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Getting Ready For A Long Night

Posted by Queen of Liars , Apr 23 2012 · 508 views

I got a ridiculous amount of work to do for tomorrow and it looks like it will take me the night to do it...
Well, that's what I get for so foolishly leaving it off until now. At least I have an empty timetable for tomorrow, so I'll just turn up, hand in the work, go home and sleep.

Looks like I'll need some coffee for this one...

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That's exactly what I'm doing right now. And empty timetable tomorrow for me as well, so we're on the same plan.

1,100 words done of 1500-2000 words. Realistically I'm just going to write until I reach 1500, I'm basically out of things to say now. Russian Architecture. Why Stalin kept Tsarist elements in Moscow. There's not a huge number of sources on it. An awful lot of tangents and rambling. But usually when I do an essay in a night, I do far better than I do when I spend a week on it.

Actually this is my PENULTIMATE essay OF ALL TIME. I think I'll kind of miss my all-nighters.

- Tilius
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Queen of Liars
Apr 23 2012 09:31 PM
Ah, I really wanted to do that period of Russian history in my A2 history, but sadly we're doing America between the World Wars unit instead, which is nowhere near as interesting.
I guess I'm kinda where you are: need around 500 more words on how bad Prohibition turned out to be, although now I'm just digging through Google trying to find more sources on the Chicago mobs that I can cite. Finding lots of sources is probably the most annoying bit.

And I guess well done for nearing the end of your studies. I'm only just about to start what you're about to finish.
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You'll love it. Well, you won't. You'll probably be sick of it by the end, but nevermind. :D

I wish I'd had the chance to do at least something on America. I'm really clueless on anything on American history. Red Dead Redemption is what I base my knowledge on. :)

I swear Wikipedia is a much more useful source than any book. They always say not to use it, but for a basic overview of a topic it's pretty good, and can guide an essay pretty well. Most books tend to use a hundred words when two would do, which makes it a bit tedious.

1300 words, I'm slowing down a bit now. I think 1700 words is a good number to reach. And I haven't done a conclusion yet, so it's really only 200-ish words left. I do enjoy the maths of essays, the whole working out how many words you'll need to do per hour to get it done on time, lol.

I probably could've done another 100 words instead of writing this, but nevermind.

- Tilius
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Queen of Liars
Apr 23 2012 09:48 PM
I have no doubt I'll leave with a certain amount of hate for the institution :P

And yeah, Wikipedia is great for the overview. Not to mention that some of he references on it are legitimate sources that can easily be used in an essay.

And yes, the maths of essays are great fun. I worked out that if I keep good pace I might actually be able to have up to an hour's nap before having to get ready to leave. That's something to possibly look forward to. If I don't spend the nap time on the internet instead :P
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I thought I'd have some sleep time, and I might fit an hour in, but maybe not. I'm pretty much done except for references now. One of those essays which you just know is dire. But I'm at the point where I don't care, because it's not that likely to affect my final grade, and my final grade isn't likely to affect what I do with my life. Odd when you think of the domino effect, when you think whether or not the work you're staying up doing will actually matter in a year. 'Cause at my point, it won't.

Of course, with you it could change what university you're able to go to, which means it'd change where you physically are in a year, as well as who you know and how well you enjoy it overall. So basically what you're doing is far more important than one of my final year essays, but that's not what people want you to think, lol. FINAL YEAR IS IMPORTANT no it isn't. Hate the word important. It's misused so often. 90% of the time people use it, it's about something unimportant.

I'm in quite a thinky hippie mood tonight. :)

- Tilius
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Queen of Liars
Apr 23 2012 10:40 PM
Eh, my hopes of sleeping are gone now :P I'll just wait until I get back home for that.

Well this thing is around 20% of my History grade, which is not too likely to change my university, as the other coursework is done and is good and I'm very confident with the exam. But of course that is not a risk worth taking at all, which is why I'm up right now.

And even if yours won't matter in the end, at least you get to enjoy the pleasures of another all-nighter essay before you're done with them :P
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