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New Mega Man 11 News!

Pahrak Model ZX






After a recent leak of the release date (October 2nd), Capcom has gone ahead and provided a huge new update on the upcoming game, with a new trailer, cover art, several gaming news outlets getting a hands-on demo, and man I am PUMPED.



shows off some new footage and explains the Double Gear system we previously caught glimpses of: you can either activate a Power Gear to enhance the strength of the Mega Buster, or a Speed Gear to slow down time around you. Using these abilities too much results in the system overheating for a short time, and apparently when your health is low you can activate them both to achieve incredible power for a short time before suffering an even stronger backlash. Sounds like a lot of fun!


We also get the official name for the Robot Master previously teased, Block Man, and get to see footage of Mega Man battling him and new reveal Fuse Man! Both of their weapons are also seen in action, and seem quite useful in different ways.


There was also information released on collector's editions for both Japan and the states, including a brand new Mega Man amiibo featuring his MM11 design! Hopefully that won't be required for anything too cool...


This was nice, I needed something to lift my spirits and this definitely did the trick. Now if only they'd tell us what's going on with that Star Force costume seem in an early screenshot...


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I maintain that the wall-kick is the best thing to happen to the Mega Man games and anything without it is lesser.


But this still looks fun.

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Well hey, if that Star Force costume turns out to be part of a larger set, and they grant special abilities, maybe we'll get an X costume that does give you the wall kick!

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