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Pokemon Direct Thoughts

Pahrak Model ZX


-Wild Area sounds awesome

-Dreadnaw and Corviknight look rad

-Wooloo looks cute, the grass types are good designs just not really my thing

-The legendaries…like, they for sure look goofy, but that’s not necessarily bad. Neither is going to be my new favorite design. I’m leaning Sword right now.

-I hate Dynamax. “Hey, we need an obligatory gimmick for this generation! Let’s just combine Mega Evolution and Z-Moves but make it as bland as possible!” I hate it. And they’re going to force me to use it in Gym Battles. Not jazzed about Raid Battles (and potentially Raid Battle-exclusive Pokemon) either.

-I AM jazzed about Rotom Phone! And water bike!

-The characters all make a good first impression. At first I thought it was weird that they’d reveal the Champion right away, but in a region where the Pokemon League is sports it only makes sense. Also he has brand logos on the back of his cape and that is hilarious to me. Kind of hate that his ace seems to be a Charizard as opposed to, you know…an actual new Pokemon…

-I’m actually going to pre-order now, just need to find that gift card I misplaced.


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