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Things. And stuff


No Posts Today

Posted by Apears , in Day Run: The Garden, Other, Rise of the Rockets, Stories Apr 07 2012 · 85 views

Just posting this to let everyone know that I won't be making any other posts anywhere on BZPower--in Day Run, RotR, or Broken Unity--for the rest, if not all of today.

The reason for this is that one of my cousins had a mental breakdown yesterday and, understandably, my entire family is extremely worried about her. She's been hospitalized and the doctors think she's having a manic psychotic breakdown or bi-polar manic schizophrenia, which has only gotten worse since yesterday--my aunt and uncle flew out to Seattle on short notice to be with her and she already doesn't recognize them or anyone else. In my mom's words she "has lost touch with reality and thinks she is living in a video game and we are all players in it." :(

I'll be back tomorrow. Until then I'm handing off moderation duties to Blade in RotR and Kal in Day Run, if you guys don't mind; if so, then just keep an eye on people for me.


Broken Unity

Posted by Apears , in Stories Mar 10 2012 · 36 views

It's back. B-)


One Day

Posted by Apears , in Stories Mar 09 2012 · 45 views

one left, guise; one day! :D


Broken Unity Official Release Date

Posted by Apears , in Stories Jan 26 2012 · 31 views

Saturday, March 9th, the first chapter of the rewritten Broken Unity will be posted. Updates will be made every other Saturday after that, and a single preview of the next chapter will be made on the Saturday following newest chapter.

So, on paper, the schedule looks something like this:
March 10th - Prologue posted
March 17th - Preview of Chapter 1 posted in blog
March 24th - Chapter 1 posted


And yes, I will stick to this for as long as I can -- at least in regards to the new chapters themselves; previews may not be entirely consistent due to having to switch houses every week, but I'll try. The only exceptions will be made during times when BZP is down, I get sick, or I'm too busy with school and other related things to post a chapter.

So yeah. =)



Posted by Apears , in Stories Jan 08 2012 · 44 views

Evidently Day Run was siphoning all of my effort out of Rise of the Rockets.

Either that... or my ability to write great posts suddenly and randomly came back yesterday. But frankly, I don't think the corresponding awesomeness appearing again the day before Day Run shuts down is a coincidence... :3


Gondor Calls For Aid!

Posted by Apears , in Stories, Day Run: The Garden, BZPower Dec 31 2011 · 54 views

Or rather, Day Run and Island of Pain call for it.

Day Run is tied for second and is very close to being booted out of the top three; it needs more votes to stay above water! Vote for entry #8 and allow another story to officially finish!

Further, Island of Pain is losing badly! It could certainly use votes, even if there are only a few hours left for the final poll! Vote for entry #4 and allow this fabulous story to continue!

Be quick; it won't be long before the poll closes!


Another Plea: Island Of Pain

Posted by Apears , in Stories, BZPower Dec 30 2011 · 56 views

Hello again!

I'd like to thank everyone for their support of Day Run; at this point it's basically secured second place; unless some massive upheaval occurs, then it looks pretty steady. I appreciate the votes! ^_^

However, there is another RPG that I think everyone should look into and should definitely support. This is The Island of Pain, by The Power That Is. Like DR, it is currently running right now, and it has a very interesting story going for it -- one that, really, is impossible to NOT jump right into. The RPG is designed in such a way that everyone is on equal footing from the very start, and rewards people for their ability to think quickly and outsmart other players. It's a truly interesting game, and one that is beginning to take some awesome turns as of late -- turns that, unfortunately, it won't be able to make full use of if it closes.

So, as I was saying before, if you have time (and have not already voted; see below,) then please stop by the RPG Contest Final Poll and vote for entry #4 -- along with whatever other entries you find interesting; Day Run is in a good enough position at this point that I'm not going to prompt you in that direction (though more votes would certainly be helpful :P ... I'll stop now. XD)

Also, while I have no official say on the matter (and mods, let me know if I'm overstepping a boundary,) I'd like to address something else that a lot of people, entrants and non-entrants -- myself included -- have been... not so happy about.

Please, for the sake of fairness, if you have already voted then don't delete your vote and vote again, even if it is for Day Run or another RPG that people are telling you to vote for. That's no fun to people and it certainly isn't fair to anyone.

Again, not that I have any official say on the matter, but it's something to consider. Doing so makes the outcome of the poll a false indication of what people actually want, and that isn't cool to anyone.


Rpg Fatigue?

Posted by Apears , in Stories, BZPower Dec 22 2011 · 62 views


so RPG Contest #22 voting is going to begin soon. I'm not sure if I'm actually nervous or not at the prospect of losing -- which, given the number of extremely good entries this time around, is a very real possibility.

So... eh. Not sure what I'm trying to say here. I suppose, I'm not necessarily going to mind if I lose this time -- and, frankly, I almost feel a little hopeful that I do. I really feel like the downtime did some serious damage not only to ROTR and Day Run, in terms of both activity and story progression/coherency, but to myself as a GM.

Looking back, the way I've run my RPGs has deteriorated exponentially ever since the forums came back, compared to how I used to run both games. I feel like both stories have become a lot less about the players and more about me trying to get things to go the way I want them to -- heck, Day Run can't even go anywhere half the time due to me being unable to post.

I don't know. I'm starting to feel more and more like I'd not a good RPG GM. Either that, or I'm experiencing some serious GM fatigue. =/


Day Run Sketches

Posted by Apears , in Stories, Day Run: The Garden, Characters, Art & MOCs Dec 06 2011 · 108 views


The Coeur d'Ombre
The Construct
The Rose

So there are a few. Expect more to come as time goes on.

And yes, the Breaker is technically from Night Ride. But who cares? :P


God Modding

Posted by Apears , in Stories, Observations Dec 03 2011 · 74 views

Hey. Guess what?
God-modding in RPGs isn't cool. You don't look cool doing it. In fact, you're making a lot of people angry by doing it. You're refusal to lose battles? It's unrealistic and annoying. You don't get to be a big shot just because you want to; if you're going to be as much, then you need to actually develop your character and get to that point, instead of just blowing through everything because you think you're character is amazing.

Just a thought.

No, this isn't directed at anyone who actually reads this blog. It's just something I've noticed in... a number of places. Like ROTR. And it's annoying. >.>

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