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The Abode of a OTC RPG Judge


Venus Fly Trap

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Oct 20 2009 · 26 views
My mom got me the niftiest little thing; a Flytrap.

...Before I know it I'll have named it and be talking to it.



Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Oct 18 2009 · 27 views
Anyone else noticing that BZPower has been running offly slow today?

I'mma thinking that it has something to do with the admins making repairs and modifications.



Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Oct 17 2009 · 27 views
I finally defeated the Alexander campaign in RoN! I was one turn short of automatically losing the game, but I came through at India's capitol.

Now to move on to Napolan.


Good And Bad News

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Oct 17 2009 · 32 views
Outbreak Talk
Bad news

~My house suffered a blackout from a storm. I was backing up my writing documents at the time, however, the script for Outbreak wasn't saved.
~I still can't take Persia.
~I got a C in English. ><

Good news

~I'm working double time on the script.
~I unleashed my anger on the poor Egyptians. Egypt is now under my control.
~I got an A+ in science. @@



Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Oct 16 2009 · 37 views
I've got a headache, fever, and upset stomach. Think I caught the flu; not the Swine Flu, but the flu none the less. And I still can't beat the Persians in Rise of Nations.


It's Funny

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Oct 15 2009 · 43 views
RPG talk
People argue so much over so much that a this element does this and this rock does that, but they don't even bother to point out the illogicality that people can't have superpowers and that people can't be blown through five buildings and survive.


The Greatest Outbreak Character Of All Time

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Oct 14 2009 · 52 views
Outbreak Talk
Since the first triliogy has been completed, I have taken the liberty to scan Outbreak for keywords. I decided to search the topic for posts with the names of several Outbreak characters, out to find one all important question; who is the greatest (or at least, most discussed) character in Outbreak? The results were staggering.

~Alex: 575 posts
~Rand: 325
~Emily: 100
~Steven: 325

And lastly, the winner...

~Matt: 1000

Yes folks, Matt nearly took up a fourth of the posts in Outbreak. I must give the 'Greatest Outbreak Character of All Time' award to HD, who, unlike others and myself, made one character and stuck to him through the entire RPGs. I think we can all agree that, without Matt, Outbreak is not Outbreak. Outbreak fails to have reason or logic without this guy, and I'm honored I got such a RPer in my RPG.


Rise Of Nation Tips

Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Oct 13 2009 · 37 views
~~Alexander campaign
~Never wage war with Rome or Persia until you have Thrall and Greece under your grip
~Never attack Africa until you have Perisa in your grip
~Never attack Persia before you have Rome under grip
~Never attack Asia until you have all of Europe in your grip
~Never, ever, attack Persia's capital until you have complete and utter control of the surrounding territories. Doing anything less will insure your defeat and loss of several territories.



Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Oct 12 2009 · 40 views
I have Fall Break. A full week of doing noth'n but watching Avatar and reading books and making Outbreak characters and talking with friends and -*Falls dead from excitement*



Posted by Engineer Alexandra Humva , Oct 11 2009 · 29 views
I knew the Swine Flu topic was going go up in flames. A little part of me said never to debate ToaLewa, but as always, I didn't listen.

>< Why am I so stupid?

This blog

Posted Image

The following blog contains excessive rambling on the world and extremely poor paragraphing. If you are easily offended or turned off by these two things, leaving now would be a good idea.
This blog is written by Alex Humva, penname of some random teenager named Alex Censored. He writes stories, writes rants, writes screenplays, plays games, makes games, has a terrible work ethic, and is generally sarcastic. He believes in a Judao-Christian god, but most other people who do too give him a glare because of his weird beliefs, possibly because he's somehow bi at the same time. He's an utter equalist who feels that any discrimination amongst humans for things they were born with is wrong. He doesn't care about xenos though, let them all burn.
He's also an aspiring engineer who hopes to get a scholarship at his local big engineering college and one day help humanity. More likely he'll be a pencil pusher in a basement somewhere, but he's a bloody minded optimist.
Because of his peculiar personality and beliefs, he gets into fights often, though they usually end when he wakes up the next morning and doesn't feel motivated anymore.

Current status of the OTC RPG community

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Spirits and Men

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The Proelium

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Digimon: Generations

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Fallout: Austin City Limits

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