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A Chance To Brag

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I Have Bionicle Legends 10! Swamp of Secrets! Yeah!


I was checking B&N online, as I was surprised to see that it now have the option to check the availability of Bionicle Legends 10. Well, I did, and pretty much every store around me had it... except the one that was just a short walk away. Nope, it was out of stock.


So I walked there, just to be sure.


And walked out with the book. Ha.


Anyway, the story is good... the characters are just as good as they ever were, and this time they don't have any personality problems to deal with. Onua rockz. And the Makuta are good too... I actually like Bitil the most now, but Krika owns. To my disappointment, the conflict between the Toa Mistika and Makuta Mistika wasn't nearly as good as the Phantoka book... probably because it was cut short by the flashbacks. I actually greatly enjoyed the flashbacks, sometimes even more than the current story. And, of course, Takanuva's portion was good too.


Probably one of the coolest things about this were the connections to past years that have been neglected in the past... I'd list them, but I think I'll wait until spoilers are allowed. And then the Kingdom story is veeery fun to read... I will go into a more in depth review of that too once spoilers from it are allowed. But I think it is an excellent idea for Greg to expand the story and bring back a multitude of characters we want to see more off.


And now I just need to get the summer sets, which will come out approximately when summer is starting for me, give or take a month or two. (Last year, I think the Mahri came out right when I went back to school) I'd totally get all the Mistika (except Gorast) if money wasn't an issue... but I most certainly will get Tahu. And I greatly desire Bionicle Legends 11 now... and I have just enough money left over on my B&N gift card to purchase it when the time comes.





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