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Windows Through The Void - A Serial

Posted by Tolkien , in Bionicle, Windows Through the Void, Writing?? Dec 16 2011 · 412 views

serial epic takanuva wttv1


The voice echoed in the dry air of the chamber. Helryx’s voice was terse, thick with urgency. She stepped forward and pressed something into his hand. It was the gnomon—a piece of the ancient sundial he had unlocked. What did it mean? He could not say.

Takanuva glanced to his left. The Silent Toa still stood motionless, his eyes grim. Krakua was a strange Toa, Takanuva thought; but, of the three beings which surrounded him in this dim chamber, he trusted him the most.

Krakua nodded, his voice echoing in Takanuva’s mind: “Go.”

The other being was there too: Brutaka, the traitor, the one whom they said had despaired, once.

“Once condemned, but now redeemed,” Helryx had said. The scarred mask upon Brutaka’s face flickered with a dangerous light. The Olmak was perilous. A thing that could open doors…gateways.

Windows through the Void.

There was nothing for it now. No other task, no other cause.

No other duty.


Takanuva faced forward now, steeling his nerves, eyes wide against the terrible light of what loomed before him.

The portal gaped.

He stepped forward.

Windows Through the Void

- A serial -

Main Topic : Review Topic

Okay, after a brief delay caused by the awesomeness of LEGO LotR, here is an official blog entry for this epic. This story is meant to mirror the Bioniclestory.com serials of the past, taking especial inspiration from "Takanuva's Blog," in which the various travels of Takanuva on his way to Karda Nui were described.

Each entry will be posted in the main topic, but I will also add a corresponding update to this blog, featuring a portion of the entry (not the whole thing, of course) and a link to the new post. Why is this? Visibility, mainly. And also so that a record of the serial is preserved as a category in this blog. At the time of writing this, I have enough material for every-other-week updates for the next couple of months, meaning that this'll last a while.

As always, your comments and criticism are very welcome, but, above all, your readership is most appreciated. Stay tuned.


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Chapter I

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