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The LEGO Movie 2 Collectible Minifigures



It should be fairly obvious that I have an obsession with collecting figs, and when I heard that stores in my area were releasing them early, I kinda jumped on it. The first store I visited didn’t have any, but the second one had a small selection, and I was able to grab 9 of the ones I wanted.




First I want to address the bag issues. It was rumored that these figs were going to be double bagged like the UniKitty figs, which makes it difficult to tell them apart. But based on my selection, not all of them were double bagged, and there wasn’t some obvious reason why some were and some weren’t. Luckily, the man packaging changed, and it’s actually a bit thinner than the old CMF bags (which were starting to get tough to rip open by hand.) From my experience, the second bags do make it more difficult to identify the pieces, but it’s not as bad as I thought, and some parts are included outside the second bag. (Kitty Pop and the Cowardly Lion both had their tail pieces floating out in the bag, and the Crayon Girl’s crayon suit was totally out on it’s own.) So, overall, not the deal breaker I was expecting.


Another new thing I noticed were the inclusion of extra parts. The first three waves of CMFs included extras of the small parts, doubling up per the standard of most Lego sets. But after series 4, they stingier and stopped including extras of small elements. But that has changed for this group. Both of the pop singers received extra microphones, and the Giraffe Guy got an extra plant. So that’s a neat development. They also come with white baseplates this time around; it’s kind of cool to see each new series getting a new colored baseplate, as I was starting to get too many of the solid black ones!


From what I’ve heard, distribution on these is pretty even; of the 20 different types of figs, each ones comes 3 to a box. This means there are no chase figs, but don’t kid yourself in thinking that some will vanish faster than others. I fully expect the Wizard of Oz characters to go quickly, as well as the easy to identify costumed characters. Anyway, below is a quick review of the figs I got and then an even quicker feel guide to the others.


Crayon Girl: I like the purple and medium lavender coloring, and the costume piece looks great. It also has a pinhole in the top for hair accessories. Her torso and legs are plane, but the legs are dual molded. (A shame, I really want more straight lavender legs, but they only come with the DVD exclusive batman fig.) She also has two expressions; smiling with eyes opened and closed. To find, feel for the big crayon piece, easy to identify. The rest of her parts were included in a second bag.


Giraffe Guy: Honestly, my favorite of the series. The giraffe skin printing on the arms, legs, torso, and neck are excellent. The costumed head piece looks great, and the fig head has two different smiling expressions. Comes with a plant element plus a spare, so plenty of leafs for him to eat. To find, feel for the long giraffe head, which will have the distinct ears and horns on the top.


Watermelon Dude: Another neat food design, and you totally know there’s going to be a pizza guy down the line using the same mold. The printing is great, and you get an extra 1x1 corner watermelon slice tile too. Face has two expressions with and without sunglasses. To find, feel for the giant watermelon wedge.


Sherry Scratchen-Post & Scarfield: A fun remake of an original Lego Movie character. Sherry has a lot of cool armor printing, including a metal cat head buckle. She’s nice, but also similar to the other Apocalypseburg characters released in the other sets. That said, Scarfield features a cat mold with a new Mohawk; what’s not to like? She’s a trickier one to feel for; either identify the cat or her large hairpiece.


Dorothy and Toto: It’s about time they made the rest of the Wizard of Oz cast, since we also saw the characters rendered in Lego Dimensions years ago. Dorothy has some nice printing, a skirt, a happy and concerned expression, and a new hairpiece, and Toto makes a good reuse of the dog element. Plus, she has her ruby slippers printed on. Her pieces came in a secondary bag, but feeling for the rubbery hair piece is a good bet.


Cowardly Lion: He looks pretty good with a dark flesh color scheme. The mane element is nicely done (and way better than the lion heads we got in Legends of Chima) and he has nice subtle printing on his torso and legs, as well as a tail element. The head is a shade lighter (regular flesh color in Bricklink?) and has two expressions that fit his character: happy and sad. He also has a trans clear 1x2 tile with a metal printed on it, to show off his courage. His parts (minus the tail) are double bagged, and the mane piece isn’t exactly easy to identify. While the tail piece and 1x2 tile do appear in other figs, he’s the only one who has them together, so that could do the trick.


Scarecrow: We’ve had plenty of scarecrow figs before, but this one is movie accurate and comes with a new hat element, as well as a diploma on his 2x2 tile. I honestly mistook his pointy hat for the Tin Man’s, but that is one piece to feel for, as well as the 2x2 tile.


Candy Rapper: I don’t know what her role will be in the Lego Movie 2, but some of the sets hint that there will be some massive dance party, so I’m sure she’s part of the band. She has the tutu skirt, but this time with some neat printing on the top. She has two smiling expressions, including one where she’s winking. The pink hairpiece also has some extra highlights on it, and her accessory is a cassette tape. She also has two pink microphones, so yay for extras. To find, feel for the large tutu skirt piece.


Kitty Pop: Her face looks fairly similar to Candy Wrapper, just with extra whiskers, which makes me wonder if this is just one Pop Star character in different outfits. She reuses the cat hair piece in what I believe is the new coral red color, and she also has a tail. Her accessories are a guitar and two pink microphones. Her parts are double bagged, except for the tail piece, but the item to feel for would be the guitar.


Here are the ones I felt for but didn’t pick up:

  • Awesome Remix Emmet: Feel for the 1x1 cylinder cup and 1x2 tile
  • Battle Ready Lucy – Feel for the binoculars
  • Swamp Creature: Feel for the whip
  • Apocalypse Benny: Feel for the airtank
  • Vest Friend Rex: Feel for the baby dino (a bit tricky, but I was able to identify the long tail)
  • Tin Man: Feel for the one piece axe or the bowtie. The 1x1 heart piece might be a bit tough to identify on its own.
  • Gone Golfin’ President Business: Feel for the blockish hair or golf club
  • Apocalypseburg Abe: Feel for the 3L bar and axe blade (they’re separate, unlike the Tin Man’s)
  • UniKitty: Feel for the 1x3 brick or 1x3 arch. Or identify it as the one character that doesn’t have minifig arms, legs, or head.

Here are the ones that were not in the batch I searched through, but this is how I would look for them:

  • Flashback Lucy: Feel for the 2x3 tile
  • Hula Lula: Feel for the 2x2 round tile

Honestly, I got most of the ones I was searching for. I do want to find the Tin man and Hula Lula, and maybe an extra Emmet for the headphone hair, but I personally don’t have a desire to grab a bunch of secondary costumes for the main characters. I might pick up a few costumed characters for friends, but I’ll probably wait until they’re more widely available. (If they stay widely available. The first Lego Movie CMFs sold out real quick due to the popularity of the movie.)




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