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Swords, Dragons, and Dr. Pepper


Age Of Reptiles

Posted by Watashi Wa , Jul 09 2006 · 73 views

Pay no attention to the title. Random blog/bulletin titles is my thing.

I'll be leaving Wednesday to go to New Jersey for two weeks to visit family. See, it's a "tradition" of sorts for the Grandparents to fly whoever is turning sixteen up to their house for two weeks. Only bad part is, I'm going to be going alone. Heck, I even wish my sister were going, so I would have someone to talk to/go places with other than spending all my time doing work for my Grandparents. Of course, thats part of the reason they're flying me up there, to get some stuff done around the house, but really, two whole weeks? Surely they can't have that much to do for me.

But hey, I haven't seen my Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts and Cousins in about two years, so I guess it won't be so bad. I'm just not looking forward to the "oh-my-gosh-your-such-a-big-boy-now-being-sixteen-you-can-drive!" stuff. Annoooying.

But, I might get to see her. Only Windrider knows how I'm talking about too. biggrin.gif

So, in conclusion, I'll be gone from July 12-26, roughly. I'll have -very- limited access to the computer folks, so try to hold the PMs. And don't go killin' GD and S&T. Thanks.

IPB Image
Ahh, I hope to learn to play the keyboard/synthesizer one day. You can totally rock out on that thing. \m/


This Is For You Than

Posted by Watashi Wa , Jul 04 2006 · 74 views

So Than said my blog stinks?

Oh well. I have a reason.

My 360 needs some luvin'. tongue.gif

And the other day, I finally found out what brown-nosing is. I'd always has a little idea...but that day confirmed it.

I'm the third person to dedicate a blog to Than. I suggest you all dedicate one to him now, as he is just that awesome.


"i'm Still Missing My Pillow..."

Posted by Watashi Wa , Jun 26 2006 · 91 views

Ignore the bad grammar and spelling, I was in a rush when I orignally wrote this.

Wow. Beach camp was a blast. Sooo much better than Springville camps.

Let's see...we got there Friday, put our stuff in our room, claim beds, get changed and go to the beach. The water was AMAZING. It was clear and so warm. You guys should'a been there. So we had like 5 hours to do whatever we wanted...so yeah...the night service was later, t'was pretty goood. That night though, our room didn't go to bed until like 4 in the morning, and we had to get up at 8 to eat...but golly, the people below us got sooo mad and it was hilarious because they had to keep sending people upstairs to our room. of course we just ignored them. supposedly their light was about to break off the ceiling.So we finally went to sleep..nothing really happened Saturday, we actually went to bed at like 12 though...but Sunday...it got REALLY fun..it was the last day so of course everyone was acting crazy and such...people getting thrown into the pool, etc. anywho...after the service we had a concert (Cambden, they were pretty good, fun to mosh too) and I was in my first mosh pit. rock on. oh, and while we were in the concert, a few guys from our room go into the girls room and totally trashed it. score. So...after that...everyone's chillin...people are up on the balcony dropping water on people below...and so this one guy in our room got wet and he thinks he's all big and bad and whatever...so he plans to get back the person the THINKS dropped water on him...so he gets a trash can and fills it up and totally drenches this other guy...needless to say, this guy was TICKED. he almost immediately took off running for the fat kid...luckily, the fat kid locked himself in our room...so the kid couldn't get him...I had a key to the room though. I was about to let the guy into the room..it was all so hilarious...the kid that got the trash can thrown on him was almost ready to kill...loooool. so that happens and the counselors have to tell us to go to our rooms, whatever....so we do...later in the night though...the counselor from OUR room...comes out of no where and throws in a single firecracker and it pops...scares the poo out of us...we calm down, but then later...some other dude throws in like a little strap of them...and they go off...scare the poo outa us again. but this time there was enough smoke to set of the fire alarm...looool. i think i know who did it, but we never found out...dang this camp ruled.

Someone stole my pillow. Seriously...I was laying on my pillow before service and when I came back...no pillow. I had my pillow case, but no pillow. That pillow was marked with my own blood too.

Stealing a pillow is like throwing a shoe. Honestly, who throws a shoe?


I know it's hard to read and might not make ANY sense whatsoever, but that's what happend to WaWa this weekend, and by golly it was fun.


I'm Out'a Here...

Posted by Watashi Wa , Jun 23 2006 · 91 views

Geez, these past few days have been a bit intense...

So there's these bands called As Cities Burn and underoath, who both rock so extremely hard core, that are going to be in Atlanta on the 28 of June. However, they are playing at different times, and at different places, so we had to decide which one to go to. I've basically been the one setting up everything, trying to get a bus from church and a driver. We decided to go to the underoath one, as As Cities Burn is going to be back in ATL by August. ACB is also breaking up, and this is their last tour.

And then I was planning everything that was going to happen today...go to the movies, what time to be there, who needs a ride, going to the bowling alley, go to the mall, all these fun things. It's not so fun being the one setting it up and contacting everyone to make sure they're going, but once we all get together, it's a blast.

But anywho, as the title says, I'm going to the beach for the weekend with my youth group. We'll be back sometime Monday, so untill then, hold PMs or whatever. Don't kill S&T or GD. Do what you wish to RPG. Just remember Black Six lead the place.

So another useless post, but hey, that's what blogs are for. Insight on the lives of others. What fun.

Later, folks.



Posted by Watashi Wa , Jun 08 2006 · 80 views

So I haven't been on BZP much lately the past few days. But I have a reason...I think..

Went to Chattanooga, TN, Monday, got back Tuesday evening. Stoped by the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museam. That was fun, for about 30 minutes. Downhill from there. Although I did get nice comments on my shirt. Those are always nice.

So thats my excuse for Monday and Tuesday, but what about Wednesday and today? It's all gone by pretty quicky (thanks to it being summer - I've lost track of what day it is). All I've been doing is watching TV, because there is absolutely nothing to do up here and since I don't have my car with me, I've been stuck at home, immobile. And it bites. Plus, these screaming babies are getting on my last nerves. This house is a wreck, too. I can't wait to go back to my mom's house. Coming from a divorced family BITES. Oh, that should make for a nice rant one of these days...

Duuudes. So I went to Chattanooga Tuesday? Anberlin was there on Wednesday for a concert. Missed them by one day. *dies*

Currently Listening to:
Run Kid Run



Posted by Watashi Wa , Jun 02 2006 · 154 views

Here it is, folks. My blog. Can you believe it?

Techincally, this is my first blog ever, so I'll have to get used to writing down stuff on here. I've been browsing through the blogs and it seems pretty fun. I don't have anything valuable or life-changing to put down on here yet, so hold yer horses.

Anywho, summer's started. Been out of school for about 3 weeks now, and it's been a drag. I've been trying to get this job at Bruno's, but the manager hasn't called me back yet. I guess I better make the effort to call her, then. I really need this job. Insurance on 16 year old males is a doozey.

3 years on BZP, one year on the staff, 5000 posts. I don't see how Ke...Princess Peach does it. 10,000 posts. Bah! xP