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Bohrok Pens

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Oct 21 2012 · 230 views

Oh god I'm doing it again...

Okay, anybody ever get one of those Bohrok pens from 02? I guess they're like the Toa pens, but they have these smaller Bohrok faceplate elements... and maybe a krana bead?

See, these might be useful pieces for building minifig-scale Bohrok. (Yeah, crazy idea, I know.) But there are so few images of them on the web, and I can't see the kind of detail for how they'd work. So if somebody has ever owned one, could they say what kind of unique pieces the pens includes, and how they connect (are they a clip or an actual bead? Would they be able to connect to standard studs?) Also, if you have one, interesting in selling? :P

But yeah, seriously, any details on these would be nice. Would like to know if they're going to work before I make a potential purchase, rather than buying one and realizing it's useless.




Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Oct 18 2012 · 148 views

While (InLoop){



InLoop = False;


See, when you're outside the loop, you are not in it. But when you are in the loop, you can never escape.

This brought to you be recursion. Now go to the top and start reading again.




Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Oct 04 2012 · 91 views


so yeah, he knows we're not taking the models
it's just faster for him to take back to the shop


where you can start disassembling the island :-D




you're gonna love all the red, blue, and yellow plates underneith the foothills


nah I'll live


well darn, now we need another assassination plot
Death by Lego would've looked awesome on your gravestone



Friend Me?

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Sep 27 2012 · 148 views

I've been made aware of just how out of date my BZP Friend list is. I think it's updated from like 2008 or something. There's not many people on it, and half of them aren't active anymore, and I know I must be missing a lot of people. If you want me to add you to my friends list, post here. (Granted, if I have absolutely no idea who you are and we've never interacted I may be hesitant but what the heck bloated friends lists are all the rage.)



Finally Watched The Harry Potter Finale

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts, TV Sep 22 2012 · 134 views

The final Harry Potter movie, the Deathly Hollows Part 2, came out in theaters in July 2012. I did not go to see it.

The movie came out on DVD last November. Around that time, I added it to our Movie Queue for Blockbuster (the service where they send us DVDs like Netflix... and yeah they're still in business.) Since then, my mom keeps reshuffling the list to bring the movies she wants to see to the top. (And I didn't even put my choice as a high priority.)

So here it is, at least 9 months later, and it finally came it. Couldn't have picked a better weekend, since my folks are out, and they wouldn't have appreciated the movie anyway.

It was... interesting. It changed a lot of things. Somewhat iconic moments too. Although I guess that's to be expected for any movie adaptation. I wish they had actually shown some of the deaths like Fred's, but the other-student fighting was a little sparse. On the other hand, they did give Neville proper treatment, and I especially liked his bridge scene. (Like seriously, people said he was cool in the books, but the movie makes him look the part so much better.) Oh, and the fire creatures were well done.

So the movie was enjoyable. Book is better, but seriously, the seventh book (especially the second half of it) was some of the best stuff from the whole series, and I guess it did a good job of showing it on the screen. But I was still shouting out corrections when they said the quotes wrong. :P


Electronics I Want

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Sep 13 2012 · 143 views

Just a various list of new devices I would want upgrades on, in order of want.

New Laptop: I have a Toshiba Satellite that I got in December 2007. In Summer 07, I got a Toshiba Satellite that was the top of the line student laptop of the day. (Or well, high enough quality for it's $1,000 price tag.) Then it got stolen, and my replacement was a lower quality model. It's worked swell for five years, but now even web browsing can tax my system, and dare I even think about playing games on it! And five years isn't a bad time to get an upgraded machine, IMO. (And I am also considering a new desktop too... but either way a new computer is sometime I need/want.

New Cell Phone: Some of my classes have dabbled in mobile web browsing, but I'm still on a phone I got two years ago that has the most basic of web browsing. (And the fact that it's lasted two plus years says something, since I've drowned or cracked my other two phones I've had since 07.) It would be nice to get some of the newer equipment so I can actually experience the mobile browsing that we're being told to design for. But smart phones are expensive... both in the initial purchase and then with the monthly plan. And I might as well keep going with my current phone for as long as it can last...

New Headphones: Okay, I go through headphones faster than anything else. The headband snaps, the wiring rips out, some internal issue screws up the sounds; I am just excessively hard on them. For example, I got a nice expensive pair for Christmas last year, and they snapped in half on me in June. :( I am kind of picky about headphones, since I cannot for the life of me use ear-buds, so I need decent ear-cover ones. And in general, I try to buy cheap ones, but sometimes they turn out to be too cheap. There's a style of Sony headphones for $14.99 that I've gotten often, and those seem to last longest with me and feel the most comfortable. But my current pair is starting to wear out, so many time for new ones? (And I need to convince people that when I say I want new headphones for birthday / Christmas, don't get me those expensive that cost alot and then eventually break in some stupid way. :glare:

New Watch: I'm also fairly old fashion in that I like to wear a wrist watch at all times. Yeah, yeah, people claim they can just check their phones or whatever for the time, but I've developed the habit of glancing down at my wrist whenever I want to check the time... so much that I keep doing so when I'm not wearing my watch. :o I'm also picky about watches... they've got to have the date, a light, and preferably a timer. (So pretty much a standard digital watch, but I used to be even more old fashion and use the basic clock models.) I also prefer a non-metal strap that has reinforced connections behind the watch, because I've had so many of them rendered useless because the area where the strap connects to the watch itself strips apart, and then the whole thing is useless. I've had watches where the straps break somehow or where the internal battery just dies. My current watch got scrapped up pretty badly on my last hike, making it nearly impossible to read the minute's number. As such, I need to get a new one, and the process is complicated enough even when I try to stay cheap. (Because why buy a pricey watch when I know it'll inevitable get wrecked too?) But I'm going to keep on wearing watches, because I'm looking forward to the day where I can hide a communicator in it and / or a wrist laser. :D

Wireless Mouse: Man, I've had bad luck with mice too. Sometimes the optics go dead, sometimes they drain the batteries too quickly, and sometimes the USB connector gets busted. I've generally switched between Microsoft and Logitech mice, with my current one being of the MS variety. In general, I have liked using both types, so it's mostly just a matter of when they break down. My current mouse has a gummed up scroll bar that no longer works properly, and now I realize how much I use scrolling when I can't do it as easily anymore. Maybe I should go for a Logitech one next (since the last one from them had the USB connector break, but now they make those smaller so it shouldn't be an issue anymore.)

Ipod Charger / Stereo: Yes, in general I am a PC guy; I really don't like having to use the MAC OS at school. Plus, Apple's actions as a company are often to my distaste. (Personal preference, feel free to have your own opinions, just be aware that I don't want you spouting them in my blog) But, gosh darn it, Apple did the iPod thing well, and I have to give them credit for it. Granted, I did not buy my first iPod... it was a gift, and I might've gone for something else on my own. (Not sure about Zune... never really caught my taste to begin with, and it's not exactly uber popular either. Maybe one of the off-brand MP3 Players.) And my iPod nano has lasted for five years without any real complications. (Sure, it has a few scratches, and once it did get corrupted but I was able to go to the university's Apple store and they restored it.) But the iPod stereo hook-up... I've been through two, and my current one can barely connect with the iPod and play music. (And it no longer charges it either, much to my dismay.) So another one of those would be swell too.

Jetpack: My current backpack has lasted me since high school. Sure, one of the front zippers has worn out, but overall it is still one of my best pieces of luggage for trips, be they backpacking, to school, or on an airliner. Unfortunately, by backpack does not yet let me fly. This is a major design flaw, and I think I need to upgrade. Anybody know the best manufacturers of jetpacks? (Don't answer that... I have researched the option and their still in the testing phases, and keep spouting nonsense like "inefficient" and "unsafe.")


So yeah, lots of technology I want. Lots of things I could buy. It would cost lots of money to get all of this. And currently, I barely have any spending money. I have some saved up for BrickCon that I earned from working for my folks this summer, but my saving from last summer's job have been spent, and being unemployed this summer didn't do much for my bank account. And then there's all the LEGO I need to purchase. Personally, I'm hoping for a discounted Helms Deep at BCon, and maybe a t-shirt that's a size too big, so that way when it shrinks like all the rest I bought at Cascade, it'll still fit.

Anyway, that was a rant about my wants and desires. If you want to send money to the "Make Xccj Happy" fund, just give me a PM. ;)



50 Ways To Say Goodbye

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Aug 29 2012 · 156 views

But the song only gives 11 examples of how she died.

Why does Train keep releasing catchy singles?



Watching Anime

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts, TV Aug 06 2012 · 154 views

Wow, I haven't blogged in a week. It's not that I've been busy; kinda the opposite really, haven't had much to do. Besides being jealous of everybody who went to BrickFair, but that's really not something fun to blog about. :P

But yeah, I guess I have been spending a lot of time sampling random Animes on the web. It started when I looked up some of the Marvel Animes, because I've been trying to watch Marvel stuff and decided to see what Japan did with them. The Iron Man and X Men versions were okay, but I really liked the Wolverine one they did. They did change up his character quite a bit, but I'm not a big Wolverine fan so I didn't mind. That whole show was just non-stop action, it seemed.

So I've been taking a look at some other animes. Some I only watched a few episodes of, and the only ones I've finished were only a season long. I started by watching some of the more comedic ones, then moved onto some sci-fi and fantasy ones. Some of them do capture the emotion of the characters very well, and some of them seem to just drone on endlessly. (Hint, those are the ones I didn't continue watching. :P )

As for names, well... Umisho was a funny and cute one, and it helped that I was watching it at the same time as the Olympics because it's about a swim team. I also liked High School of the Dead because, despite not being a fan of zombie themes, it did a really good job with the characters and the action. Even tho it seemed to have a hope theme with it, some of the other themes explored really creep me out because of how realistic they are. :lookaround: And I started following updates of a new one called Sword Art Online, which involves people getting trapped inside a virtual reality game, which is crazy cause I wrote a similiar story years ago! (Granted, I think I borrowed that idea from another show...) The first few eps were good, but since it's ongoing, I'm not yet sure if I like where it's going or not.

So yeah just a few of my thoughts based on the mindless web video viewing I've done lately. Oh, and BTW, this is not an invite to say what animes I should watch. :P

Also done some story writing still. Might go on a backpacking trip next week, even tho I'm horribly out of shape. Oh yeah and school starts in two weeks, y'know, right when summer weather starts back up. The three months of unemployment went fast!



Speculation on Future Spider-Man Sets

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts Jul 23 2012 · 111 views

Okay, so I was looking at the selection of Spider Man figs showed at ComicCon, and I was thinking about the kinds of sets they could make out of them. As far as I could tell, there were only two villains: Dr. Doom and Venom, and a Spidey set would need to have a good set of villains in addition to Spider and allies. Perhaps some of them are repeated thru the sets, like Loki was for the Avengers sets. But since there don't appear to be other Marvel character sets (No X-Men :( ) it looks like Spidey should get a wave all to himself. (Unless they combine the Marvel and DC waves next year, in which case it will be Batman and Spidey... but I'm assuming not.)

So, assuming Marvel had a line of spidey sets, I was wondering what they would be like. Specifically, what would a cheaper $11 set include? Both Venom and Dr. Doom seem likely to be in the expensive sets, but maybe there could see a small scene with Spider-Man vs Venom, set on a rooftop or sewer or something. Have simple bust useful scenery pieces.

But then I realized that they're probably just going to give Spider-Man his Spidey-Bike from the TV show, so the cheaper set will yet again be that stupid, overly large bike mold, with a handful of lame street-side pieces to bulk up the piece count.

That's my prediction. They did it with Catwoman's cycle and Captain America. They're going to do it for Spidey. I can just tell.

Oh well, I'm sure next year's wave of sets will be shown in the upcoming months, and then we'll know for sure. Just putting out my prediction.

Also, I wanted to point this out. The Spidey sets are based off the new Spider-Man cartoon, which I'm still kind meh about. But anyway, he had a super hero team he works with, and I noticed that Lego produced the two of the four who have white skin: Nova and Iron Fist. Can we not get more characters with other flesh tones? (Especially female ones?) Still waiting on a Storm minifig and a X-Men Blackbird model. (Hey, they made Phoenix, so there's still potential for more X-Men stuff.)



It's a Mystery

Posted by xccj , in Thoughts, Stories Jul 16 2012 · 138 views

It's always great to read a mystery. You know that portions aren't going to get solved until the end, and I know I always have to keep reading on to see just what happens.

It's a little harder to write a mystery. When I do, I usually know the big reveal early on, and try to subtly hint towards it without giving it away.

But writing a mystery while also not knowing what it is... that's tough.

The LSO Round Robin Epics are fun, but both my Bionicle and COT stories have some pretty decent mysteries going on. All the authors are setting them up, but I really want to know what their intentions are for the stories. Hopefully we can pull it off and make it a fun, compelling read even as we try to figure out what's going on too along the way.

Also in other news, I've been spending my unemployed nights to work on one of my other personal stories. The story about this story: I wrote the original almost a decade ago and worked on it for years, but then lost about half of it when my computer was stolen and I didn't have a full copy on backup. As such, I started rewriting it again three years ago, and I've only been making slow progress on it. But last month I got past one of my writing blocks, and now I've been cranking out the story; I've written nearly 30,000 words of it in the last month. Woot! Sure, I'm just at the halfway point of where I had it last time, but I've had years to work my ideas in my head, and now it's mostly just a process of getting it typed out. (At least, until I hit another spot where I get stuck on how to continue... and as a writer, I tend to avoid jumping over troubled spots, because I like to build my current writing on what I've already said and such.)

But yeah, not having to wake up in the morning and go to work really frees up a lot of evening time to write. Too bad I like having money more, or else I would do this all the time. :D


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