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Two Stars With One Stone

Pahrak Model ZX


I just posted the twentieth chapter of Shooting Star Sonia 2, and with that, it is officially complete!


Just completing something always feels good, but I’m extra jazzed about this one. The rough draft was technically all done in approximately a year (January to January), and from the time I started posting it (July) I was able to maintain a biweekly posting schedule from start to finish. PLUS an extra chapter on the 10th anniversary of Mega Man Star Force. I was able to hold myself to a schedule successfully, writing a 105k word story in about a year, despite a new Pokémon game being released in the midst of it. I tend to be utterly terrible at this sort of thing so thank you God for this small victory.


Here I thought this was going to be shorter than the first story, which is around 80k. Who knew!


I am planning to adapt Star Force 3, but there are a few other ideas I want to get off the ground before I really get into that one. I’m hoping one of those will be serialized in April and May, and if I can get that done and finish all preparations, I’d love to kick off SSS3 in July 2017! We’ll have to see, though. Judging from what I already want to do, there’s a good chance this one’s going to end up even longer! I’ve got plenty of ideas in store… *Rubs hands together menacingly, plus it’s a little chilly so the warmth is nice*


I hope to have news on all my upcoming projects for you soon!


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Thanks for sticking with it!  Your reviews are a big source of encouragement and I doubt I would'e gotten this far without you!

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