little baby most of the time, but it was still no match for my fire spells.


Vw Camper Van Set Pics

Posted by Serpent of Fire , Jan 04 2012 · 435 views

Posted Image



Volkswagon Camper Van Set

Posted by Serpent of Fire , Jan 03 2012 · 488 views

Finally had time today to build that Volkswagon camper van set I mentioned in an earlier post. Expect pictures sometime tomorrow.

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