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Back From Vacation...

Posted by Sisen , Jul 22 2007 · 151 views

Did know about premier perks till now, or I would have kept a blog seeing as I didn't keep a journal.
Well we went to Myrtle Beach, SC and stayed at a friends condo. There were nine of us staying there. Me, my mom, my sister, my younger cousin, my moms friend, her son my age, her younger son, her father in-law, and mother in-law. We left last Saturday and got back yesterday, so we were there for six days.

We went to the beach of course! We went mini golfing once. Hit a few souvneir shops but I never found anything I liked at them. We got stuck in the elevator on the 11th floor of the building, then the Father in-law came out and kicked the door and it opened; not before the fire trucks showed up though. We all went out to dinner one night at this place called Crabby Mikes, and like jumped the line because the In-Laws knew the owner. Then the next day the In-Laws had to leave so they were gone and it was just the 7 of us.

My mom's friends eldest son wanted to go to a water park but I didn't. We are at the beach come on why would I want to go to a water park? Then her younger son always wanted to go to the pool in the building instead of going to the beach. It was annoying the younger one got on my nerves a lot. Then her eldest son friend showed up, he had met him at the beach before and thats how they knew each other. I couldn't stand him though or stand her kids when he was around. I would play Halo with them when he wasn't there but when he was there he played it with them because he was better than me. I did stink at it though, I only have a PS2 and Gamecube that I play, so I had no Halo expierince, but of course the kid didn't either but he was still better than me. Then when he was around her kids always acted worse. The one day they stood on the balcony (mind you we are on the 11th floor) and would shout down at the girls in the pool on the ground level. I was so annoyed when that kid was around but at least the last day he wasn't around because we told him that her son had left and went somewhere, so he just left us alone.

We went out another night and got ice cream. Hit a few more shops and I still found nothing I liked. Then we went to Books A Million, I went nuts in there. All kinds of books that I wanted to read, that I hadn't read and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows of course! After putting back three books and having 6 picked out we checked out and I got a ticket to get Harry Potter the next night. I spent seventy dollars on books but there weren't any souvneirs that I saw that I liked. There was this King Tut head that would have been a neat book end but it was twenty dollars that I wasn't spending on it. Then after we got back to the condo my moms friend and her eldest son had a fight about him buying stuff for his girl friend and other things. I don't know what really went on but I know his mom left crying and he left after her, then they finally showed up. ]The next day we spent the day on the beach and came in to get ready to go out minigolfing because we had won a free game at the previous outing, and we needed to go to the store but it started storming so we couldn't golf. We ended up driving for a while because she forgot where Wendy's was then I said where it was and she was like "Oh." and we all started laughing. Then we ended up eating at McDonalds then we went to Wal-Mart and got what we needed. We then went back to the mall and went into Bass Pro for her sons some fishing supplies. Then me and her eldest son walked down to BAM (Book A Million). There weren't many people waiting for the book yet it was only 10pm and the only people dressed up were the store employees. We went back to the condo and waited till it got closer to midnight. Her eldest son was just going to drive me back my mom didn't like that idea, so his mom ended up coming even though he still drove. His mom stood in line with my ticket while we browsed books. I finished looking in the aisle I hadn't got to finish looking at the previous night. I found out that there really weren't any books that I had missed other than the ones that I had to put back. We waited in line untill 12:01 then the line started to move and everyone got their books. It went rather quickly and the news was waiting out at the door. I started reading instantly and read until 2am even though we had to get up to leave at 5am.

We ended up getting up at 4am and leaving. I ended up falling back to sleep in the car, but apparantly I can still listen to people while I am asleep, so I hear my mom and sister talk about my moms friends kids and how they acted and about everything that went on. It was annoying I was sleeping but it was still annoying to hear it while I was sleeping. Finally when I woke back up around 9/10am I started reading again. Finally we made it home and I unpacked all my clothes and all my new books, then I sat down and finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


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