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RTX: Day Three



It's over! I can finally sleep!


But I had an absolute blast for the most part!


Started off today yet again super early. I tried getting my friends there in time for the RT Podcast, but because so many attendees just IGNORANTLY REFUSED TO ACCEPT THAT LINE RULES EXISTED THIS YEAR and made their own lines all the time, it was full even before the official "start" of the lining up period. >_<


Meanwhile I sat and waited for my autograph session. Geoff and Ryan are two awesome guys. Got to chat a little bit with them, had my Let's Play Live t-shirt and RTX 2015 badge signed by them, and some pictures. I need to sort through all of my pictures in the coming week and upload them somewhere... Probably Facebook first.


From there we went to line up for the Achievement Hunter panel. Got there three hours early (the actual start this time), got in one of the first groups, and had great seats. But that wait absolutely sucked... And the panel was a little lackluster and predictably annoying Q&A was predictable. But at least I can say I went to one and probably not try bothering to attend in any future RTXs...


Then we just walked the show floor more. Managed to run into Burnie before his line got huge, which was cool. So that was one more signature for the badge. Then played Butt Sniffing Pugs and Behemoth's next game... whose name I unfortunately can't recall.


Overall I really enjoyed my first RTX. It was incredibly panel heavy and I somewhat regret that, although there really wasn't a whole lot to do on the show floor anyway. Center stage didn't seem that active either unfortunately. There were some negatives I don't really need to get into, but overall it was great.




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