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Minecraft Misadventures #5

Posted by Jotaro Kujo , in BZP, Computers, Gaming, Internet, Minecraft Dec 21 2012 · 199 views

[I'm Going To The Neeeeeeetheeeeeeeer]

So, following up from the last Minecraft Misadventures, I decided to head to the Nether after a little bit of not being sure what to do and making sure everything worked with the 1.4.6 update. This being the first time I went to my portal since I temporarily disabled the Nether Portal texture, I was amused to find the portal was all blue. =P Nonetheless, I went through once more, my view now on Short, so I could see the actual Ghasts, when they appeared. =P

First thing I did, was explore up the mountain I kept ignoring last time. Nothing, though I saw a mysterious place across a chasm of lava, so I made a bridge across. Ran outta cobble, but I luckily had dirt, and thought 'eh, I'll just use dirt for the last three blocks', estimating it. It literally used three blocks, which I never pull off. =P I explored around, but there wasn't really anything of interest, except for glowstone I couldn't reach without it falling in lava, which was unfortunate. =/

I continued looking around that spot, however; but as I was making a tunnel, my pick broke, so I had to head back. When I returned, however, I went around another way, headed more to southeast or so. After I spotted the first ghast of the session, I tried to kill it, but it was having more luck, managing to set the spot where I was standing on fire. I wasn't exactly pleased, but I survived that. =P I turn around, and find that another Ghast had crept up behind me, and was trying to kill me as well; however, I dodged a couple blasts, and then killed it with my first reflected shot, also gaining two gunpowder and a Ghast's Tear in the process, which I was pleased about.

I continued to make my way around the Nether, but nothing TOO exciting happened. I ran across a few more Ghasts which tried to kill me, but neither I nor the Ghasts had too much luck. I also did not find a single Nether Fortress; I think I had horrible luck in dimension generation there. =P On my way back, however, another Ghast tried to ambush me, however, I managed to somehow predict where it'd be correctly, while it was off screen, and killed it without even seeing it. Pure luck there. xD Unfortunately, it was over lava(Obviously, I can't have good luck, can I?), so I didn't get a single thing out of that, but still. That was awesome. xD Did I mention that I'm now playing on Hard now, since I never turned it off from when I was playing on NightCraft's world? Yeah. =P And I got back without any incident either.

What bugs me, however, is my death the last time. I found a portion of land around where my portal is, and it looks as if I was just barely missing the ground.(Not that it really would've helped, due to fall damage, but still) If I had've held forward, I probably would have avoided falling into the lava. I suspect a Ghast is to blame for that hole, since a ton of them were shooting me then, so there's no guarantee what they shot up. =P

Anyway, I get back, and wander around a little. I fixed up one of the many cave tunnels in my base, sealing it off so I can dig the gravel away and see if there's anything good around there later. I also got more potatoes. I have an entire stack of baked potatoes now, and a second stack coming soon. xD I then recalled my glass issue, and went to go get that, raiding a nearby beach. I also traveled around the nearby segment of land, looking for a good spot to make a train station, but couldn't find one yet. I also found a medium slime, but it was trapped in water, so I euthanized it. But I'm still alive!

I think that's about it. It was a rather boring session, since I wasn't entirely certain what to do, aside from the Nether run. ^^' I really expected to find a Nether Fortress, too... =/

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