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The Abode of a OTC RPG Judge


Terraria and potential servers

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Jul 15 2013 · 346 views

So I finally picked myself up a copy of Terraria. Played it back in the day on my friend's account.
Who all would be interested in a Terraria server? Very few rules, besides some general ones like don't be a terrible person.



Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Jul 04 2013 · 150 views

The day in which I literally burn my absurdly limited amounts of cash and eat five different kinds of meat shoved into a pig intestine is finally here.
I think I'll celebrate by playing some more Xenonauts.


How to have a tree fall on your house (and more!)

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Jun 28 2013 · 211 views

So, if anyone has poked around in American news lately, the Wichita metro area was hit last night with an absolutely massive wind gust. It came out of nowhere and left within a few minutes. Nay, it wasn't a tornado, but rather just some serious winds. They recorded 92 mile per hour winds in McPherson before the wind-o-meter broke. I had a tree fall on my house. Thankfully it didn't puncture the inside, though we have sustained heavy roof damage, and the exterior garage has been punctured. My father himself came about a foot away from being impaled, because he was outside when it happened. Believe me when I say it literally came out of nowhere.
So we lost power for a good twenty four hours but now its back, which is more than twenty thousand people can say right now. I had surgery the next morning (today), and all went well. I had a bit of a bad acid trip afterwards but I'm fine now. I'll get checked up on in two weeks to see if it needs more work.
Pics coming as soon as I upload them to my dropbox. Lighting conditions did prohibit me from getting that many good ones but eh.
Probably the happiest moment of my day today? I sat outside and the little stray cat I've befriended trotted up and rubbed on me, proving that it had not been crushed in the storm.


So I go to surgery tomorrow

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Jun 27 2013 · 245 views

They'll going give me some Michael Jackson drugs to get me into a semi-sort of sleep and they're going cut me several new [beep]s.
If I should somehow get access to the internet while I'm high off of aforementioned drugs, I apologize in advance for any stupid **** I say while under the influence of drugs.


So today things happened

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Jun 26 2013 · 281 views

Today was the day I simultaneously felt joy and depression. Also the day that I decided that I'm going to get involved in the world, not just sit behind a computer ranting about things. I suppose I might look back at this as a silly phase but I think, right now, it feels like one of those moments when your life stops, you think about it for a moment, and then you go in an entirely new direction.
You can feel free to PM me about it if you're so curious as to the specifics; I'd prefer to keep my blog war free. It's been that way for three some years now, it'd be nice to stay that way.


Something actually Lego related

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Jun 20 2013 · 283 views

Whoo Legos
So due to the fact that my season pass at the pool doesn't seem likely to be used, I will soon have 60 some dollars refunded back to me. Now, due to that amazing Lego Movie trailer, I feel like I am not buying enough Legos. Indeed, it's been a year and a half since I even looked at a set in the Wal-mart alley, nor less bought some.
So I ask you, the people of the blogs; what sets or set lines should I get off of eBay? Now, please, don't say anything too expensive; anything that runs more than 20 on eBay is something I'm not going bother with, because I can get whole hauls for that money. I also have a particular fondness for the classic lines right now, so be sure to recommend some of them.


Of Innappropiately Placed Cysts

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Jun 13 2013 · 246 views

So I went to the doctor today for her to see about fixing my pilonidal cyst. Don't google that by the way, it won't end well. Turns out it was a lot deeper than she expected, and in fact is deep enough that it could very well burrow itself into my spine, given time. It'd dissolve the tissue and leave me with some very serious problems from the waist down. So in a month's time or so, I'm going to go to the surgeon, at which point he'll schedule me a surgery appointment and I'll go under to have it removed. Few days of bedrest for me at the hospital, no doubt.
Fun times!


How to get properly Rick Rolled

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Jun 04 2013 · 265 views

*insert Rick Roll here*
So I was looking through iChun's Minecraft modifications, saw one called Interdimensional Gates. A pretty cool thing really. Got Rick Rolled for my troubles.
Probably the first time I've been Rick Rolled in... two years, at least. Feel good.


Xbox One Reveal

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , May 21 2013 · 211 views

Let's tally this eh?
  • Not a great games-at-reveal lineup. Yes, I know. "But Humva, they're saving it for E3!" Then reveal the console at E3.
  • No backwards compatibility for Xbox 360. This bit of information seems to be confused from the sites I've checked though, but the majority at the moment is saying no backwards compatibility.
  • A fee for your friends to borrow and play your games. Not an activation fee, no, the full price of the game.
  • The Xbox One needs to connect to the Internet once a day.
  • You can only trade your bought games via Microsoft's own service.
The tl;dr version. Lackluster reveal (subjective). No backwards compatibility. A fee to borrow. Semi-always online connection. Unable to trade in games at Gamestop.
I'd rant, but there are many others on the internet doing an infinitely better job of it than I. I only say... when Anonymous inevitably DDOS attacks the Xbox Live servers? Microsoft isn't going get a shred of pity from me.


Nintendo demands ad revenue

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , May 17 2013 · 189 views

Oh this entry is going be fuuuuun. But I feel like this is something that needs as much publicity as possible.

So. Nintendo recently talked with a certain website about some videos hosted there. Long story short Nintendo wants all all the money from the ads on videos featuring their products. Because of copyright law, they can do that. Now, let's look at this for a moment. What Nintendo is targeting is the let's plays, where game personalities review and play games for the consumer enjoyment. This is known to be a huge marketing boon, exposing your game to hundreds of thousands if not millions. A ton of people buy games based off these videos; I know I do.

Now you may be saying "OK they help Nintendo cool, but they're using Nintendo's stuff, it's their right to do what they will." Perhaps so, but being allowed to do something doesn't make it right. A lot of these game personalities make their living off these videos. There was one guy I watched called ColbyCheeze, making League of Legend videos was his job. Imagine if Riot Gaming took that ad money from him.

Let's look at the numbers here. How much money do these LPers really get? Well, aforementioned certain site pays their users one third a cent for every view. This makes for some real easy math. One view is one third a cent. Ten views is three cents. A hundred, thirty. A thousand, three dollars. A hundred thousand, three hundred dollars. A million, three thousand dollars.

Now, some users have massive fan bases and get millions of views on a regular basis. But while Nintendo has their eyes on the big channels with the big bucks (because we all know Nintendo, a multimillion dollar company, needs a couple extra thousand bucks), their policy affects the little guy. Take ColbyCheeze for example. His videos use to get around two to four hundred thousand views. He put out about a video a week, sometimes two. His yearly income from ads hovered around ~50k, which the mean American income is around 45k so that's alright for a single guy in an apartment. Is he getting super rich off of Riot's game? No, and that's why Riot promised a long time ago never to do what Nintendo is doing now. Colby has given Riot several thousands of new players, and Riot is appreciative of people like him around the internet, giving them free marketing.

Fact of the matter is at the end of the day, what Nintendo is doing here is greedy, plain and simple. Are they in the legal right? Yes. Is it their right to govern what is done it their intellectual property? Yes. But having the right to something doesn't make all your decisions correct. The LPers on that certain site and indeed, sites around the internet, give Nintendo free marketing and many many new customers, and for what? A third a cent a view. Is that really so much that Nintendo feels that it needs it?

Maybe the 3DS launch and the WiiU launch hurt them more than initially thought. So now they're taking it out of the pockets of people who make their meager living off of hawking their game to the internet. Pro move Nintendo.

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This blog is written by Alex Humva, penname of some random teenager named Alex Censored. He writes stories, writes rants, writes screenplays, plays games, makes games, has a terrible work ethic, and is generally sarcastic. He believes in a Judao-Christian god, but most other people who do too give him a glare because of his weird beliefs, possibly because he's somehow bi at the same time. He's an utter equalist who feels that any discrimination amongst humans for things they were born with is wrong. He doesn't care about xenos though, let them all burn.
He's also an aspiring engineer who hopes to get a scholarship at his local big engineering college and one day help humanity. More likely he'll be a pencil pusher in a basement somewhere, but he's a bloody minded optimist.
Because of his peculiar personality and beliefs, he gets into fights often, though they usually end when he wakes up the next morning and doesn't feel motivated anymore.

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