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New Laptop

Posted by xccj , Dec 18 2007 · 87 views

News and Updates
It pains me to admit that, after having a laptop for nearly four months, I had to go out and get another one. Worst... durring Christmas shopping season. So I suffered through an electronics store and got some replacements... the buying stuff went quick enough, but when we tried to get some of the free offers for purchasing laptops this week... that got drawn out. Anyway, I have a new laptop. It's a little slower than my old one, apparently, but it was also $150 cheaper. Oh well, maybe it just won't work well for my games...

Now I have to go through and readd pictures, music, and other files. I'll put some more stories on it and begin to work on them... as soon as I find a MS Word CD to download. We have a Microsoft Works CD laying around... but it says its good for only three users, and my last laptop was the third one. I've heard that you can have an exception made for this rule (in my case, my last MS Word got jacked along with my laptop... glare.gif ) but it might take a while to gte it back. So, for now, it's all about replacing pictures and music... some of which I completely lost, because before my laptop got stolen, our main computer crashed so I lost most of the stuff from spring / summer 07. Ah, well, material items (or electronic... I can deal).

So, with that, I might start that story thing later this week, and go through a few chapters to see if people are interested. I know plenty of places to take this thing, and I will ammuse myself to see where the audience might want it to go and see what happens from there.

Oh, and have any of you seen the NBC show Chuck? It is on right before Heroes, US anyway. It's abut this computer fixer geek working at an electronics store who gets some weird government computer shoved into his brain and is now working undercover for the FBI (yeah, the explanation doesn't do the show justice... it's really good, despite my explanation) Anyway, the store seems to be shaped after a Best Buy, which was where I was today. Well, when I was at Best Buy, I saw sooo many employees who looked like they were from that show. One guy even had Morgan's beard! ohmy.gif I was freaked out... that show is too accurate!

music.gif (It's an emoticon!!)

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Dec 18 2007 06:16 AM
ErHem! Have you not considered the use of a built-in security program such as a GPS tracker or an alarm for your laptop? Or maybe even a self destruct mechanism?

And as for the lost memories, that is why there is such a thing as a portable hard drive. wink.gif

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QUOTE(EmperorWhenua @ Dec 18 2007, 03:16 AM)
ErHem! Have you not considered the use of a built-in security program such as a GPS tracker or an alarm for your laptop? Or maybe even a self destruct mechanism?

And as for the lost memories, that is why there is such a thing as a portable hard drive. wink.gif


Ah, well, might've been a help, but odds are they would wipe the memory or something before anybody could get to it. I would like to add an explosive sefl destruct thingy if I could, of course.

And, aside from buying a portable harddrive, there's the act of spending half a day backing it up. My parents had one for their computer, but they only backed up files like once a year, so when it crashed, they only had so much saved. My laptop was not deemed important enough at the time, given that I'm a poor college student.

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