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Random Nighttime Thoughts

Jedi Master J.


Hey, folks. I am just popping in again to share some random thoughts that I been having since I thought I might as well. *shrugs*


So to start right off, I been thinking more and more about working on some Bionicle reflection entries here. In particular, my thoughts today were focus on the Great Beings and Mata Nui mostly since I am actively trying to understand how whole destiny system works.


Its a bit of mind breaker for me at times since I kind feel like amount of awareness that inhabitants of Mata Nui have ultimately creates too many variables involved for it to really be a set in stone destiny system. Hm...I kind of feel like there is much more fluid system involving destiny than that. *shrugs* I would elaborate more on those thoughts, but I rather save most of that stuff for reflection entries themselves.


Alright, moving on from that topic, I been thinking again about starting to look for a new computer. Although I am kind at loss about how to do that since part of me is kind wishing I was tech savvy enough to make my own computer, while other half kind of just want to settle with whatever prebuilt computer meets my minimum requirements of being not too expense and having a decent graphic card (Being able to support two monitors would be plus since I must admit I rather like that set up on my work computer.). *shrugs* Any advice would be appreciate.


Okay, it is kind of getting late here, so I am finish this entry up with one more thought from today. And that thought is I kind of feel out of place on BZPower for some reason. I mean I feel like I am big elephant in a room fill with awesome people. *shrugs* I guess it is because I have become more lurker here nowadays. :(


Alright, that's all time I have time for today. Thanks for taking the time to read this, folks, and I hope you all have a great day. Night, BZPers.


- JMJ 2013


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I know this does not help, but usually my nighttime thoughts are along the lines of "Wow it's late, remember all that scary you looked up earlier? I certainly do!" Says the brain, replaying all of it at once.

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Sometimes I feel one of Bionicle's faults was that it attempted to explain too much. You don't need to explain everything. Things like destiny are best kept vague. A story doesn't need to explain why or how something happened. The story tells you they happened, so you can accept that they happened. By quantifying or explaining the nitty gritty of seemingly miraculous or illogical events, you condition the audience to want answers for all such events. It's part of why I don't totally miss the Ask Greg, as the absence of persistent fans demanding answers keeps the stories he currently works on like Ninjago simple and mysterious.

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@The Lord of Wednesday: ...


Okay, well, that was interesting for you to share. Uh, thanks.


@Lyichir: Hm...Honestly I do agree to you.


However I can't say that will ever stop me from trying to explain that stuff to myself because well, I find that stuff interesting to think about. *shrugs* Just how my brain works, I guess.


I should clarify that I am not trying to get definite answers to mysteries that are left over, but rather I am just sharing my personal thoughts on what I think answers might be such as with destiny example (Which arguably I am almost inquired to say is merely a social construct created by the Matoran species to well, rationalize their reason for existing.).


But anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts on matter, Lyi.


- JMJ 2013

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