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The Serpent's Lair


"...i Took An Arrow To The Knee"

Posted by Serpent of Fire , Dec 11 2011 · 151 views

After hearing a guard in whiterun say "I used to be an adventurer like you, but I took an arrow to the knee" for the thousandth time, I FUS RO DAH'd him down three flights of stairs, then proceeded to shoot him in the knee with some steel arrows until he collapsed on one knee, surrendering. Moral of the story: Never complain around the Dovakiin.


Hasbro, I Am Dissapoint.

Posted by Serpent of Fire , Dec 09 2011 · 122 views

A Battleship movie? Really?


A Work In Progress

Posted by Serpent of Fire , Dec 05 2011 · 126 views

a little (big) something I've been working on. Probably gonna have to revisit the head, since the larger flames look a little out of place.
Posted Image


I Used To Be An Adventurer Like You

Posted by Serpent of Fire , Dec 02 2011 · 132 views

Then I took an arrow to the knee.


Oops, My Bad...

Posted by Serpent of Fire , Nov 29 2011 · 145 views

Posted this a while ago in this thread:

1. Not as much as it used to, but there will be no new Bionicle stuff in the foreseeable future, so its not really an issue.
2. The forums themselves? not as much as they used to, but keep in mind, most people come to the forums through the main page, which still has Bionicle all over the place.
3. Hapori Tohu
4. Could be interesting, the original logo kinda shows its age on newer monitors.
5. I like the more neutral layout. It fits with the site turning into a more general lego site than strictly being about Bionicle.
6. Yes, but only because there is no new Bionicle content to add.
7. Should I make a witty comment now?

A little while later, I realized I had posted this a few weeks earlier in the exact same thread...

1. Does BZP look Bionicle-y in your eyes?
The news page, yes, the forums don't look as bionicle inspired as it used to.

2. Do you think it looks Bionicle-y in a new-comer's eyes?
Probably not. But with Bionicle being discontinued the site needs to be a little less Bionicle oriented in order to last.

3. Do you think the current BZP banner/logo is lacking in something?

4. Would a design-a-logo-for-BZP contest be a good idea?
Could be interesting.

5. What about the current skin for BZP? Could that be more Bionicle-y?
As I said before, Bionicle has been discontinued. With no more sets being made the site need to become more of a general lego forum than one specifically about Bionicle.

6. Is BZP lacking in Bionicle-ness in general?

7. Should I shut up now?
Do I have to answer? :P

Since that could be interpreted as spam I have a new BZP first: I decided to report myself so the proper authorities can make a decision on whether it counts as spam or not. Probably not a big deal, but I bet the mods (and now you guys) will get a laugh out of that. XD


Finally Got A Drivers License!

Posted by Serpent of Fire , Nov 23 2011 · 105 views

Sure, 22 is a bit late to some people, but I took the money I saved from not driving a car all these years and I bought....

A car....


I Know How To Get Rich In A Bad Economy!

Posted by Serpent of Fire , Nov 17 2011 · 145 views

Start a business that sells Going Out of Business signs .



Posted by Serpent of Fire , Nov 15 2011 · 116 views

Is awesome. I am a Were-Argonian who, as of this post, has killed a total of seven dragons. So far I've kept a balance of dual wielding one handed weapons and using destruction spells. I've been going back and forth between the main quest, the Companions, and the College of Winterhold. I wish that the actual Mages guild was still there, but I guess it helps add to how much Tamriel has changed since Oblivion.

In other news, I had a Hero Factory Recon set show up in the mail yesterday, which I'll try to post later. Plus I have a drive test scheduled next week so hopefully I can stop freezing to death at the bus stop. Also, at work, we are expecting a few hundred live trees to be delivered sometime tomorrow, which means I'd better eat my wheaties.

Did I mention Skyrim is awesome?


A Little Sketch

Posted by Serpent of Fire , Nov 07 2011 · 174 views

Had an idea earlier, so I had to draw it before I forgot it.

Posted Image


So If I Don't Fall Back Tonight...

Posted by Serpent of Fire , Nov 05 2011 · 160 views

Then does that mean I'll be living one hour in the future?

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