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Farshtey Feed (p165-167)

Posted by Planetperson , Oct 03 2008 · 1,948 views

Farshtey Feed
Friday, October 3, 2008

Still slow going in the OGD this week, with Greg just returned to us.

• Takanuva will be cured of his shadow affliction in his blog.
• Darkness has remained with the Shadowed One throughout his correspondence with the Order of Mata Nui and his leaving Xia.

• A pocket dimension forms naturally whenever a universe comes into being. An alternate dimension, on the other hand, is formed whenever a decision is made in the main universe.
• The "Paradise" from which Mata Nui was said to have come in 2001 is an actual location that is still relevant to story.

• In 2009 there will be creatures, but they will not be called Rahi, as that is a Matoran universe term.


• Takutanuva was a mix of both biomechanical and energy in armor.

• Vortixx, the Barraki's species, Lariska's species, and probably Sidorak's species can all use masks; Krekka's, the four-armed giant's, and Nocturn's cannot.
• If a past self of a Mohtrek wearer is killed, an alternate universe is created in which that being's actions up until then never existed.

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Great idea! I'll need this.
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