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A High School Musical

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But not that stupid Disney one… a real one.


Pretty much the only reason I went home for the weekend was to see my high school’s musical “A Funny Thing happened on the Way to the Forum.” It’s set in Rome, with lots of crazy antics going around. The singing by a few people could’ve been improved, but the hilarious acting was great. Plus, I got to see a ton of old friends that I haven’t seen in a long time. And to add to that, I would go back to high school just to act in a few of these plays again. Arg, college life does not allow time for that, and anyway the people who do drama in my university are serious about it and offer strong competition. Plus they aren’t taking practical courses like math, physics, and other mathy-sciency-type stuff.


Although I do hope to see the plays my high school puts on next year, the first being “And Then There Were None: A Murder Mystery.” Speaking of which, have you seen Epic Contest 7? Such an awesome theme! I am most certainly going to try and enter, although I still have two weeks that I have to use to study for finals, so I may not find the time to finish it before the deadline. But I most certainly would like to see what other people come up with. 




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Everything. The son wanted the girl, but she had already been sold to the general, so he asks his slave to help him out in return for her freedom. Then the father thinks the girl is the maid, the mother thinks the father is cheating on her, the other slave is going crazy that the whole thing will turn out wrong and he'll get killed, and the general comes along and demands the girl or else he'll kill somebody. Pretty much everybody thinks everybody is somebody else rather than who they really are. And those plays lead to lots of funness.


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And in the end, the general realizes the girl he bought is actually his sister, so she can go with the son and he buys two twins.


It had me laughing alot.



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