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For a Future Project

Posted by xccj , in MOCs Sep 19 2012 · 126 views

It may or may not get off the ground, and kinda depends on things outside my control. But here's some concept work. Props to those who can figure out exactly what I'm planning to do with this. (And go ahead and complain about it if you like, it might just fall on deaf ears)

Posted Image



Mosaic WIP

Posted by xccj , in MOCs Sep 13 2012 · 114 views

Can you guess what it is?

Posted Image

Okay, so I'm borrowing this idea from Arthur Gugick. He's made those really cool Anakin/Darth Vader and Batman/Joker mosaics, where if you look at it from one direction you see one character, and from the other direction you see someone else. The concept is just too cool, and it's made using those nifty little cheese slopes.

So I wanted to try something like this.

My main problem is that I don't have the quantity of cheese slopes to really make something cool. This uses the bulk of my collection right here. (I knew I had a ton of yellow cheese slopes, but was a bit surprised by how many I had in dark green.) But anyway, I went with some really basic designs and tried this out. Have you figured out the designs? Here's the side images.

Posted Image
Posted Image

Yeah, not super complex. But it was fun making the technique work. Ideally, I'd like to make something bigger and maybe Bionicle related... but gosh this sure takes up a lot of cheese slopes and those things are kinda pricey. Plus, you can't substitute them with different sized bricks or plates. Oh well, future project / dream, I guess.



MOCs Sent to BrickFair

Posted by xccj , in MOCs, Lego Conventions Jul 19 2012 · 138 views

I'm really sad that I can't attend BrickFair this year, especially after chatting with Sisen a while ago about Laser Tag plans. The smaller-ish west coast events are fun and all with a closer-knit group of people, but gosh it would be fun to storm the whole laser tag area with BZPers and Lego fans. I'm jealous of everybody who can go, but I also know they'll have a great time.

And although I have no doubt that the Bionicle display will be awesome, I sent in a few of my MOCs too. Gosh, it's pricey to ship stuff to DC, and my box was still smaller than others I've seen sent in. Craziness.

Anyway, the stuff I sent in:

Fire Dragon + Rider: Basically my losing BBC Contest entry, but hey it can still help flesh out the Bionicle Ta-Koro diorama.

Fire Bird: A mini dragon thing that I threw together after building the larger one. hey, it was easy to fit into the package.

Lava Tarakava: I had this on display at Cascade, but I thought it would be appropriate for the display too.

Green Moose: Totally not for the Ta-Koro diorama, but it was one of my favorite Rahi designs.

My whole Toa Mata Team: Yeah, my remakes that I showed off at Cascade. I had to take apart all their limbs for shipping, so have fun rebuilding them guys! (It shouldn't be that difficult.)

Also, two Matoran: Nuparu and Kapura. Because Matoran are awesome, and I liked the gun I gave Nuparu.

Plus, I contributed a hot-air-balloon for Ben's Steampunk display. It'll probably look pathetic next to everything else, but hey it's something. ;)

Of course, there was a bunch of stuff I wanted to do last year that I wasn't able to send in. No xkcd MOCs this year from me. And we were also planning on building Warehouse 13... not like a scene, but the actual warehouse! Plans for that kinda fell thru. Also, no Bionicle Mosaic this year that I'm aware of... maybe they're gonna make it a surprise?




Posted by xccj , in MOCs, News Jun 21 2012 · 118 views

It stings more when you think you had a chance. :P

But, yeah, BBC Contest Polls. I'm in this one. Vote for me... or y'know, one of the decent MOCs. (I'm not even going to bother linking to the single Flash Fiction poll I made it into because I'm not doing well in it anyway and besides it wasn't even that great a story to begin with.

But yeah, my dragon moc is in 4th place, with some actual votes to it besides my own! Woot! It's too far gone to really advance unless they take half the entries and bring them to the finals, but I'm hoping to keep a hold of 4th place. :P I'll probably send it to BFair anyway. I have a couple of fiery Rahi MOCs that could fit in, as well as some that I think are just cool in general.

Also, even though I don't have a job, I've kept busy. I have a whole number of personal story projects that I've been putting off because of school and such, so I've been working on them. Parents want me to do more yard work tho. :(



Review: Lasha's Bite Cycle

Posted by xccj , in Review, News, MOCs Jun 17 2012 · 515 views

Posted Image
(Click For Link)

Yay, another Ninjago Review! Last one from me (for this year at least.) Unless somebody wants to send me the Ultimate 4-Headed Dragon Battle set to review (and keep.) That is such an epic set and I want it but I don't really have money and if I do buy a large set this year it's going to be Helms Deep.

Also, with this set I now have Cole ZX, which means that I have a complete set of Ninja. (Well, missing the green one, if you count him, but I'll grab his spinner pack when it comes out.) Now... well, I'm kind of eager for a snake army. Anybody have lots of snake figs they want to get rid of / trade. And I don't mean a bunch of Rattlas or Snappas... ideally I'd like one of each character, especially the generals, but I'm not willing to buy all the sets or pay the fig prices on Bricklink... so yep, if you have cool snake figs (and maybe want some series 6/7 figs, since I have extras) let me know! :P (Yeah, this is being hopeful.)

Also, tomorrow, I'll take pictures of and enter my BBC Contest fiery creature. I'd post WIP images, BUT that would get me disqualified and also require the effort to take said picts. It is a rider and a steed, so hopefully it'll be allowed. (I asked like 4 days ago in the contest topic and have not received an answer yet, so if I get disqualified it'll be because of a last minute rule clarification... seriously last minute, since tomorrow is the last day to enter.)

Oh, and also read / view the Lasha's Bite Cycle review. It's even been Velox-approved! How many reviews can boast that!? (None of my other ones, so this is a first for me!)



Fixes To The Mata Nui Island Model

Posted by xccj , in MOCs, Lego Conventions Jun 08 2012 · 479 views

So last weekend, we finally got to show our giant Mata Nui Island Model off at Bricks Cascade. In general, we recieved some nice comments about it. Well, except from the BZPower Staff, where the general consesus was that they felt sick every time they saw the island. (Does that count as constructive critisism?) And, as I kind of expected, it didn't win any awards. But it was there, people got to see it, and overall I'm glad I got to show it off. :)

But there were a few things to fix. Porportions, blandness of color, lack of a giant robot head underneith it. Since the island was up at Swert's place for the last few months, I was unable to help make any changes. (And so was Steven, apparently.) But there was one thing I could correct, based off the many, many complaints we recieved.

I could add in the Ga-Koro Kaukau Waterfall.

(Oh, and the Quarry while I'm at it.)

Posted Image

Posted Image

Okay, so they're not perfectly porportioned. The Quary is alongside a cliff, and not inside its own special carved out mesa. The waterfall appears out of a small cliffside randomly. And the details were gained through a cheat; decals. Tough luck. :P

The decals, as I've mentioned before, were created by Nuju Metru, and they were awesome! Maybe most of the public and other AFOLs didn't appreciate this little detail, but I'm sure Bionicle fans do. I know I do.

And as always, the convention was a blast, and was over too soon. But this is not the last you've seen of the Mata Nui Island! It will appear again at BrickCon 2012, so if you're attending that, you'll get a chance to check this out!



Aaron Is Awesome

Posted by xccj , in MOCs, News, Lego Conventions May 12 2012 · 98 views
Mata Nui Island Project
And this is why:

Posted Image

So for our Mata Nui Island Project, people kept complaining that we didn't end up including the Kaukau waterfall. My original idea was to use a Kaukau mask, but that would've been far too large. Next was to use a mini mask from the old Bionicle Pens, but those were hard to get ahold of. (Update tho, Swert did come across a complete collection, so there is a future project coming out of that.) Besides, the pen masks wouldn't have blended in with the landscape as well.

So this is where Nuju Metru came in.

Aaron's like totally famous for his customized LotR sets, and he helped us with the short story contest prizes by adding some decals to the fig prizes. They were amazing. So I paid him in Collectible Minifigures to apply some decals to some 1x2x2 tan bricks and create mask statues that can be added to our island. And they turned out wonderfully! I can't wait to add them into the designs, so that we can realistically have a Kaukau waterfall and a full Quarry setup on our island!

(I also bribed him into putting on some decals for his Eowyn fig, which can be seen here, That's why he's doubly awesome. But I did send him all the bricks and everything... only one he traded me for was the Hermione head.)



No Raptors

Posted by xccj , in MOCs May 11 2012 · 84 views

Posted Image

Say no to raptors at Bricks Cascade in Portland, OR.

And bring better xkcd mocs, cause I got nothing new except this.



Building Backwards

Posted by xccj , in MOCs, Lego Conventions May 11 2012 · 63 views

Turns out being unemployed (and having school out) offers me a lot of time to build. Yay!

So taking picts of stuff and uploading them tonight. Might post a few here in the blog. Yeah.

But anyway, I have 5 mechas and 3 space ships built, but I made a miscalculation. The Space theme is has an award for best homage to a past theme, and Mecha has an award for best Friend's oriented MOC. But I made two spaceships for Friends characters and one Aquanaut-themed Mecha. I got it backwards! >.<

Also a couple of vignettes, a mini mosaic, and 50+ Bionicle mocs (mostly Rahi, with some Toa and Matoran... see Thirty-Six Masks Project. :P )



Miru And Kakama Rahi

Posted by xccj , in MOCs, Lego Conventions May 08 2012 · 100 views
Thirty-Six Masks Project
So summer break has officially begun for me, and since my job from last year fell through, I'm unemployed. But that has given me time to finish taking pictures of my Thirty-Six Masks Project Rahi and uploading them.

So right now I have two BBC topics: One for the Mriu Rahi and one for the Kakama Rahi. I still have three mask sets left to post, but I have a month left before Bricks Cascade, so I'll hold off posting them all right now.

Miru Rahi Topic
Kakama Rahi Topic

Also, bonus material! When I originally showed off my new Toa Mata, both Lewa and Tahu relied heavily on Hero Factory style builds. Well, after some parts orders, they've been revamped!

Posted Image

Their limbs are basically the same design in different colors. It's also the same design I used on Gali, Kopaka, and Pohatu. But both bodies are customized in their respective colors. I'm pleased with how they turned out, especially compared to my previous chubby Lewa and short Tahu. Now my Toa team looks much better!


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