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Blog Story: Chapter D

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Disclaimer: The characters in this story are named after real members, but their personalities and traits are fictional and are not meant to reflect on my opinions of the actual members. This is a work of fiction, and I hope you enjoy it.


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Chapter D


“Arpy is acting rather suspicious,” you say. “Maybe we should check out what he’s doing. He might’ve caught a virus or something.”


Sumiki, Krahka, and Blue nod in agreement. You all remember what happened the last time accounts were hacked. You decide you have to act with caution.


Discretely, you follow Arpy out of the forum. He is heading to a gathering in the Voting Booth forum. You and your friends follow behind him, and mingle in with the crowd. It doesn’t take long before you realize it’s a rally, and almost everybody there supports the end of Bionicle.


A member you recognize as Kumata Nuva starts arguing against some of the main points, saying that Bionicle has changed him and so many others that we should be sad to see it go. You watch as a dozen members pick him up and forcefully remove him from the forum. You and your friends decide to keep quiet as to your opinions on the topic.


“Now, the speakers!” somebody shouts.


“The speakers!” the crowd echoes.


On a nearby podium, two members stand up and greet the crowd. You recognize them as Taka-Tahu Nuva and Eeko. Together, they start a speech about how the end of Bionicle is just the beginning of something greater.


“With Bionicle’s end, it will be out with the old, and in with the new!” Eeko shouts.


“And all those who are with us will prosper!” TTN adds.


The crowd goes wild. You share a worried glance with your friends. You all feel like something is off. Quietly, you retreat, leaving the shouting crowd behind.


“Something was seriously wrong,” Blue starts.


“Yeah, how can they be so optimistic about Bionicle’s ending?” Sumiki asks. “If they were big enough fans to join this forum, shouldn’t they feel a little remorse?”


“No, it wasn’t that,” Blue say. “It was the crowd. Ordinarily, they’re always very rowdy and opinionated and generally annoying. But this crowd was so… so perfect. It wasn’t right.”


Krahka nods. “Did you even listen to them? Those members weren’t thinking for themselves. They were just agreeing with the speakers.”


“So you think that somebody’s done something to them?” you ask.


“That’s the logical explanation,” Blue says. “But what exactly? I cannot say.”


“Well, maybe we can figure it out,” Sumiki suggests. “There were two speakers, and they were certainly sane. They must have something to do with it.”


“But which one?” Krahka asks. “TTN or Eeko?”


“TTN’s probably the smarter of the two,” Blue theorizes. “He might be the mastermind.”


“No, Eeko’s far more outgoing,” Sumiki counters. “He must’ve organized this all on a whim, and got TTN involved.”


“Well, we can only follow one,” Krahka says. She turns to you. “Who do you think we should follow?”




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