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Blog Story: Chapter I

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Disclaimer: The characters in this story are named after real members, but their personalities and traits are fictional and are not meant to reflect on my opinions of the actual members. This is a work of fiction, and I hope you enjoy it.


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Chapter I


You jump forward, grabbing the slimy kraata attached to Blue’s face. You pull it off, and with a loud pop it detaches from Blue. With disgust, you throw it off the balcony.


Luckily, the kraata hadn’t sapped away much of Blue’s will, so he’s still very alert. But your time has run out. “Hey, what are you two doing?” TTN shouts. He reaches for more kraata, and you and Blue have to dodge to the side as he throws them at you.


“We need to save Krahka and Sumiki,” you say. “But we can’t do that while TTN is attacking us.”


“We need to distract him,” Blue says. “I’ll do that; you free the others before the kraata suck away what’s left of their life force.”


Blue makes his move first, grabbing his clawed weapon. “Come and get me,” he shouts at TTN.


TTN throws another kraata at Blue, but he uses his claw to knock it out of the air before it can attach to his face. Enraged, he grabs his staff and swings it at Blue. Blue ducks down in time to avoid having his head hacked off.


Blue changes tactics, and ducks behind a pillar holding the factory ceiling up. TTN, not thinking clearly, swings at him, but hits the pillar instead, causing it to crack. Realizing his mistake, TTN uses his regenerative powers to restore the pillar to its former strength, but as he does so Blue sneaks up behind him and strikes him on the head with his claw. He quickly retreats as TTN spins around, swinging his staff to kill.


Meanwhile, you tear the kraata off Krahka and Sumiki’s faces. You free them soon enough that they still have most of their life force, but they are still weakened momentarily as the kraata’s effects wear off. By the time they have their energy restored, Blue is being cornered.


“Let’s save him,” you shout, drawing your saber. Sumiki pulls out his crossbow, and Krahka shape shifts her hands to have extra long claws. The three of you rush TTN, who notices you and dodges aside. However, he doesn’t have time to strike down Blue, who quickly joins you.


“So you want a fight, do you?” TTN asks, spinning his staff in his hands. “You’re outmatched, you know. I am very strong, and I have extra staff powers as well. You don’t stand a chance.”


“We’ll fight you just the same,” Blue shouts back.


“How do we attack him?” Sumiki asks you. Apparently, since you saved him, he’s regarding you as the leader. You don’t have time for a rash comeback, so you set your mind to thinking up a winning attack plan.


Attack from different directions.

Combine Elemental Powers

Distract and Ambush Him

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