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Tt Rpg

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Well, I sent the request to Kex for my Teen Titan RPG.


For those interested, I will supply a character sheet so you can start making your character now.

Username: Your display name here on BZP, and what you want peoplet to call you. Mine would be "Chaos Elementoid"

Character Name: The code name of your Teen titan character. Remember, they don't have secret identities or anything, so no formal names like "John Miller."

Age: Instead of solidly being teens, your character's age can vary from 10 to 18

Power or Ability: Your character's power. Keep in mind I'll often reject a character power because it's either too powerful or not original enough. However, remember that characters like Robin and Cyborg don't actually have a superpower, but are just good at martial arts and have their gadgets. Keep all this as descriptive as possible, don't just say "Water powers"

Appearance: Explain what your character looks like in detail. What's their skin color? What does their outfit look like? What kind of hair do they have? Feel free to supply pictures, or even create a picture of them on sites

Personality: Tell what your character is like. What are their likes and dislikes? What kind of people are they friends with? How do they react in different situations?

Bio: Give a brief history of your character. But please, I don't want hundreds of of orphans whose parents dies in mysterious ways

Catchphrase:(optional) Something that our character says often, like Cyborg often says "Booyah!"

This would be an example of a good profile:

Username: Chaos Elementoid. Call me Elementoid for short.

Character Name: Will

Age: 13

Power or Ability: Will's powers change randomly, for better or for worse. Thanks to his imagination, he can usually use these powers effectively no matter what they are.

Appearance: nicely tanned skin. brown spiky hair, brown eyes. Wears blue jeans, white sneakers, a red T-shirt, and a Yellow short-sleeved dress shirt over that, unbuttoned.

Personality: Will is friendly to everyone, though a little quirky. He can often become lost in thought, and doesn't pay attention until someone uses his name. Ever since joining, he's seemed to have an interest in Raven.

Bio: Will met the titans when he literally fell out of the sky - as a result of a failing anti gravity power. Seeing his potential, he was quickly brought into the Titans ranks, and does a good job of helping.

Remember, be as creative as you can. Don't be afraid to stretch the limits.


Yes, the above is my character. And although I'm supplying the sheet, this does not guarantee the RPG will be approved, or that I'll be accepting profile applications.

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