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July Brickmaster Arrived!

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Not a joke! Not an illusion! The July issue of Brickmaster arrived in my mailbox today!

I finally got my hands on Comic 13, my favorite issue for its magnificent artwork. But that wasn't so simple to accomplish. Back when it was actually July, I waited, as I often do, weeks with no sign of the magazine heading my way. It was late August when I finally realized I needed to poke Lego Customer Service to send me my belated issue. So they sent me a standard Magazine of the May issue, no comic, and the little toy. After a few days I got around to calling LCS to correct their inexplicable mistake -- I wanted my fav comic in print -- and they agreed, of course, to ship the correct issue. Meanwhile, my September issue came quite punctually. But I waited about a month for the July issue, and again nothing arrived. So, just a few days ago, I called one last time, stating the situation plainly as possible. Lo and behold, patience triumphs. Jeez.
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