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While you guys do have a point in saying that matoran hold advantages over rahkshi, your reasons for saying so can be easily nullified. Rahkshi's abilities and weapons apart from their unique kraata power can alone crush matoran. Polearms mean annoyances can be kept at a distance and cut to pieces; flight means they can retreat or charge with incredible speed; physical prowess superior to that of other races can allow them to easily outmaneuver and overpower weaker opponents; a high level of alertness means that rahkshi can negate the surprise factor of ambushes. And remember that all most matoran have on rahkshi is height and a lack of armor.


Ultimately, if they wish to use those advantages, then matoran still need to get close to the underside of the thing they're trying to kill. The best general methods to do that are outmaneuvering them during battle or getting a really good drop on the rahkshi in question. Both are almost inhumanly difficult with the advantages rahkshi have on matoran.


That isn't to say that matoran can't kill rahkshi. Look at, say, Trakuda. And some matoran have higher physical capabilities thanks to armor/race/training/whatever and some have special weapons or tools they may have looted from vortixx. Terrain is an x-factor that can be on the side of matoran as well. But ultimately, a matoran beating a rahkshi 1v1 would probably require really good RPing and/or really good stuff on the matoran's side. The weakness you pointed out is there for the taking. It's just than any taking will mean a lot of work.




Otherwise, nice episode. I liked comparing Stannis to Alexander Anderson and seeing Sulov as Helryx. I don't really think derpy stuff like that will happen. But as far as the latter goes: There's always Gali...


And here's proof that the essence stones are from the Mata. That is, assuming the Matoran didn't lie.

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