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:kaukau: Trying to remember...He was bigger in the 90's, I think, and that's when I grew up, so I saw a few.  Plus, he had that animated TV show where he played a fictionalized version of himself.  IIRC, it was awesome.


Other than that, I've seen the Rush Hour movies.


Bold choice picking The Last Jedi as one of your favorites.  My feelings are a bit more neutral, thinking that people who loved it are overrating it and people who hate it are overreacting.  In any case, the best shot of the movie is clearly that moment when the sound cuts out.  Not going to say what that was, on the off-chance that there are people reading it who haven't seen it.



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Heh, here people are saying that they haven't seen that many Jackie Chan movies, and I'm thinking "The first Police Story isn't even my favorite out of the Police Story series." I prefer the third one, although honestly the plot was a bit more lighthearted on that one.



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