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Predictions vs Reality



Howdy, Soran here.


Today I feel like talking about something I thought was interesting. This is in regards to the TRUTH Series I put out recently and my expectations with the series and the reality of what happened.


I'll go ahead and say that everything I was expecting happened so far. In a way I'm surprised but at the same time I'm really not. I feel like I know my audience rather well. I immediately knew as I was writing the scripts for the series that this series would be a combination of people trying to keep Soran alive and those who are trying to kill him. This was evident with the suggestion of avoiding the storm and sailing into it.


I also could tell that checking the bag would be one of the more popular requests, although this one I planned for accordingly (by placing the icon for the bag in the bottom left corner, thus generating curiosity). And so far I've been pretty accurate on which cardinal direction would be the top voted (My guess was north would be the top voted and technically it is).


I'd say that so far I've done a pretty okay job at getting the series going. I've already decided where to continue off and I'll probably work on getting up the next comic somewhere between Sunday-Wednesday.


That's all. I thought it was interesting, at least for me it is.




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