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The Nightmare Is Partly Over, I Start To Dream

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

When I sacked out at 5:30 PM yesterday, I wasn't counting on sleeping for the 14 hours I did. But for once, I got some respite, undisturbed, from the nightmarish workload of the senior year. The kind of routine I am forced to maintain is quite disgusting; homework drags well into the night, typically past 1:30 AM, and as a result I flop back asleep as soon as I am back home from school the next day. That nap usually lasts until 10:00 PM, although it varies, and I am forced, this time, to do homework until around 3:00 AM, at which point I flop back asleep. Repeat the process, except for every time it is done in succession, I become that much more sleep deprived during the following school day. But these horrors seem far away and removed right now. It's Saturday now, and part of the nightmare has ended along with a massive AP Lit/Comp project.

Throughout my high school career I have found out some funny things about sleep -- one, that sleep comes in cycles of about 7 hours so that even if you have an 11 hour sleep in a night, you might be surprised to discover that that doesn't necessarily equal bright-eyed and perky the next morning; and two, that a lack of sleep can actually induce a "wired" sort of state the next day that makes you wittier and more attentive than you are on a normal day.

I almost never remember my dreams anymore. I think that's common with everyone my age (or maybe our common link is not our age, but rather the schedules we keep as a result of being the same age). But about the dreams, I think it's sad. I miss them.

Last afternoon, evening, and night I probably dreamt many things; but of those things I remember two vignettes. I remember seeing Ringo Starr on TV, apologizing for not keeping all of his fan mail anymore and explaining that with things like e-mail and texting in addition to post, it's impossible for anyone to keep up with the mail anymore.

It was closer to morning, I think, when I thought I was browsing Lego.com -- of course, it was wildly different from how the site actually is -- and seeing an alarming amount of new 2009 content, with a bunch of grainyish pictures of 2009 characters and the Glatorian scattered about a webpage and even a flash video in the center of it all. In the video I saw figures fighting, dodging and rolling on the floor of an arena; it seemed very much like the climactic scene of Web of Shadows in the Coliseum. Our familiar narrator -- I guess it was a commercial -- was saying that the red and blue Glatorian -- the red one was Tahu Nuva in new armor, and the blue one he called something like Lumo Nuva -- were left alone to fight against the horde of baddies to come. The other four Glatorian had been trapped in crystal.

I can now shift my focus to the college app process, start really paying attention to it like I should have been for some time. It's coming time to end the present nightmare of responsibility and get down to business -- having fun for my last year of high school, that is.

To sleep, perchance to dream...
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a lack of sleep can actually induce a "wired" sort of state the next day that makes you wittier and more attentive than you are on a normal day.

I love when this happens. It's so unexpected to be feeling good on a day you got like no sleep...

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